reb and v

Eric is so tiny that if he took one tiny hit he’d be so fucked up

“i get all the pusssyyyy dudddeee”

“eric you’re a virgin”

“nooo dudddeee" “pussssssyyy”

"eric you don’t even know what pussy looks like”

“funkyyy vaginnaa”

“eric do you even know what a g-spot is”

“duddde  it'ss   likeeeee annnnn instttrummmmentttt riggghttt mannnn”

“eric do you need me to drive you home”

“nahhhh ddduuuddeee  i gooot mmmyyy scoootterrr yoooo”

“eric you don’t own a scooter”

**pretends to ride scooter** “duuuddeee thiissss isss sooooo raddd”

“eric do you know what kmfdm is”

“iiit'sss a biiggg pusssy  ladddddddieeeeeee”

"eric solve one plus 6”

“easssy  sixtyyy ninnneeee hahsh”

“eric what is my name”


"eric get in the car we’re driving you home" 

 "whattt isss carrr?”

“eric do you remember sparky”

“that soundsss like a sexxyxyxyyx porrrn laddIiiIeeeeee" 

"eric sparky is your dog”

“did youuuu sayyy cockkk"  "hhhas my cockkkk isss nameeee sparkkyy”

“hey eric who is dylan" 

"myyyy fuckkkbudddy duddddeee”  

“but eric, i am dylan”

"shuuttt the  fuCK up VeLMaaa" 

"eric my name is dylan not velma”
“veLLy youUUU goTTaaaaa chILLL dUuDDDEEE" 

"eric who is the president" 


  “do you like cock" 

**leans in a whispers** "onnllyyy foororrr dyllddodo”

“eric who is dyldo”

**grabs by the shoulder** “LEMMMOoNnNnN”

“eric you are hurting me”

“ohooho yoesxcvbo youo liekigk thatstd sltut" 

"eric i am erect”

**locks eye with** “velly you do not have a pe nis”

**passes out**


i had to draw T'challa in cat hoodie because this adorable fanart>>> ) by @reb-chan is just aaaaa and t'challa is also just aaAAA 🔥🔥

bonus: Sam Wilson getting his answer about T'challa’s apparent taste on cats

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blog rate?

@mazosistqueenx babe :3

@blackoutmemes @yalnizlikcaginincocuklari @dom-publiczny :3 @cemeterykill @britnej-spirs @fulltimesadgirl @satanskind @satanum @satansbabygirl @99s-boys–boys @scumoftheearth @deadlydesiress @mirr0rerror @mutbenret @cling2something @90sgrl @plastictimes2009 @exodus4162725331 @blankbody @nxghtmares @y6v @oadamburayagelecek @girlwhoneedsaffection @hemaldeamon666 @rajndrop @corpses666 @paradoxsian @deoxy-rybosis @kafamsusmuyo @heavydirtysoulsx @210-1-2  @kasargibierimek @grunge-a @ownetrznosci @kelimlerinefendisi @godmutt @fjtgrbfrebfrebfrehbfcericb @whatinmemes @quietedsuffering @pretty-dead-dog @augustineqa @dirtybitchmf @deathforce8800 @deletedmemes @shibejpg @plaktakalbimvar @hassgestalt @xr-i @ugly @sadboy-1999 @dmyr @v-reb @v-m-r-i @graveyard-lolito @dying-dog @vanillajpg @knibalizm @killerslvt @satanic-girl-666 @czarnyrozyczko @therottinggod @natasnatas @noitar @itsminexodus @bitchycode @areayee @slut2000 @blurrydickface @opioid-delirium @childmagazine @childofsatan @cialobezorganow @alkohol-izm @gore-y @goregodd @wh0rerror @wulgarny @masshomicide @666gashes @knibalizm @byebye-boy @shjtposting @shittybl0g :33333 @gothjesus @anndemeulemeesterfanclub @gidemeyenkadin @oneterabyteofkilobyteage @silenceofnoise @aceuserboxes @grunge-babies @grunge-a @benadryldad @depressedcoconut @evenmoreuserboxes @uf0-trashy @bayansarap @kendimlekavgalarim @sleepdealer2k @zyxf @siyahtanbirhayat @befxlily @divasatanica @antoshkatheimpaler @oczarowanie @bezguscie @paleshelves @crystalcarcass @oparzenia @gxdlessdeath @druguser @5tupid @urgxrl @morineklerinvaftizpederi @disabilityuserboxes @otdushi @virginentrails @i-see-blood @aforizmikcanavar @d0wnp00r @pedofobia @hazelpalee @pedantol @lovemebazdmeg @lowkeybaddiee @rabenschwarze-seelen @morgue-brat @yasamaktanyoruldum @matsuokajpgs @sunljt @h0me0fsatan666 @htmlol @gorjllaz @pycha-boga @mamaixs @pyrogrrl @gozyaslarininmelodisi @jagged @stagnacj-a @niemily @pss-pss @killerslvt–me–pls @hahaha-kill-me @hahaha-fucking @haha-fuck-you @ugly0000 @i0i0i0i0i0i @agent-towarzyski @ouijagorr @rauschgiftx @konspiracyjny @monstrmb @dowonthewestcoast @sadbutfun @sadjny @whoneedsfeminism @wh0rerror @666kill-u @a-taste-for-death @cholernie @zzzonkkedd @gapplesauce @nachhauseweg @downeerr @suicidescallingme @d-666-a-t-h @twitchtum @o-hcysp @jesus-didnt-yolo @666kill666 @sdmzst @dovesaira @greedya7x @fuckingclownsmileys @kurt–cocaine–cocaine @kurwizm @klapki-jezusa @hdx174729483729453819402819495 @angelstrap @2mai @nwaananana @bowlcutgod @absentley @dziwka-hiltera @sranie-w-banie @szary-mockingbird @mess3d-up-kid @blutliebhbrr @mement0mori @p-s-y-c-h-o-c-e-r-a-m-i-c @slowo-boze @virussssss @ruinedliver @dark-paradise–dp–dp @zrozumialosc @batcemetery @freshydrangeas @paranoje @modernistyczny-mizoginizm @symphony-of-destruction @bring-my-pills @thisisheavymetal @jezus-zone @p-atologiczny @bez-umiaru @orchidpeach @itskurwafajeczki @barbietyalo @endokrynologia @v666dka @hz-barbie @buteverythingisred @g0dsdick @diebitchlovers @livingzombiegirl @wasted–y0uth666–y0uth666 @zombilerledans @sk0epx @sylwiagod @sikimsonikhayatt @satanblack @harflerincinayeti @fucking-society0 @eschatologia @secernavata @kolayagozkirpanpizza @wyspy-dziewicze @kayra-d2 @rozjebanie-mozgowe @boskie-nasienie @sztuka-sakralna @surowiica @satanachist @krzyz-jezusa @dosyt @kurwa-jebac-to @sadbutfun @hypnotizedspirit @chthoni @pod-wezwaniem-jezusa @shslyidhya @uhadpromised @hogwartslimelez @uga-bugaa @necromancier @manipulacje @jezu-chryste @oburzenie @jedyny-taki @lubiezni-e @rewitalizacja @wyjec @geneza-grzechu @kurwizm @kurwa-pana @ensomicznie @matko-swieta @zacieklosc @lacrvmosa @kwintxsencja @natywizm @odurzenie @orgazm-boga @bezskutecznie @s-arkastycznie @wyzwolenie @atencyjne-kurwy @putinoscorbin @szatan-szeptac @superklej @jezu-chryste @martwica-kolan @psycho–satan–satan @chryste @niggasgoddes @pastel21 @de-cept1on @un-follow-ed @rozpierdole-wszystko @sorrymamy @mamy-przesrane @eutanazol @ciernie @pojebanie @ak–666–666 @sla-ve @birkadehteuyku @gun-gallery @kurt–cocaine @smokesandshootingstars @sucht-potenzial @tr4nspr3ntgod

a masterpost of people who are trash in the tcc in general. racists, homophobes, condoners, sympathizers, etc. add to the list and add why they're trash so people can unfollow them.

@v-reb, congrats you bitch you get to be number ONE for being a straight up racist and bigot who also sympathizes with dylann roof and to top off this cake, even admits that they don’t care about the victims and only dylann because he’s getting the death penalty.
@blasphemian hello darling for agreeing with v-reb you earned yourself a place on here.

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fav blogs?


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fav tc/columbine blogs?

@dylaannroof, @v-reb, @fuxkingasshole, @rebsmommy, @ericselection, @kippkinkel, @hoe4basementtapes, @rebsg0ddess, @200-fahrenheit, @naturalbornmartyrs, @dylannstormm, @99s-boys, @420-columbine-it, @erics-little-reb, @vodka-r-e-b, @vv0dkaa, @kleboldsrevenge, @klebolddd, @columbinedreams, @sooogodlike, @rebavery, @ericharrisbby, @horrorgaylord, @sui-cid3

ALSO @tcconfessions as of today cause its so fuckin funny

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I am guessing this means follow forever? I’m not sure but @fuxkingasshole answered my question about what it means
Soooo anyway,
@megnorton 💖 @fuxkingasshole 💜 @lovelyklebold @rebsmommy @the-dankness-of-anonymous @tcc-imagines @my-sisters-bike @columbinedreams @hatefuckz @v-reb @everlasting-contrast @rebsjournal @pumpedupdylann @t-c-c-imagines @chris-has-problems @rebsdomine @darlingklebold @rebmyangel @timothymcfuckingveigh @tcslut
I’m sorry if I forgot anyone that might’ve wanted to be on this list or I forgot, these are all the blogs I can remember right now.

[squats] stop supporting v-reb you seriously shouldnt be supporting a person who encourages shootings and is racist. instead, you should all be supporting each other to stay out of trouble and offer an ear and a shoulder when others need it.

shootings should never happen. this literally isnt about being a sjw. thats literally the dumbest fucking excuse not to listen to us when we say not to condone or not to commit murder ( especially a mass murder ). it’s common sense not to cause anymore hurt and pain and hatred in the world. if the world is so fucking shitty that should be enough of a reason to do something thatll make a positive impact and mass murderers arent the way.

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Do you not like v-reb?

No I do not. He is openly racist and condones but I can’t 100% blame him for it as he is autistic and I don’t think he entirely knows what he is doing is harmful or really grasps the content? But still it’s disgusting.


HEY GUYS I HATE POSTING SELFIES IM SO GROSS AND ILL PROB GET LIKE 50 UNFOLLOWS FOR THIS BUT I GOT TAGGED IN THAT TCC SELFIE THING. I change my hair color every 3 weeks or so, so I thought I’d show you guys some cool colors?? Lol. ‼️‼️I THINK EVERYONE IN THE TCC SHOULD BE TAGGED IN THIS IF YOU SEE THIS, DO IT‼️‼️ but I’m going to personally tag the people I think should do it the most haha @emog0d @v-reb @klebold-trash @jar–lar @rebnvodkaimagine @vodka-the-sunshine-boy @younggodklebold @naturalselector98

also mom asked me what i went out to do, and i did tell her that i went to the hospital to pick up my insoles, because due to repeated foot injuries over the years that i was told to walk off, i now have a fallen arch

and she’s like “do your feet hurt?”

uh yeah i’ve been telling you for years that my feet hurt? because of repeated foot injuries that you told me to walk off? were you not listening to me? did you not think i was serious? did it just dawn on you right now that there could be an actual medical problem here that’s been causing all this pain? i’m really upset