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So, let’s give you a lost of everything that helped me conclude this: - He looks ExActLy LiKE Lin! Now I would I post a picture, but 1) I don’t have one and 2) that would be weird…BUT guys the ONLY difference is the glasses - He is the most energetic person I’ve ever met in my life. Always smiling, and being just a ball of sunshine! Sometimes its a bit much, the spontaneous yelling and all, but… - If he can find one he plays a song that’s connects to our lesson for the day( except Friday then he plays Friday by Rebecca Black) and its tricking amazing! - He makes some of the corniest jokes I’ve ever heard in my life but actually makes it funny. He makes a safe place in general, like “making fun” of his self and the silly things we say in class. - He quotes musicals, In CLaSs! We were talking about The Dominican Replubic and I promise you he goes “DR, PR, We are not Stoppin’! ” There’s so many times, with Hamilton, Oliver, In The Heights, Led His, Wicked, omigod! (Its hard to contain my excitement sometimes) - He is the sweetest person. Oh my Goodness. Just pure and beautiful, just everything. Gosh! He’s a lot of girls’ secret teacher crush. He makes everyone smile. He’s great! -He believes the spelling “though” is useless and “tho” is much better. - He sometimes breaks into random songs while grading our work, or reading a question. Its literally the cutest. - He has a cart for his belongings and he named it!!! AHHH! IN CLASS TRYING TO FIND A NAME! WE DID! (I won’t tell you tho) -He gives a lot of his students nicknames. AnD THeY STiCk! Like you’ll hear one and ask “Oh, how’d you get your nickname?” “My teacher called me that at the beginning of the year. I guess it just stuck.” -IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO STAY UPSET AT HIM NO MATTER WHAT! HE’S JUST THAT ADORABLE ALL THE TIME! - THE SaSs. There is A LOT of it. - He is the most encouraging person. Open to almost everything. I look forward to brighten my day. Just, everything is better when you know someone understands or will listen. And you absolutely know that with him.

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Willow Smith singing a cover of “We Are The Crystal Gems”

Rose Quartz Cosplay

I was at an anime convention and was lucky enough to get some professional pictures done of my Rose Quartz Cosplay. Please enjoy!

Series: Steven Universe

Character: Rose Quartz

Photographer: Geeky Mermaid Productions

Assassin’s Creed Birthdays!

Claudia Auditore- January 2nd
Agnes MacBean- January 5th
Catherine Gladstone- January 6th
Frederick Abberline- January 8th
Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad- January 11th
Benjamin Franklin- January 17th
Rebecca Crane- February 3rd
Charles Lee- February 6th
Charles Dickens- February 7th
Charles Darwin- February 12th
George Washington- February 22nd
Nigel Bumble- February 22nd
Clara O'Dea- February 24th
Alexander Graham Bell- March 3rd
Daniel Cross- March 9th
Edward Kenway- March 10th
Desmond Miles- March 13th
Mario Auditore- March 19th
Lydia Frye- March 19th
Anne Bonny- March 23rd
Ratonhnhaké:ton- April 4th
Álvaro Gramática- April 4th
Leonardo da Vinci- April 15th
George Westhouse- April 30th
Giovanni Auditore- May 3rd
Niccolo Machiavelli- May 3rd
Maximilien Robespierre- May 6th
Florence Nightingale- May 12th
Bartholomew Roberts (Pirate Sage)- May 17th
Arthur Conan Doyle- May 22th
Queen Victoria- May 24th
Marquis de Sade- June 2th
Robert Topping- July 7th
Violet da Costa- June 14th
Juhani Otso Berg- June 17th
Aveline de Grandpré- June 20th
Ezio Auditore- June 24th
Lucrezia Borgia- June 24th
Richard Owen- July 20th
Galina Voronina- July 30th
Lucy Thorne- August 8th
Napoleon Bonaparte- August 15th
John Standish (Modern Sage)- August 16th
Crawford Starrick- August 18th
Arno Dorian- August 26th
Prince Albert- August 26th
Duleep Singh (The Last Maharaja)- September 6th
Shay Cormac- September 12th
Cesare Borgia- September 13th
Samuel Adams- September 27th
Isabelle Ardant- October 4th
Ned Wynert- October 5th
Pearl Attaway- October 20th
Callum Lynch- October 21st
Evie Frye- November 9th
Jacob Frye- November 9th
Mary Anne Disraeli- November 11th
Shaun Hastings- November 16th
Edward “Thatch” Blackbeard- November 23rd
Haytham Kenway- December 4th
Jayadeep Mir (Henry Green)- December 7th
Benjamin Disraeli- December 21st
Calico Jack- December 26th
John Pitcairn-December 28th
William Gladstone- December 29th

And now, in no particular order, the Top Ten Hottest Anime Women:

Fujiko Mine (Lupin III)

Jessie (Pokemon)

Princess Lum (Urusei Yatsura)

Lust (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Yoko Littner (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

Orihime Inoue (Bleach)

Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop)

Tsunade (Naruto)

Yuuko Ichihara (xxxHolic)

Revy (Black Lagoon)

Once more, a big thank you to everyone who sent in suggestions and helped us compile this list. :D


                     Birds of Prey / Gotham Sirens MOVIE  (fan cast)

Margot Robbie - Harley Quinn / Eva Green - Poison Ivy 

Rebecca Ferguson - Catwoman / Haley Bennett -  Batgirl

Teresa Palmer - Black Canary / Sofia Boutella - Huntress