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Knew these anons were coming off that post

The only way labels of sexual identity have any legitimacy is because of the people who claim them. They would be meaningless without the interpretation of people who use them.

People like to force false choices and test on nonmonosexual people all the time, saying they must be attracted to so-and-so gender in such-and-such way and perform this-and-that behavior. There is no test. Self-determination is the only rule.

If you are bisexual, and you say that means “attraction to men and women”, you aren’t wrong. But there are plenty of non-binary people (myself included) who prefer a similar gender/different gender approach, or “capable of attraction to multiple genders” approach. If someone were to tell me my interpretation is inaccurate or not rooted in history, they’d be wrong. Simple as that. 

Just got sick of people defining bisexuality as always excluding that interpretation, and pansexual being the “enlightened alternative” as if bisexuals weren’t already often defining it in those ways. 

I see precious little difference between pansexual and bisexual. If you prefer one label, that’s cool. Just don’t go into bisexual spaces and argue that people are wrong for identifying as bisexual or arguing that pansexual is more inclusive (which it’s not, necessarily) or that by virtue of the word itself it somehow dismantles cissexism (it doesn’t).

Hope that answers your question.