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Hi, - I think I know this one - Stiles leaves the pack over summer, noone noticed and he starts a pack with his dad, Lydia, Peter. I think it's the Pack Animals series by Katsuko.

Hey @nervouslittlewreck! @rebakitt3 found on of your fics! 

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It’s a series called Pack Animals. Here’s the first fic.

Summer’s End by Katsuko

(1/1 I 1,334 I Teen I No Pairing)

At the beginning of summer, there were plans involving the pack as a whole and as individuals that would help to mesh them all into one collective whole. At the end of the summer, Derek noticed the void where someone was missing.

But, Baby, It's Cold Outside

Based on this prompt by salatrix: “If you’re still taking them, Stiles hanging christmas lights on his ceiling, and singing baby its cold outside to derek when he tries to go.” and rebakitt3n: “but he doesn’t know all the words so makes shit up ‘don’t forget the wind chill factor’ and 'if we were in England it would be celsius’” Thanks for the prompts guys! Hope you like it. Man it’s hilarious and incredibly fluffy. :)

“I don’t understand why I need to be here,” Derek says as he watches Stiles balance precariously on his desk chair to string Christmas lights above his desk, his computer playing Christmas music low in the background. “Unless it’s because you want me to tell you that you are an idiot and being incredibly unsafe. In which case, I’ve already done that, so my job here is done.”

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curious, what tropes/plots do you want to see?  sometimes I read Sterek and think “nope, no way would that happen with Stiles and Peter.”

I would very much love a Pacific Rim AU for Steter, the longer the better. Time travels are always good, and I know there are some out there already, but you can never have too many time travels. And Stiles-as-something-other-than-human fics; there are some fae!Stiles out there, or merman!Stiles, or werefox!Stiles, etc in the Steter fandom, but it’s mostly just that, while for Sterek, there’s like artificial intelligence!Stiles, pixie!Stiles,  book!Stiles, star!Stiles, human!AUs, Fast and Furious/other shows!AUs, superhero!AUs, etc. Like, I love all the Steter fics out there, they’re absolutely awesome and I wouldn’t trade them up for anything, but there’s not a whole lot of… variety to them, in my opinion. They GENERALLY (obviously there are unique ones too) circle back to ideas that are relatively the same, like Peter helping Stiles with the aftermath of the Nogitsune, or Peter meeting merman!Stiles, or serial killer/murder boyfriends!Steter, or ace!Steter, or just fluffy hurt/comfort Steter, etc, and like I said, that’s fantastic, give me all the Peter-helps-Stiles-with-possession fics, I would love to read every single one of them, but there’s still a lot more of each category in the Sterek fandom (ie. apocalypse!AU, lots more long ones for Sterek than Steter), plus even more plot ideas that are more intrinsically different than Steter ones (and they’re long and complete). Does that make sense? Idk if I’m explaining it very well.

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I’m all for switching, everyone gets to do everything

Dude, I’m all about switching. Like come on, Stiles loves bottoming as well. I don’t think either sticks to just one or the other, especially not once they’ve been together for a while, they just do whatever feels good and they switch. But like DEREK LOVES TO BOTTOM is what I’m saying. Like he’s more than okay with topping and making sure Stiles feels every thrust of him. BUT he also loves it when Stiles fucks him into the mattress.


I was chosen by alternate universe girlfriend, applebottomclaudiajeans, to pick my six favorite albums.  This is not an easy task and I went more for albums where I love every or nearly every song than going for the sentimentality of loving an artist.  For example, Elton John and Martina McBride are two of my favorite artists and none of their albums appear.  Sorry Elton.

Beyonce, B’Day: I dont think this needs an explanation.

Carly Simon, Coming Around Again: I was 9 years old when this album came out.  I turned 35 immediately and fell in love with it.  It’s the first Carly Simon I remember hearing.

Fleetwood Mac, Rumours: C’mon, Dreams, You Make Lovin Fun, Dont Stop, Landslide, Gold Dust Woman….and many more!

Peter Cetera, World Falling Down: Fuck you, this album is perfect.  There are 10 songs, 2 of which I could without but that I listen to anyway because the beauty of this CD is the way in which it flows.  From Restless Heart to Have You Ever Been In Love, I sing through all 42 minutes and whatever seconds of pure soft rock bliss.

Simon and Garfunkel, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme: There are not enough words in my vast vocabulary to give this album and this duo all the accolades they deserve.  If I could’ve just put all five of their albums I would but I had to be fair to everyone else.

The Sound of Music Soundtrack: I was a kid with ADD and my mother just wanted me to sit down.  So she turned on the Sound of Music and a monster in me was born.  I watched the VHS thousands of times.  I know the songs, the dances, the entire script.  Whenever I hear the title track I still get chills and a hitch in my throat when Julie Andrews sings “my heart will be blessed with the sound of music” because few things are truer.

I tag arathesane, rebakitt3n, starkexpo, nudityandnerdery, yorkwhitaker.

This is like 800 words so I would understand if no one reads it, but you should read it anyway.  I tagged some folks at the bottom but all can feel free.  Cuz its a seriously rare pair (Hotch x Strauss) and I need to know if it’s in character. 

And yes, I know, canon would never have these two kinda flirting with each other but I still want to know what people think.  So many of you are well acquainted with my writing…dont be afraid to give it to me straight.  I can take it.  You can reply to this post or leave a message…thank so much : )

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Rossi-Prentiss / he was hoping for more than a one night stand. Thanks!!

David Rossi had two rules when it came to casual sexual encounters.

  1. Never get attached.

  2. Never hook up with someone you knew

The rules were vital. The second you started breaking those, the second everything went to all hell and Rossi made it a personal trait to avoid hell at all costs.

So it rang so true to karmic payback that the first time he gave in and broke not one, but both of those rules, he was stricken with the very consequences he’d been trying to avoid. Now? He was nothing but a man sat alone in his office, a glass of his finest stash in hand, trying to banish memories of soft skin, fragrant hair and melodic moans and laughter.

A man so eager to forget the one time he’d slipped up and allowed both friendship and feelings to get tangled up with what should, by all rights, have been two stressed people helping each other out. But it hadn’t been that, just that, to him. It had settled in his gut – in his heart – as so much more.

Now she was gone, far out of his grasp in another country. Though, were he honest to himself, she’d been out of his reach for much longer than that, even when she was stood so close he could smell her.

Never get attached. Never hook up with someone you know.

Once upon a time, those rules had seemed so simple. So innocent. A simple idea he never gave much thought to beyond a notion of basic wisdom.

Now he knew the pain that could come from breaking them, he knew he’d never do it again.

“What kind of vampires are we talking about here?” Reid asked.

Rossi looked up from where he was sharpening an axe and the sound of metal sliding across the whetstone ceased. “What does it matter? They all die if you chop off their heads.”

“Well, the lesser southern vampires tend to be extremely gregarious, so their nests are almost double the average size for other species, which can be a problem, since there’s just the two of us on this hunt; the Estries can shapeshift, so we’d need to pay attention to any unexpected animals instead of just the vampires in their human form; the Empusae can control people that come too close, so there’s a chant we’d need to learn to face them.

And then of course, some species of vampire immediately transmit their condition through the bite, while others need you to drink some of their blood for the transformation to occur.” Reid grinned. “If I don’t know which type of vampire we’re dealing with, how will I know whether to dress your wound or shop off your head if you get bitten?”

Rossi resumed sharpening the axe. “Trust me kid, if I turn into a vampire, you won’t have time to make that decision.” He winked. “And we’ll be spending eternity together.”