reax post

so i know that reax posts aren’t hip to the kids anymore but i watched Kimi no Na wa/Your Name for the first time, knowing absolutely nothing about it except that the art was pretty and there was het, and here’s a comprehensive guide to every emotion i experienced in the last 2 hours in plot order

pro tip for this movie: do not google anything about it whatsoever, go in completely blind, experience the wildest rollercoaster of a fucking lifetime

keeloca  asked:

HI! I was wonderinging if you could - pretty please with cherries on top - recommend any blogs that post a fair amount of Sherlock meta (preferably diverse, or at least not entirely dedicated to Johnlock readings of the show). I love that side of fandom, but - mostly due to a stupidly busy schedule keeping me from going through all the tags on a regular basis - I have a hard time finding blogs. General aca fandom stuff is very nice too. Help me, DestinationToast, you're my only hope.

*sweats* I tend to freeze up a bit at requests like this, knowing I’m gonna leave a ton of awesome people off.  Ack!  :)  So I’ll list a few people who occur to me off the top of my head, with diversity of thought particularly in mind, and shippy endgame not in mind (I’m allergic anyway) – and then ask other people to please chip in as well add their faves. 

These people are all interesting thinkers and kind people, and the notes about their POV are by no means comprehensive about why I am reccing them.  :)

  • @marsdaydream (particularly thoughtful about story-telling structure, ambiguities, and meta-story; knowledgable about canon)
  • @notagarroter  (multishipper; hasn’t started posting her reax yet, but I adore her meta)
  • @cosmoglaut​ (great canon resource & multicultural holmes resource, math & science resource)
  • @finalproblem (non-shipper; great canon resource, & many versions of holmes resource; complex theories I don’t always buy but find fascinating)
  • @tiltedsyllogism (aca-ish; not afraid to take on incredibly difficult conversations – she argued with the worst of the T*J*L*C bullies, very effectively. I haven’t read much of her TAB response yet tbh as I know she’s got some critical thoughts, which I am looking forward to reading, but I’m reserving my first few days for squee)
  • @pennypaperbrain (great resource on kink and mental health; haven’t read her TAB responses yet either for same reason as above)
  • @theleftpill (multishipper/mostly sherlolly; great molly resource)
  • @persian-slipper (does great gen recs as well as meta)
  • @anarfea​ (multishipper/mostly sheriarty and holmescest ; good diverse fandom view)

These folks do talk Johnlock shippy readings – and endgame – more than the others, but are nuanced and kind and talk other things too and don’t make me want to rip my hair out :)

Peeps, please reblog and add more recs!  And sorry to all the awesome folks I’m inevitably leaving out!