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..... You do realize that Hitler, the leader of the ultimate fascist regime, was not capitalist, but socialist? He enforced controlled speech, the abandonment of women raising children at home, placing the mothers in factories and children into Nazi daycares. Taxes were increased 70% onto the wealthy to render them the same as proles. There was no room for any thought other than what was allowed by him. Anything conservative you don't like is labeled fascist. You're the fascists here :/

Mike Stuchbery said it best, so:

“Ok, dickhead, I did this politely to someone else earlier, but now I’m going to rinse you. Prepare. Yeah, the Nazis called themselves the ‘National Socialists’, and they even nicked some (incredibly benign) socialist policies. It is, however, a total misnomer, it’s like the World Series, or Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or ‘ethics in gaming journalism’. The Nazis were fascists. Indisputably. They drew their ideology from Italy’s fascists, who arose in reaction to the Left. The Italian Right, still mired in 19th century thought, could not tackle the explosion in left-wing organization. Mussolini gives us the first fascist platform - national/racial superiority, rearmament & expansion, and consolidation of capital. The Italian Fascists appropriated, wholesale, Roman imagery, such as the 'fasces’, to evoke renewed national pride & a sense of superiority. The Italian Fascists sought to expand & reclaim historically Italian lands (mirroring a large portion of the old Roman Empire). After nicking some socialist economic policies (public works & spending), fascist government formed corporate cartels, enriching the few. Hitler & his Deutcher Arbeiter Partei mates see this and decide that they need to steal support from actual socialists, so the DAP rebadge themselves as the NSDAP… Socialism still being a relatively new ideology. It’s like adding 'e-’ to a product name. Otherwise, they were fascist - 1. Saw themselves as racially/nationally superior, 2. Wanted rearmament & expansion, 3. Consolidated capital.

Do I really need to go into their views on race & their feelings towards the Jews?

Do I really need to go into their designs on a 'Greater German Reich’?

The Germans used socialist economic policies, before retreating to a corporate cartel base. Companies like Krupp made $$$. The actual socialists who emerged after Marx wanted three things - 1. Removal of classes. 2. World socialism. 3. Distribution of capital. There was a huge gap between rich & poor in Tsarist Russia. The Bolsheviks sought to eliminate this division (yes, by violent revolt). After they succeeded, the Bolsheviks wanted to take the Revolution worldwide. Heard of 'Comintern’? No race, no nations, only socialism. As for redistribution of capital, do I really need to explain the difference between collectivisation & cartels, Mr Tax Haven?

So, you see, there’s a big fucking difference between fascism and socialism, in that they’re COMPLETE FUCKING OPPOSITES. If you’re peddling this 'munuhmunuh NAZIS ARE SOCIALISTS’ bullshit you’re either massively dense or an evil prick.”


BMW-Glas 3000 V8 Fastback, 1967, by Frua. BMW took over rival German manufacturer Glas in 1966 and initially rebadged their cars BMW-Glas. Pietro Frua sensed an opportunity and presented a rebodied Glas 3000 Coupe but BMW were more interested in developing their own E9 (3.0CS) coupé so Frua’s version remained a one-off though it was presented a number of times at European motor shows in a variety of colours


Happy 30th Anniversary, Maurice (James Ivory, UK, 1987)…

Sunday 30–Monday 31 August 1987: Audiences at the 44th Venice Film Festival (XLIVe Mostra Internationale Del Cinema, Venezia), Italy, witnessed Maurices world premiere in competition at the festival. Maurices closing credits must have rolled just after midnight in the Sale Grande on the Venice Lido…

One of Maurice’s very first reviews, by Sauro Borelli, was published on Monday 31st in Italy’s socialist newspaper L’Unita. You can read it in English translation HERE: ‘Ivory and Forster, England without nostalgia’

Meanwhile the Monday 31st evening edition of La Stampa (Stampa Sera) carried a further review by Steffano Regiani … and the super-rare photograph above of director James Ivory with his first-time film stars Hugh Grant (Clive Durham), Helena Michell (Ada Hall) and James Wilby (Maurice Hall) at Venice. Frustratingly, Rupert Graves (Alec Scudder) wasn’t there. :’(

The text reads:

In competition at the Venice Film Festival, films by James Ivory and Paolo Rocha

A happy ending for the broken taboo

Maurice, the veiled autobiography of homosexual writer E. M. Forster, provokes feeling of compassion and sympathy in the American director

Photo caption: Hugh Grant, Helena Michell, the director Ivory, James Wilby: the actors and author [auteur] of Maurice, adapted from the novel by Forster


Top 6 car guys that piss me off

1. The Stancefag

Non-competitive assbags that ruin cars on chassis level. These people have zero intrest in performance, and because they know they can’t drive worth a shit, they just stick to the bottom feeder world of art-project cars.

2. The jeep-queefer

These guys gloat about gigantic soccer-mom mobiles. The most offroading 90% of them do is a few burnouts behind the soccer field or in their dirt road driveway. That said, they’re better than the former, as they usually build their cars to be capable off road. But they’re still insufferable “Melon labia” types with their disgusting spergbeards, their synthol pumped arms with matching twig legs, and little man’s complex. Bill11b was a jeepqueefer 

3. The Never-wrencher

If you’ve ever been to a car cruise, you’ve seen the type. More money than sense, has some old ass GM professionally restored, but the concept of a battery tender is beyond him, so he can’t get it started as the battery is dead from storing it for 3 years without the slightest hint of movement. He opens the hood to look at what’s wrong, and as everyone asks him if he wants a jump, he sits there uselessly as he can’t even figure out how to hook up jumpers. The most pathetic kind of “car guy”.

4. The Richboy

This type isn’t super duper common, but we’ve all seen this type. Daddy has a shop, or a fuckton of money, so he teaches his daughter to change out tie rods and rotate tires in his heated, gigantic shop that has a fucking janitor and everything. These people are applauded as they bang rocks together, and throw money at problems till a turd is polished to a piano finish by people much more talented than them. These people are usually female.

5. The Memer

This dumbfuck has no idea what he bought. He just knows it was in back to the futrure, or mad max, or initial D, so he paid 8 grand for a rotten old 80′s hatchback. He touts his twingo or volvo 240 as some marvel of engineering because of poe’s law. This guy is more than happy to intterupt any conversation about tires to tell you about this time he watched mad max and it was awesome.

6. The Boomer

*tires are dry rotted to all hell, paint is rougher than sandpaper and it pisses more oil than BP in the gulf*
*drives a busted to shit dodge minivan*
*drives a rebadged suzuki/daewoo/opel*

This poster which I made profiles the Plymouth Duster which was produced from 1970 to 1976.  The Duster was a compact muscle car with a sporty roofline and derived from the Valiant line.  It was also rebadged with a Dart front end to be sold as the Dodge Demon (and later Dart Sport).  Some special editions were offered over the years and they are also included on this chart.  Available to buy from

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Do you have a personal favorite car manufacturer?

Without much hesitation I would say Lancia, though sadly its recent history has been far from illustrious (rebadging Chryslers FFS). Now only the puny Ypsilon is left but in the past Lancia was the first manufacturer to productionize 5 speed gearboxes, independent suspension, V4 and V6 engines. They’ve given us great cars like the Fulvia, the Stratos, the Delta Integrale, I even love the flawed Gamma Coupé. It is to Fiat’s shame that under their ownership the marque has withered and is now all but dead