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Rutina Wesley as Reba McClane on Hannibal (2015)

Reba McLane is the blind film processor that works with Francis Dolarhyde (whom the press has labled “The Tooth Fairy) in the film versions of Thomas Harris novel "Red Dragon. These are "Manhunter,” directed by Michael Mann and starring William Peterson, and “Red Dragon,” directed by Brett Ratner and starring Edward Norton.

Reba has a sexual relationship with Dolarhyde, and he takes her to the zoo to “meet” a tiger that is under sedation prior to dental surgery. She cannot see his cleft palate, so she doesn’t turn him away. He identifies with her as she is “different,” too. Of course, he is a monster, so she may not be too safe with him.

Series created by Bryan Fuller


Every Other Weekend by Reba McEntire & Kenny Chesney (2008) 

“This song is about a divorced couple who every other weekend trade off the kids. The couple still wishes that they where together, and for 15 minutes they feel like a family again.

In the music video, Joanna García and Steve Howey, who were Cheyenne and Van Montgomery on the hit TV show Reba, play the roles as the two parents after the show had ended.”

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Jimmy and Reba McEntire give one lucky audience member a close-up serenade