rebecca 2013


Let’s say that the relationship with directors it’s not always easy. I’ve worked with female directors and I see them more like allies. The male ones tend to idealize you and project their thoughts on you.
Léa Seydoux

Léa Seydoux directed by women filmography:
Mes Copines dir. Sylvie Alme - 2006
The Last Mistress dir. Catherine Breillat - 2007
Dolls and Angels dir. Nora Hamdi - 2008
Lourdes dir. Jessica Hausner - 2009
Dear Prudence dir. Rebecca Zlotowski - 2010
Sister dir. Ursula Meir - 2012
Grand Central dir. Rebecca Zlotowski - 2013

We tell ourselves stories in order to live, or to justify taking lives, even our own, by violence or by numbness and the failure to live; tell ourselves stories that save us and stories that are the quicksand in which we thrash and the well in which we drown, stories of justification, of accursedness, of luck and star-crossed love, or versions clad in the cynicism that is at times a very elegant garment. Sometimes the story collapses, and it demands that we recognize we’ve been lost, or terrible, or ridiculous, or just stuck; sometimes change arrives like an ambulance or a supply drop. Not a few stories are sinking ships, and many of us go down with these ships even when the lifeboats are bobbing all around us.

Rebecca Solnit, from “Apricots,” The Faraway Nearby (Penguin Books, 2013)