A “tanker”-style conversion for the M1 Garand by Shuff’s Parkerizing. The rifle is rebarreled in .308 Winchester and a separate conversion option allows for the use of M14 magazines. For all the time and money doing the work, I kind of wonder why not just get an M14/M1A if you wanted a magazine fed semi-auto .308 rifle with the same controls of a Garand. It seems mostly to be one of those things you buy cause you want something different that no one at your local range has; which I see nothing wrong with. (GRH)

When friends bring over weapons to be rebarreled around the holidays, they tend to end up with extras like rails and muzzle devices.  

When we say “Holidays”, we mean CHRISTMAS through New Years.  You would never hear any of us hear play the liberal PC games of kicking Christ out of Christmas.