Long overdue, but promised nonetheless. A customer sent in his SKS for us to rebarrel in 6.5 Grendel. It’s a bubba, but I don’t feel like I can call it a bubba since it’s actually pretty good. The whole job went quite smoothly. It cycled like a champ after the first gas port hole was drilled. Most pictures don’t show it but we installed a birdcage flash hider/compensator. We also left the front sight off at the customers request - he’ll be installing a scout mount and scope on the rear sight base. Stainless steel 18" barrel, stainless gas valve, trigger tune, and a spring loaded firing pin. And as a bonus, since 7.62x39 is the 6.5 Grendel Parent Case, standard magazines and stripper clips work perfectly. @coffeeandspentbrass


Mle 1886 ‘Lebel’ Rifle - “Fusil de 8mm Modèle 1886″

Designed in 1886, produced from 1887 to 1920 by MAC, MAT and MAS.
8x50mmR Lebel, 8+1+1 rounds.

Read below for everything you wanted to know about this rifle, and then more, and then even more, Jippers you didn’t need to know all that, what the fuck it’s still going, why did they keep it for this long, just let the fucking thing die already.

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8mm-mesar  asked:

Customer brought in his 1911 Gewehr 98 that was rebarreled for .25-06, drilled and tapped for a scope and in a sporter stock. How do I refrain from slapping him when he comes to get it?

Take a deep breath and remember it’s his gun, not yours. A Mauser in .25-06 sounds awesome TBH.


Gibbs Frontier Carbine

Somewhat rare and unusual Enfield variant. The Gibbs Rifle Company converted and rebarreled some Enfield MK III actions to use the .45-70 Govt cartridge. Due to the larger barrel, the original military stock and metal wouldn’t fit, hence the cut down sporting stock. It uses a special magazine that looks like the original Enfield mag but only holds 3 rounds. Marketed as a hard hitting hunting rifle on the tried and tested Enfield action, they were in production for a very short time before Gibbs discontinued them. (GRH)


2nd line troops weapons

Mauser 1880/07 conversion rifles, converted from old single-shot Model 1878/80 to 5-round mag using 7x57mm Mauser cartridge. Their action was weak being made for blackpoweder cartridge and they wore out quickly.

Mosin Nagant 1891, sent from Russia as an aid. 7.62x54R They were not liked, being judged inferior to Mauser rifles.

Turkish Mauser Model 1890, 1893 and 1903 captured during 1st Balkan War. 7.65x53mm Those were considered about equal to a local Mauser rifles, but there was a limited amount of ammo for those. Plan was to rebarrel them to 7x57mm but WW1 interupted that.

Mannlicher 1895, captured from Bulgarians in 2nd Balkan War 8x50R. Later more were captured from Austro-Hungarians after victories at Cer and Kolubara, enough to equip almost all 2nd line troops, relegating other rifles to a 3rd line troops and “last reserves”

Serbian Mauser Model 1884 Cavalry carbine, 10.15x63R Serbian Mauser. 5-rounds tubular magazine Very few of those remained in use after two Balkan Wars.

Serbian Mauser Model 1884 Artillery Short Rifle, 10.15x63R Serbian Mauser, 6-rounds tubular magazine

Francotte Gasser copy 11x17R Mle.73

Gasser 1870-74, 11x36R Gasser



A “tanker”-style conversion for the M1 Garand by Shuff’s Parkerizing. The rifle is rebarreled in .308 Winchester and a separate conversion option allows for the use of M14 magazines. For all the time and money doing the work, I kind of wonder why not just get an M14/M1A if you wanted a magazine fed semi-auto .308 rifle with the same controls of a Garand. It seems mostly to be one of those things you buy cause you want something different that no one at your local range has; which I see nothing wrong with. (GRH)

Mauser & May

Sorry for the sparse if not sporadic posting lately. Been busy at work and my birthday is actually next week. For the past few weeks I’ve been looking for a new gun to purchase. I haven’t actually bought a gun since December, which is long overdue since I used to buy 1 to 3 guns a month. 

I decided on a gun that has plagued me with bad luck over the past few years, not because they’re bad guns, but because I made bad choices. I’ve owned several Mausers and each one was a bit regrettable because I didn’t shop smart. They all worked fine, it’s just that they weren’t what I was looking for after I got them, if that makes sense.

So I took a chance and picked up a “bubba’ed” German Mauser K98 that had a Redfield mount and Weaver scope installed. Other than that the rifle is still in it’s original configuration. However I bought it based solely on 4 grainy pictures and a minimalist description; that it was in poor to fair condition. 

No cracks in the stock, no rust or pitting on the metal but I thought the barrel was a lost cause, a sewer pipe. I couldn’t see the condition even with a light shining through it. Almost thought I would have to rebarrel it, but I took some Breakfree and a bore snake to it and the barrel is actually in amazing condition.

Anyway to cut this post short since I don’t have pics yet (left the Mauser at work),because it’s already been worked on, I don’t plan on restoring it but will turn it into my own personal hunting/pseudo-WWII sniper rifle. Might end up putting a ZRAK mount and scope to replace the Redfield and Weaver the previous owner had on it. Something like this one…although my Mauser is pretty damn ugly.

When friends bring over weapons to be rebarreled around the holidays, they tend to end up with extras like rails and muzzle devices.  

When we say “Holidays”, we mean CHRISTMAS through New Years.  You would never hear any of us hear play the liberal PC games of kicking Christ out of Christmas.

I’m seriously tempted by the Yugo M85NP Atlantic Firearms has right now. It’s an AK pistol in 5.56 that can take AR mags. Once I move to AZ I’d get a tax stamp and mount a Magpul CTR stock on it.

Maybe down the road rebarrel it for .300 BLK and get a suppressor.

So tempting…