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What did I do instead of writing for NaNoWriMo?  Spent all afternoon working on Instagram inspired pages for our favorite characters (I haven’t gotten to Wufei and Relena yet, sorry!)  

I’ve been toying with the idea of how social media is or isn’t part of the LAM!verse.  For now, it doesn’t really impact much but I do wonder whether to play with it in the future.  For instance…

  • Does Trowa post his favorite snapshots from his latest travels and geotag them for his friends to track him…and inadvertently gain a following?
  • Does everyone get a peak into the intimacy of Duo and Heero’s relationship based on what they post…or do they perpetually lurk?
  • Does Quatre leverage social media for advocacy and sniping at competition, or does he throw stuff up with the #blessed tag for the lolz?
  • Once it becomes clear Wufei and Relena are a serious item, do they lock down their social media presence or share their lives publicly?  Does Relena tease her boyfriend-then-fiance-finally-husband by taking candids of his sleep-deprived state and take polls from the masses about what direction he should take his dissertation?  When kids become a thing, does she upload videos of her daughter(s) and Wufei arguing about basic arithmetic or post pictures of Wufei playing with his daughters alongside an old photo of him in Preventers colors loaded to bear with a “#GetYouaManWhoCanDoBoth”?  

Serious questions that need answered, I think…

Wufei’s voice was low and gentle as he spoke, starting from his earliest memories, his studies and his training. It had been a cold childhood, but Wufei had found pride and solace in becoming proficient in both. He talked about the sparky girl who had become his wife, how much she hated him, and how he took no little pleasure in making her hate him more. It made him feel less powerless, less trapped. How he didn’t regret it now, because he realised that being able to rage at him had given her the same relief.

He talked for a long time, and eventually Duo’s tears dried, and he just lay there, drained but calm.

“She’d say you’ve gone soft,” he observed, afterwards. Wufei let out a rueful chuckle.

“She’d be right,” he agreed.

“Fuck you,” she muttered, but her voice was quiet, and sulky, and affectionate, and emotional. “Fuck you.”

Spirits by @chronicwhimsy
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Everyone knows about Duo’s ghosts. He collects them. But when he collects them, they feel lighter somehow.

Some ghosts stay longer than others.

For Unnatural November.

This was inspired by a beautiful piece of art by @thelaughingstar

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oh hey, i made myself do something

Even though it’s a month later, it’s still the same scene as the last snippet I posted, because, you know, I’m really unproductive. But I felt like sharing lol.

“What was it like?” she asked in an effort to recapture his attention, leaning forward in her seat. “Killing Treize, I mean.” She watched his face go white. His fingers spasmed around the glass in his hand and he did not answer. “Oh please, Mr Chang,” she pressed, “I only want to know you. I want to know the man who managed to send my magnificent cousin to his grave.”

“There is nothing to know,” he gasped.

“I’m grateful it was you,” she said softly, her voice only just above a whisper; reverent. “A Gundam pilot. It must have been… It must have been glorious.”

Wufei surged back to his feet. For a moment he just stood there, his movement arrested. Then he returned to the bar, although he did not immediately refresh his glass. With his back to her, he said, “I can assure you, it was not.”

Dorothy sat silently. She did not remove her gaze from his back.

“Can you really be so stupid? He was only a man of flesh and blood. He died like any other man. Your magnificent cousin. There is no dignity in death. Not for anyone.”

For just a moment, her throat tightened on itself. Wufei’s argument was a familiar one. Then she forced herself to smile.

“I did not mean to distress you.”

“I am not in distress! I – merely wish to be left alone with my thoughts.”

“Oh, is that so.” Dorothy straightened her skirt over the sofa. “Quatre is alone with his thoughts at the moment, too. Did neither you nor Relena think to be so direct with him as Miss Relena was with me yesterday afternoon? But I have solved your little problem for you, you’ll see. I’m sure Quatre will speak to Heero for you. He merely needs some time to think of what to say.”

“It seems Relena has told you a great deal,” Wufei observed after a moment’s pause, his voice cold.

“Mere trifles, only. Oh, dear. Wasn’t she supposed to? But you see, it’s all worked out for the best. For how else would you have convinced Quatre to do what you need him to?”