GERMANY. Breslau. May 1945. “All Quiet on the Oder River”. Soviet soldiers overlooking the last major European city to fall under the control of the Allies after a three-month-long siege (February 13, 1945 - May 6, 1945) and two days before the end of the war in the West.

Breslau was transferred to Poland after the war and rebaptised Wrocław. 

Photograph: Dmitry Baltermants

Actual conversation between me and one of my coworkers today
  • Me: This customer brought us a religious pamphlet. Do you want it?
  • Coworker: Yeah! Oh, it's about Easter. Do you believe in Jesus?
  • Me: Umm... historically speaking, yes.
  • Coworker: What does that mean?
  • Me: I believe he existed. I don't know if I believe he was the Messiah or not. I used to. I got baptized when I was a kid. I actually kind of believe they should have an age requirement on baptism because I don't think kids are old enough to make that decision.
  • Coworker: I need to get rebaptised, I think...
  • Me: Why? It's supposed to be "once saved, always saved" right?
  • Coworker: Yeah, but I need to get all these sins washed away after all these horrible, sinful thoughts you make me have.
  • Me: *pretend flirty* Ohhh well do tell!
  • Coworker: ... it involves murder.
  • Me: ... I'm glad I gave you that pamphlet because you really do need Jesus.