rebecca carley

Do not blame Carley for cursing Lilly out. Lilly’s mental and emotional state does not excuse what she did to Carley (even before she shot her).

Do not blame Rebecca for having an affair with a man who then hunts them down. Carver’s mental state does not change the fact that he hunted them down and killed them/forced them back to his camp.

Mental illness isn’t an excuse. Mental and emotional states explain why the character was acting erratically. It does not give anyone a way to excuse their actions and push the blame onto the people they harmed.

The TWDG Appreciation Day Calendar

The final Calendar for now until people request stuff in

7 - Russell Day
16 - Eddie Day
28 - Luke Day

9 - Omid Day
12 - Carlos Day
17 - Wyatt Day
22 - Stephanie Day

7 - Lilly Day
11 - Cancer Survivor Group Day
23 - Lee Everett Day

1 - Memes [Boatmaster/Duckolyspe/etc]
4 - Ben Paul Day
13 - Becca Day
18 - Shel Day
20 - Eddie/Wyatt Day
24 - TWDG Anniversity

2 - Doug Day
6 - Matthew Day
15 - Family Day [Survivors with their family.  Clementine and Lee does count]
27 - Katjaa Day

4 - Clementine Day
8 - Kenny Day
17 - Vernon Day
21 - Brie Day

3 - Kenny/Katjaa Day
10 - Mark Day
21 - Christa Day
25 - Duck Day

3 - Friendship Day
5 - Vince Day
13 - Alvin Day
25 - Bonnie Day
29 - Sarita Day

3 - Sarah Day
7 - Walter/Matthew Day
11 - Rebecca Day
14 - Monnie/Bike Day
26 - Kenny/Sarita Day

5 - Alvin/Rebecca Day
10 - Molly Day
13 - Carley Day
24 - Nick Day

16 - Larry Day
20 - Children Day [Anyone under 18.]
23 - Glenn Day
26 - Mike Day

8 - Walter Day
11 - Chromid Day
20 - Jane Day

Rules for making days and requesting them:

  1. dates: if you want to suggest a day, also suggest the day it should be held. do not suggest a date that is less than a month after the day you suggested it. do not suggest a day that is already taken or the day right before or after a taken one. (i don’t care if that’s your favorite character or your otp and you want it to be on your birthday. the day is taken or too close to a taken day). as for moving dates, you cannot ask for a day to be moved. (again, i don’t care if that’s your favorite character or your otp and you want it to be on your birthday, their day is already on the calendar and you are too late.) the only times this rule is broken are 1. if a week is made, in which case days can be moved to make room for it and 2. if a character’s birthday is revealed, in which case their day will be moved to that date (possibly also moving some others around).

  2. weeks: here is the deal with weeks: weeks are run by people. if you want a week for something, you need to create a separate blog for that week (like, make prompts for each day, publish submissions, advertise the week to the twdg tag, etc. if you wanna take on this responsibility, suggest a week. you can disregard “no moving dates” for week placement and put it anywhere you want (i will move days around to make room, except birthdays [if confirmed] which cannot be moved so don’t overlap them) as long as it doesn’t overlap with other weeks. (keep in mind of you are suggesting a day to be held on your birthday cause you really like the subject, it may get moved around to make room for a week. if you see this happen, send me an ask and i can talk to whoever made the interfering week about moving the week to keep your day in place.)

  3. off-limits: things to not suggest

    1. crack ships: if only a few people like the ship, it doesn’t need a day. for example, we don’t need an lee/katjaa day unless it suddenly becomes popular. i do a “cleaning out” of the ship days about once a year where i have people vote on which ships they like and remove the ones only a few ship, in case one becomes unpopular.

    2. oc day: Your oc day is not canon and doesn’t get a day.  If you wanna make your OC have a day do it yourself.

    3. years: do not suggest a year. 

    4. memes: don’t suggest days for fandom jokes like a duckoyplyse day or a swag kenny day or whatever. I’ll put in a Meme day so you call can make your memes.

    5. anti days: no anti days. you cannot have an anti nuke day.

    6. problematic ships: no adult/child [adult/minor] or incest ship days.

    7. minor things: do not suggest days for minor things (ex: the walker  babysitter is rly minor and doesn’t merit one.)

  4. rudeness: if your request for a day bashes something else or is rude (ex: “what the hell why is there a nuke week but no nussell day, nuke sucks put in a nussell day right now!!”) i will delete your ask and ignore you.