P L E A S E  S T O P !

PEOPLE IM SO FUCKING ANGRY…..has been 5 days since I saw my art on pixiv and mention it here …. I’m very angry because since I now get into the tag Kaneki and one person comes up saying that is by MAZ  … (name the person who stole my art) do not do that shit, this person receives favorites, something stolen and modified, it is not fair that I do things and someone comes and have merits  something stolen. and I put message and private message, reports and complaints and this person (and pixiv) they do nothing! please i need your help, I do not feel well if this continues!

this is the pixiv account from this person:

please help! (sorry 4 my englis) 

rebblog too !!!! plz (or share idk x_x!) 

Don’t ignore this post!

My blog (dolchen-gabbana) got accidentally deleted some days ago. What does this mean? All the hard work I put into editing and answering requests is gone, as well as my followers, mutuals and posts.

I left a blog with 3.1K followers and most of them don’t know about what happened, I’m trying to inform all my old followers one by one about this matter, but it‘s too much, it’s too tiring for me.

If it‘s not too much to ask, I would like you to reblog this post so that people can know that I haven’t deactivated, I am still here. Even though I’m mantaining my old URL, everything is gone and there’s no way I can get it back.

It doesn’t really matter if you were following me or not, by simply rebbloging this you are helping me.  Please, reblog this!

Se cerco la parola ‘falsità’ su google mi esce il tuo nome.
—  rodreamer95 (love never fails.)