reba with friends

Speaking of the siblings and vocaloid we’re going to Mississippi comicon this year and Sarah is gonna be fukase, bekah is gonna be rin and I’m gonna do my miku again YE A

anonymous asked:

what about a total fluffy AU fanfic in which Reba and Will are friends that meet for coffee to vent to each other about their difficult relationships. "he keeps saying I need to call IT his great red dragon" "he won't ever just phone for pizza, it ALWAYS has to be some escarole-stuffed homemade dough thing"

Let’s not pretend here. They’d get drunk. They would go to some bar, Will would order whiskey. Reba would order something fruity with a high alcohol content. They’d taste each other’s drinks. Will would decide Appletinis are delicious. Reba rolls her eyes at Will’s drink choice. 

Reba would complain that Dolarhyde doesn’t let her kiss him enough. Will would complain about all the damn dinner parties Hannibal makes him go to.

They’d sigh and order another drink before Will drops her off at Dolarhyde’s and Will goes home and climbs into bed with Hannibal, snuggles up to him. Buries his face in his chest hair.