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This group of belly dancers modeled for the photo shoot this instructor was was soooooo mobbed it was more like fighting paparazzi to get a spot…or leaping over someone…or hand held high and tilted hoping for the best….or going around the back and saying “Hey ladies…over here….and might you bring that light too!”…crazy….so instead…I just took pix for fun….pure entertainment…loved their… energy… everything about them….

the big photo show at the LA Convention Center (May 5, 2013)

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The top 4 woman runners, Aleksandra Duliba of Belarus, Zemzem Ahmed, Aberash and Nesga of Ethiopia and American Deena Kastor are turning off San Vicente Blvd onto Santa Monica Blvd almost at mile 15 in West Hollywood, CA… (March 17, 2013)

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