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The Librarians

Okay hear me out. This show is gold, and everyone should go check out the first episode. It has phenomenal characters, fun plots, intelligent (and often funny) dialogue. It reminds me of Doctor Who, Stargate SG-1, Indiana Jones, Warehouse 13, and some little sprinklings of Supernatural to keep me wanting more.

There are 3 movie prequels which are not required at all to understand the show. I watched the movies a long time ago, but I don’t really remember them and I had no trouble at all understanding the show. I should probably watch them again though, if only to see more Flynn Carsen.

Let me talk about these characters for a sec. (Also let me just say, HALF the cast is female.) Each of them is very well thought out, and well acted. They each have very different personalities. Yet somehow, they are already like a (very strange) family. (None of the gifs are mine, all due credit to the makers.) Beware; spoilers ahead for the first episode, and possibly a few minor spoilers (to do with characterization) through episode 5.

Flynn Carsen, the Librarian:

“The Librarians are the guardians of powerful and magical relics, having been for centuries, and often undertake globe-spanning adventures to recover items and store them in the Library.” (Wikipedia)

Flynn Carsen is the latest in a very long line of Librarians. He was given the position over a decade ago, upon the previous Librarian’s death - there is only ever one Librarian at a time, chosen by the library itself. He’s the most lovable, quirky, insanely smart guy. He’s been alone a long time, but it hasn’t made him any less kind and caring. His job as the Librarian is his life. He saves people, travels, and seeks out magical items and new knowledge, and he loves it. Now, for the first time in over ten years, he’s finally letting other people into his life.

When the library is lost, he makes it his mission to find it - and deal with the more “apocalyptic situations” - leaving his Guardian with his Librarians-in-Training (LiTs) to save the world every week. While he’s unable to be with his Guardian and LiTs most of the time, it’s a joy when he is around. When he’s not around, his absence is felt by the whole group - especially Eve Baird, his Guardian and love interest.

Played by Noah Wyle (also an Executive Producer for the show), he is a recurring character - who should totally be brought in full time oh my LORD he’s so great!

Eve Baird, the Guardian:

Formerly a NATO agent, the library chose Eve as the sole Guardian for the Librarian (Flynn). But Flynn decides not to take Eve with him on his travels. While he’d rather travel the world with her, he asked her to stay at the library outpost in Oregon and act as Guardian for his three LiTs.

Eve quickly takes charge of the group, with her natural leadership and physical badassery. She refuses to be intimidated and won’t take no for an answer. She has a militaristic mindset, which she must now try to bend to accommodate her new charges - who are definitely not soldiers. But she isn’t just the brawn. There is an almost motherly quality to the way she treats the LiTs, and it is clear that she desires love - family and friendship. While she is very intelligent in her own right, she is also not afraid to admit when she doesn’t understand something. She is quick witted, strategic, and highly adaptive to her ever-changing circumstances.

Played by Rebecca Romijn, Eve is a beautiful woman inside and out, and a brilliant leading lady. She is unconventional in a lot of ways, and it makes her all the more charming.

Cassandra Cillian, Librarian in Training:

The Librarians in Training were invited by the library to interview for the position of Librarian years ago, but for various reasons didn’t show up to the interview. Thus, Flynn got the job. Years later, potential Librarians are being killed. The current LiTs are the only known surviving possible Librarians.

Cassandra missed her interview for the Librarian position because she was in the hospital when she received her invitation. She has a brain tumor the size of a grape, which will someday kill her. She also has a rare form of synesthesia, a neurological condition in which her brain induces auditory and sensory hallucinations linked to memory retrieval. All five of her senses are linked to her photographic memory. Also, “Numbers are colors. Science is musical notes. When I do math, I smell things.” She excels at math and science, but sometimes has trouble controlling her hallucinations. Jake and Ezekiel are learning to talk her through them.

Played by Lindy Booth, Cassie is very sweet, very cute, and very smart. All she wants to do is help those whom science can’t save.

Jacob Stone, Librarian in Training:

Jake declined his original invitation, because he’s been hiding his intelligence from his family and friends his whole life, and didn’t want them to know about it. He’s been working manual labor jobs in the midwest for years with an IQ of 190, while secretly publishing art history books. He is a bar brawling good ol’ boy with a heart of gold. He doesn’t seem to trust Ezekiel or Cassandra. He did admit to liking Cassie.

Played by Christian Kane (who, as a side note, is good friends with Jensen Ackles), Jake is tough and brilliant. He’s a genuinely nice guy who’s reactions to his team are just as telling as his dialogue.

Ezekiel Jones, Librarian in Training:

When Ezekiel was first invited to interview for the Librarian position, he thought it was a mistake. He didn’t show up for the interview, but Flynn knew his name anyway. Currently the “worst version of himself”, Ezekiel has a hard time thinking of other people. Though he is gradually becoming more trustworthy, his status as a world class thief makes him more outwardly concerned with himself than his fellow LiTs. It seems he is slowly learning to accept that he cares about his new job, and the people he works with. He is quite funny, often arrogant, and very smart. In addition to being a master thief, he is also extremely good with technology. He has been stealing since he was a kid, but nothing else is known yet about his upbringing.

Played by John Kim, Ezekiel is entertaining and very clever. He is cute and somewhat mysterious. He cares more than he pretends to. Not to mention, his Australian accent is most endearing.

Jenkins, Caretaker of the Library Annex:

Jenkins - probably not his real name - is the most mysterious of the protagonists in the show. He is grumpy, and very private. He experiments on the magical artifacts he encounters. He helps the team out regularly and tries to pretend he isn’t getting attached to them. He apparently has a dark past which somehow involves the evil leader of the Serpent Brotherhood, Dulaque. They have a history that apparently spans over 1000 years, so we can assume there is much he isn’t saying about his past. There are many hints about his identity. I suspect he may be someone from Arthurian legend. I think Dulaque is probably Lancelot (Du Lac), and that Jenkins is probably Gawain.

Played by John Larroquette, Jenkins is a very intriguing character. I hope we learn a lot more about him soon.

Lamia, Second-in-Command of the Serpent Brotherhood:

The mysterious Lamia works for the Serpent Brotherhood, a major organization looking to control all magic. She’s great with a blade and has a major attitude. Though she seems outright evil, it’s been said her primary motivation is helping people. She truly believes she’s in the right.

Played by Lesley-Ann Brandt, Lamia is a recurring character who is definitely one to watch for interesting developments. She’s a pleasure to watch.

The characters Judson and Charlene from The Librarian movies also appear in the first episode.

To add to all that fun, I personally have two SHIPS already. One canon, one not. I’m gonna break it down really quick.

Evlynn (Flynn & Eve):

They are canon as of the first episode. They are adorable, and I love them. Flynn is awkward, but cares so much. Eve is tough, but misses him. They’re kind of a cuteness overload for me. I really hope after Falling Skies (Noah Wyle’s other show) ends after this summer, that he comes to The Librarians full time. I think it’d be amazing to see their relationship long term. They are so obviously the mom and dad of the group, and I want to see so much more.

Jassandra (Jake & Cassandra):

Currently not canon. Jake was the first person to help Cassandra with her hallucinations. He can reach her in a way that none of the others can do. He admits to liking her, but doesn’t elaborate on the extent of that. Cassie is very much upset when Jake says he doesn’t trust her, and visibly tries not to cry. Alternately, she is obviously proud of him when he catches onto a lead nobody else saw. There are tons of reactions shots of the other, when one of them speaks. It’s mostly subtle, but absolutely there. It looks like it could be a long-game ship.

So there’s my breakdown. Wow this got really long. Anyway, this is the first new show I’ve been excited about in a really, really long time! So there will be a bunch of The Librarians on my blog and in my queue from now on. I must have a posting spree for this gem of a show. It’s 5 episodes in and I’m completely hooked. I highly recommend you all check it out. I promise, it’s worth it.

And if you do check it out, please please please come talk to me about it! I need more LiTs on Tumblr to chat with.

The Librarians is on TNT on Sundays at 8/7c. Episodes are also available on TNTs website, and On Demand.

I am back!

Hello everybody, my name is Maxie and I am officially back! I know I’ve been gone for such a long while. Here are the reasons why: - • My operation led to an infection called MRSA. • I had exams. • I got taken out of school and told to go back until I’m 17. • I have had family problems I know they may not seem like good reasons, but they are. - So, I will be here every now and then, posting updates, posting H&D gifs, theories and fanart (perhaps)!

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Episode 42, shit gets weird.

To recap, Rebecca, on behalf of her grandfather Arthur, Sugoroku’s friend, is duelling Yugi, who is duelling on behalf of Sugoroku.

Jeez, he’s not dead! 

This whole duel turns out to be an exact replica of the duel Arthur and Sugoroku had when they met in Egypt and almost immediately got caught in a cave-in and decided to duel to see who got the last of their water. That is some magic-ass shit right there. 

If Yugi and Sugoroku had the same deck, or, at least, a deck that included the same 15 or so cards played in the duel, the chances of Yugi drawing the same starting hand as Sugoroku is, I think, 1 in 658008. (I’m open to correction on this, but show your work. I love probability!) Rebecca/Arthur’s deck seems to have a lot more duplication (and triplication, I guess) of cards, so her chances are higher. But as the duel goes on, it becomes more and more ridiculously unlikely. Especially when you take into account that the two grandchildren have to make the same decisions as their grandfathers did, as well as simply drawing the same cards. Seriously, this shit alone should be sufficient to convince Kaiba of the heart of the cards / mystical willpower/friendship forces.

Speaking of Kaiba, my new theory is this entire minor plot was the result of a bet on part of the writers to see if they could write a story heavily featuring the Blue Eyes card and never once mention Kaiba. THEY NEVER MENTION KAIBA. Rebecca repeatedly yells at Sugoroku for tearing such a precious card and AT NO POINT does anyone manage to finish a sentence they start about how the card gets ripped.

Which, writers, if it was a bet, I think you cheated.

But I’m getting ahead of myself!

Grandpa tells us the rambling tale of how he met Arthur in the first place. He went to Egypt. Why?

“Not in game shops or at tournaments, or even in cities, though. Most of the rare cards could be found on archaeological digs. Was I an archaeologist? Apparently not!”

Arthur _was_ an archaeologist and he found evidence for Ancient Egyptian Duel Monsters.

(A) Will it though? I mean, your theory is basically “These weird carvings and scrolls were used for ceremonial purposes”. When I did art history, we learned that basically anything that didn’t seem to have an immediate practical purpose was chalked up to “ceremonial purposes”. “Humans probably played games in the past” is hardly a total rewriting of history.

(B) Didn’t Pegasus base the game on the Ancient Egyptian version? And Duel Monsters already exists, although it could only be out for a year or so at most, given Pegasus’s timeline of losing Cyndia and going to Egypt. Maybe Pegasus didn’t try to prove anything to the archaeological community though.

Back in the present, Yugi tries to tell Rebecca that she should respect her cards.


Rebecca isn’t buying what he’s selling, though.

Heresy! You take that back at once young lady!

Yugi figures out, SOMEHOW, that this game is a reflection of the game in the past, and that his Grandpa surrendered that game so that Arthur could have the water, allowing him to survive long enough for them to be rescued. So Yugi follows through….

… and this is when I figured out why it’s Yugi and not Yami duelling. Aside from the fact that it’s more touching and sensible for it to be the two _actual_ grandchildren of the original pair of friends, there is no way in HELL Yami would surrender just to be nice to some girl. I mean, it’s been a loooong and character-growth-filled two days, but he wouldn’t surrender TWO DAYS AGO to save Kaiba’s life. So. Yeah.

Speaking of not speaking about Kaiba. Why is this torn? Rebecca and Arthur will never know.

It’s so sweet that they took it back from the floor of Kaiba’s duel arena and taped it back together, though, right? Also Sugoroku had it in his pocket and, again, they came here straight from the hospital (because Yugi is a TERRIBLE GRANDSON), so it seems like he keeps it on himself all the time now. Aww.

Arthur shows up and shows Rebecca that Yugi had the card he needed to win, but surrendered anyway and then I stopped listening because LOOK AT THIS


I wonder where he gets it from.

… Eh. 

So in the end, the gang, Rebecca and we all learn a valuable lesson about treating your cards with respect and also friendship and also being willing to put friendship ahead of winning and some other stuff.

Yes. It’s important to treat your Duel Monsters cards with respect in archaeology. Or maybe it’s important to put your friendships before winning in archaeology? It’s important to meticulously mark and record every minor find in Duel Monsters? Advances in Duel Monsters these days tend to be slow and follow a scientific peer review? I have no shitting idea.