reb crew

ok i respect rebecca making all the gems female. i mean, as far as i can tell it was intended as a kind of a “hey, you know how a lot of sci-fi species are all-male, or they dont have genders but theyre all called he/him? what if instead, my species all uses she/her and are female coded just cause?”

like, im cool with that. i get that. its kinda just a “whys masculinity the default?” thing.

but then a combination of the su-can-do-no-wrong fandom and that one godforsaken ama where rebecca got “sexless” and “genderless” mixed up (and possibly other crew members pushing it) made them out to be nonbinary or nonbinary representation. but, i mean, theyre all female-coded, female-voiced, called she/her and woman and the like without protest, and even homeworld gems readily use she/her for themselves and others. anybody who watches the show without that context would interpret the gems as women because thats how they present and are interpreted within the context of the show and the characters within the show.

im not saying that you cant see them as nb, obviously. theyre just not nb representation.

jellijeans  asked:

i feel like scott has migrated from your original perceptions of the fnaf crew to somewhere in your perception of rebs' fnaf crew. XD

When you said “migrated” I got a very vivid image of Scott’s mullet flying him away and I’m gonna take a nap soon God damn