dude if you don’t wanna read it, u don’t really don’t need to

warning: this is just some tons of bullshit abt my life

i was tagged by @bbhsthighs nicole i was about to sleep and bRO 9 BLANKETS

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged you are supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. At the end choose 25 people to be tagged.

Last Drink: coke

Last Phone Call: grandma

Last Text Message: @xiuudolf that ambulant meme I lov

Last Song You Listened To: run this.mp3

Last time I cried: with this last video I rebbloged lol


Dated someone twice: ofc not, I’m coolio

Been cheated on: search chanbaek moments and see my mans cheating me

Lost someone special: heh

Been depressed: c:

Been drunk and thrown up: nop, just drunk but I keep my mouth shut *at this times*


Made a new friend: oh yeah

Fallen out of love: yepyepyep

Laughed until you cried: yes and I miss it

Met someone who changed you: you mean those 12 guys who made me even learn a new language or my ex boyfriend who made me become an asshole?

Found out who your true friends are: yes……

Found out someone was talking about you: I don’t really look to know about it, if you wanna take care of my life then the ignored one will be your own life


How many people on Tumblr do you know in real life: :( I’ll travel to see @lawlliets in february, amen *cheers*

Any pets: :(

Do you want to change your name: I guess li is a nice name to moan isn’t it @chanyeol?

What time did you wake up this morning: 9am to clean the house sos

What did you do last night: I got home really late so I slept

Name something you cannot wait for: for call chanyeol daddy b ye

Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: umm nop

What’s getting on your nerves right now: I’ll do another tag for it

Blood Type: A+

Nicknames: li, legia, lig, lee, park legia, league of legias, ligi, muffin, idk

Relationship status: single & waiting my to come

Zodiac sign: scorpio

Pronouns: she/her

Fav tv show: wow idk, supernatural, house, breaking bad, teen wolf and game of thrones kill me…… #barney fuck it all!!!

High school: laST DAY ON MONDAY JESUS IS +

College: wow don’t touch this subject 

Hair color: blonde and some parts are grey and lavender idk, my hair has its own life 

Short or long: medium (rip super grey hair)

Do you have a crush on someone: hm yes hm

What do you like most about yourself: my capacity of stay up all night to talk to my tumblr friends (sos timezones)

Tattoos: just wait for me

Righty or lefty: both (I’m an alien)


Surgery: I almost died last year becaause of this shit called ovariesx

Piercing: none

first best friend: a girl wo switched me for her asshole boyfriend.png

first sport you joined: league of legends (bbh marry me I play wichu) kidding, volleyball

Vacation: i’ve never been on vacation c:

Pair of sneakers: all star??????? i can’t remember


Eating: oxygen

drinking: coke

I’m about to: watch touch since I am not sleepy anymore

Listening to: the sound of silence saying my life sucks and I should watch monster on youtube (and if you’re reading dis u shud 2)

Waiting for: death or the results of entrance exam wich sounds better

Want Kids: dude I already have pcy, but if in my next probably 15 years living with him maybe I’ll want some noise makers screaming chogiwa running in the house

Get Married: not necessarily, just being with someone who makes me happy

Career: sinGER And going where cHANYEOL GOEs don’t letting a sOUL TOUCH My boi


Lips or eyes: lips cause if the person is already cool you can see it in her eyes so the lips matter …. does that make sense? fckit

Taller or shorter: taller, I am already kinda tall and I don’t wanna date a hobbit, I give preference to yeol

older or younger: older, not even in my age boys are responsable, I can’t even imagine younger

romantic or spontaneous:  both, be spontaneous taking me to a walk in city at night

Sensitive or loud: loud like me or I’ll feel weirdo (more than I already feel)

Troublemaker or hesitant: hesitant pls we don’t need two troublemkers in a relationship


Lost glasses or contacts:  nop

Broken someone’s heart: chogiwa

Been arrested: nop

Turned someone down: danbeone neukkyeo

Cried when someone died:  c:

Fallen for a friend: neol hanibe chijeucheoreom jibeoneoheulteda


In yourself: hyanggimatgo saekkkal eummihago

miracles: wainboda uahage jabameogeulteda

Love at first sight: yes and by the way for all of you who don’t stan exo do not, repeating, do not watch bbh’s live playing lol if you’re a main adc

Heaven:  geurae wolf naega wolf

Santa Claus: awoooo

Tag 2

Nickname: the daddy kink crazy dude

Gender: female and casually kissing girls

Zodiac sign: scorpio

Height: 1,67

Hogwarts house: gRIFFINDOR

Favorite color: grey/blue

Time right now: 3am

Hours of sleep: 4

Lucky #: 4 and 24 since I know myself as a human being

Last thing I googled: baekhyun in suit

Blankets I sleep with: 3

Favorite bands: 🗣 E X O 🗣, GOT7, SF9, Monsta X, BTS, Red Velvet and NCT

Dream trip: korea, pls I’m not studying this for nothing

Wearing right now: …………………………….. my harry potter pajama (and yes it has the colors of gf)

Age of blog: 7 months with kpop????? (yes I was a doctor who blog with 7 followers bitches)

Following: 111

Posts: 6. 069 o.o heh c:

When did my blog reach its peak:I guess it’s happening now I started to do gifs and edits more often

List 10 favorite characters/biases (one per series/fandoms) and tag 10 people

  • exo - chanyeol
  • cbx - baekhyun (AHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA)
  • got7 - yugyeom
  • bts - jimin
  • red velvet - irene
  • monsta x - hyungwon
  • nct - mark
  • sf9 - zuho
  • astro - eunwoo
  • aoa - jimin

bless your ass if really read everything, you must rlly have nothing to do… anyways ily <3

im gonna tag: @xiuudolf @alwaysonmykpopgrind @sehungotbaek @shesdreamingofchen @sehunicorne @blowchanyeolsflute @softyeols @minseoksnowflake @crownkingzyx @snowybaek 


P L E A S E  S T O P !

PEOPLE IM SO FUCKING ANGRY…..has been 5 days since I saw my art on pixiv and mention it here …. I’m very angry because since I now get into the tag Kaneki and one person comes up saying that is by MAZ  … (name the person who stole my art) do not do that shit, this person receives favorites, something stolen and modified, it is not fair that I do things and someone comes and have merits  something stolen. and I put message and private message, reports and complaints and this person (and pixiv) they do nothing! please i need your help, I do not feel well if this continues!

this is the pixiv account from this person:

please help! (sorry 4 my englis) 

rebblog too !!!! plz (or share idk x_x!) 

Se cerco la parola ‘falsità’ su google mi esce il tuo nome.
—  rodreamer95 (love never fails.)
Don’t ignore this post!

My blog (dolchen-gabbana) got accidentally deleted some days ago. What does this mean? All the hard work I put into editing and answering requests is gone, as well as my followers, mutuals and posts.

I left a blog with 3.1K followers and most of them don’t know about what happened, I’m trying to inform all my old followers one by one about this matter, but it‘s too much, it’s too tiring for me.

If it‘s not too much to ask, I would like you to reblog this post so that people can know that I haven’t deactivated, I am still here. Even though I’m mantaining my old URL, everything is gone and there’s no way I can get it back.

It doesn’t really matter if you were following me or not, by simply rebbloging this you are helping me.  Please, reblog this!