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i set a daily on habitica that’s just “eat”

like, eat a full, decent meal every day, doesn’t matter what it is, but more than like, a drink, or the granola bars and water that i’d been subsisting on for a while. just eat something once a day. eat you fucking asshole, eat a thing

anyway i’ve been eating a decent meal once a day for 21 days someone congratulate me for achieving this goal of eating

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Fav tumblrs?

I did one of these the other day but I’ll do another.

@horrormathers, @enterthevoid-d, @littlepainprincess, @scxmfxck, @columbinecalamity@rampartangels, @hoeforharris, @hoe4basementtapes, @murderdxll, @ichbingottt@wrath-andnatural-selection, @ellie-loves-bats, @hausoftruecrime, @adeadlyinnocence, @xpunk-core, @angel0fdeath666, @dahm-sub, @stockholmsummer, @rippedupheart, @v-reb, @djalice-rabbit, @zodiacsprincess, @god-fucking-like, @alcoholicsandghosts, @hinky-punk, @nbk-99, @femmefatalekitten, @cultofdreams, @vodkas-trash, @sadbutfun, @ugh-morrison @absenceofaith, @revfuckingrad, @truecrimedaily, @truecrimecarnage, @sylviaplacid, @whitehatsandbowlcuts, @strawberry-franta, @knifeparty666, @dahmersaddiction, @sunshinewrathboy, @fallforemmy, @666-darkness-666, @c–y-a-n-i-d-e, @achingxalien, @moisturize-me-u-eggs, @klebold420, @kleboldly, @klebdomine, @sturmgeist89, @g0reb4by @fall-out-boi-enthusiast, @bundys-rumpkin, @sadnessseemsinfinite, @satansbeauty, @tcc-and-gay, @crimeandmadness, @harbinger0fdeath, @congenitaldisease, @t0-be-loved, @emoreggiemantle, @halcyongrl, @rebriannes, @optimisticsuicidebombers, @lovelybundy and there are so many more I’d love to add but this is getting super fucking long.

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@truecrimedylannroof @bonkroof @everywhereisdark @timetrades @666ghouls @e-ris @october-runaway @he-wont-tell-you-his-plan @abstract-geometric @xmptiness @repulsivejpg @cemeteryydrive @charcoalsugar2 @s-epulture @ericsgirll @man-slaughter @rebdominee @nbkangel @dylannstormroof @dylaannroof @stab-mee2 @dom-publiczny @shittybl0g @00060000 @v666dka @v-reb @hassgestalt @homicidalbabe @morgue-brat @corpseinbed @slipnot @dead–eyes @handcuffs-and-jailtime @zexxou @cafeteriabones @daddy-roof @goregiirl @goryghost @pissfukc @hahaha-kill-me @haha-fucking @xr-i @spitcorpse @99s-boys @goregodd 

There, that’s everyone I won’t ever unfollow.
Stop sending me these asks now

this woman in this tv show my mom’s watching claims she was defamed by being called homophobic when she literally said that gay people should be cured or die, and now she can’t get a job because of it (good). she and her lawyer are trying to defend her by saying that what she said was religious (bible)-based speech and therefore cannot be hate speech. (she also claims she lost her previous job with the man who “defamed” her because she was christian.)

the show seemed to treat the religion excuse as valid proof that what she said was not hate speech and is now instead showing the debate over whether the man who “defamed” her knew her speech was religion-based at the time he sent the “defamatory” email

i put quotes around “defame” and its derivatives because it’s defined as a “false statement intented to harm or damage someone’s reputation”, same as libel or slander. what the man said about the woman was not false. she is indeed homophobic.

in other news i want to fucking die

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fav blogs?

Oh goodness I’m going to do a quick list I suppose.

@horrormathers, @columbinecalamity, @murderdxll, @scxmfxck, @enterthevoid-d, @rampartangels, @wrath-andnatural-selection, @hoe4basementtapes, @dahm-sub, @hoeforharris, @pichushkina, @racheljoyscott, @femmefatalekitten, @hollywoodraccoon@littlepainprincess, @fallforemmy, @ichbingottt, @godlike-slutt, @maarlathvhenan, @doctormambo, @g0reb4by, @sylviaplacid, @stab-mee2, @perfect-sadism, @v-reb, @cafeteriabones, @wasted–y0uth666, @fall-out-boi-enthusiast, @alcoholicsandghosts, @killemwithkindness101 , @99999usedtissues, @angel0fdeath666, @knifeparty666  and  there are so many more I’d love to add to this list I’m just really tired and my mind is drawing a blank.

Thank you anon.

*comes back 45 minutes later* anD ANOTHER THING. I love this community with all my heart n shit and I know most of y'all ain’t like v-reb or any of these other racist fucks but I’ve been in the TCC since it was a baby. Literally just about a handful of TC blogs existed back then. Then i saw it grow and grow and yeah we got some weirdos up in here but I have literally never seen so many ignorant and racist people until that ugly ass bowlcut boy came into the picture. There were nazis on this site long before but they kept on their side of tumblr and we kept on ours. There were hardly any in the thousands in our community back when it grew to be pretty big. We didn’t notice them because they stayed irrelevant as hell and we knew better back then to report them if they stepped out of line to keep everyone okay and keep the TCC from spiraling into madness. We were mature enough to stop those racist fucks and call them out on their behavior. Now there’s so many Nazi’s and racists up in this bitch because it’s gotten so out of control and it’s become a trend to you 14 year old self proclaimed hybristophiles and shit to hate on people because you think you look cool but you’re not. You think you’re acting tough or whatever but you’re just embarrassing yourself. There’s nothing tough or cool about hating someone for race, religion, sexuality, whatever the fuck. You’re going through some edgy ass phase, I know, I’ve been there but I’ve never gone so far as to put someone down for who they were. I don’t care how old you are and I don’t care if you study things like Nazism, murder, shootings, whatever. We all have our interests but at some point you need to realize what’s right and wrong and our community has gone from mature people of all ages that came together to share interests to just flat out pathetic and petty ass people with the most drama I’ve ever seen.

@v-reb “Omg I can’t even imagine giant Dylan being scared of a dog 😂”

I know, right? lol. But we had a husky once, for a brief time (he was a runaway) & in just a couple of days he became very protective of us. He was huge & would do the “don’t fuck with me” growl to people who weren’t even remotely going to hurt us. So yeah, it’s funny to picture it because Dylan was a big guy, but I’d say Devon’s dog was really protective of her, & you can tell those dogs are really strong.

let me also make another point about v-reb’s racist post.

the fact that they said “Black people aren’t oppressed” while blogging about a racist who MURDERED PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY WERE BLACK is cognitive dissonance at its fcking finest.

I hate when someone blocks me so I cant respond but anyways that scissorhands person reblogged a post from some weird columbine role play blog wishing that Dylan and Eric were born later and could carry out the columbine massacre in the year 2019 instead of 1999 because the black lives matter movement “thinks black people are better than everyone else” so they literally supported a post fantasizing about black people being murdered, among other things.

Of course they deleted the columbine post after receiving anons. that’s what sparked this whole situation, so if you think I was unreasonably harsh on them and feel the need to defend them, I literally could not give less of a shit lol

Edit: here’s the post, “BLM assholes think black people are better than white people” that’s even worse than I remembered 😒

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You may be a little off with your love in Dylan but I'm not one to judge because I don't know where that stems from but that V-reb guy literally reminds me Of Eric Harris. He is hateful, violent beliefs and is much more homicidal. Eric Harris was the homicidal one and klebold was the suicidal one. #Facts

Lol? A little off? Maybe..too bad it’s not your business. They were both homicidal and suicidal considering they both killed other people then themselves..