Psychologists said Eric and Dylan was a deadly mix. Sort of metaphor included a match and a flame. Dylan was the match and Eric the flame. Separatly, they were quite inoffensive but together they were timebomb. The meeting was tragic. Like Nick Baumgartner - a grade school classmate of Dylan - said  “When Eric and Dylan got together, Eric changed Dylan’s demeanor. Dylan was a follower, who was constantly looking for someone to lead.”

After 17 years... finally, we know that there were no f**ing “11:10am”.... it was in 10:58-59

the first gif is Eric Harris in 10:58:19-20  tryin` to step between pillar and table ZZ . He`s going to put bags in the middle of the cafeteria

then in 10:59:40-41 he was coming back

after 10 sec Dylan was coming in the same way

unfortunately we can`t see his way back

BUT  after 17 years… finally, we know that there were no f**ing “11:10am”…. it was in 10:58-59


“What’s weird is that Eric and Dylan, after shooting all those kids, went into a “quiet period”. They walked around aimlessly, making eye contact with many surviving students but did not shoot them. Instead they opened fire in empty rooms and threw pipe bombs at vacant spots in the hallway. It’s baffled researchers why they did this. They then went back to the library, lit a rag on a molotav cocktail and when it burned down to the bottle they both took their lives. Strange shit.” - (x)