Bodyswap!AU, BoB/Oz Crossover!AU, Ace’s Pure Hedonistic Crack!AU

“Here in Oz everyone has a group,” Rebadow explains. “Alvarez is part of the Latino gang, but they don’t like him very much.  The man you just fought, Hernandez, they call him ‘El Cid’ and he’s Miguel’s leader. It might not be a good idea to get on his bad side any more than Miguel already is.” 

“Well he ain’t my leader. My name is Toye, not Alvarez,” Joe scowls. “Oh, and I’m not Latino. I’m Irish.”

Rebadow studies him again and shrugs, like all of this is perfectly normal.

“It’s a long shot, but the Irish leader is Ryan O’Reily, I’d bet that if there is anyone else who might believe that you’re not Miguel Alvarez it’ll be him.”

Joe just nods, not sure that he wants to get to know any more people in this prison than he has to, but it might be nice to have a few people who don’t think he’s crazy.

“Maybe it’s all for the best,” Rebadow remarks, breaking the silence. 


“Well, maybe this will be a good thing for both of you.”

“Both of us?”

“If you’re here, that must mean that Miguel is wherever you were,” Rebadow says with another shrug before exiting the room.

That stops Joe short. He almost completely forgot about his men, his friends, who he’s unintentionally abandoned in Belgium.

He thinks about Bill and Malarkey and Buck and Luz, and he wonders if they’ll think he’s gone out of his mind.

He thinks about poor Miguel Alvarez waking up in the freezing forest, just as confused as Joe had been, right in the middle of a war.


Joe Toye wakes up in 1998 in Em City, the experimental unit of Oswald State Penitentiary, or “Oz”, looking like himself, but everyone seems to think he’s this Miguel Alvarez person. Meanwhile, Miguel Alvarez wakes up in 1944 in a forest in Bastogne, Belgium in the middle of WWII. As the two men try to find their way back to where they belong, they may inadvertently help each other along the way.