TML Week #544: Blood Play, with apologies to Dominique Christine

Blood Play, with apologies to Dominique Christine
© 2015 Emma Reaves

Emma is centerstage. She is fingerpainting with a small bowl of something and a canvas. The audience cannot see what it is.

EMMA: Someone I love was recently arrested and wrongly charged. Period.

Among other things they were charged with resisting arresting and assaulting two officers. Period.

The record reported them as a hostile black woman. Period.

They are 5 ft 2, 100 lbs. Period.

Though their skin is brown, they are not black. Period.

They don’t identify as a woman. Period.

The cops didn’t bother to ask. Period.

They were detained. Period.

They were menstruating. Period.

They were denied tampons or any sanitary products. Period.

They were told to bleed out. Period.

They were treated like an animal. Period.

In a cage. Period.

Their body was used against them. Period.

To humiliate them. Period.

They were meant to feel that same shame every girl has felt. Period.

Bleeding through a white skirt. Period.

The shame you feel when he wont fuck you. Period.

The shame we are made to feel simple because bleeding with the moon it is an act that is undeniable female. Period.

And it was woman who cast us out of the garden afterall. Period.

And as the bible says it was only woman “cursed” with blood. Period.

That her body was evidence of God’s rath, and that woman, was marked with sin. Period.

But in truth our bodies bleed together in silent conversation like Dominique said. Period.

This is why my love and I were synched. Period.

And always will be. Period.

We will speak in silent tongues and conspire against these men. Period.

Who keep us locked up. Period.

And we will use our own blood to write it on all the walls of all the jail cells. Period.

Emma turns canvas around. “Curtain” is written in blood.

I’m nearly finished with my pre-series timeline project in google docs, and overall I think I’ve done pretty well in fitting things together. I need to go over the Westerlands rough draft again to look for anything I might have missed, and to try to figure out what to do with Quellon Greyjoy’s early reaving days and when to place them.

I’ve accounted for the three winters Tyrion has seen in his lifetime (not counting the current winter that has just arrived). I don’t have all of the seasons from 200-300AC mapped out, but I have more than enough to suit my purposes. 

I’ve filled out the pre-series household lists for the Great Houses as best I can for now, and I might just leave that as something ongoing. My timeline infographic is only half-done, though; I’m going to try to work on that in photoshop tomorrow. Also, 

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Operating as both sculpture and furniture, Jessi Reaves’ works upend inherited binaries between form and function, fine art and design; Reaves marshals these tensions to their extremes. Forms that reference modernist design are swathed in foam, fleece or sheer fabrics, others are carved and molded out of engineered wood. Through material aggregation and substitution, Reaves disrupts the utopian connotations of rational, industrial purity that haunt the histories of both design and sculpture – introducing, rather, notions of anthropomorphism, fantasy, and excess.

Jessi Reaves (b. 1986) lives and works in New York. She received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. Reaves has work on view at Bridget Donahue, New York, and her work has been shown at venues including STL Gallery, New York; Bed Stuy Love Affair, New York; and Essex Flowers, New York. She will present upcoming solo exhibitions at Bridget Donahue and Del Vas Projects, Los Angeles.

Jessi Reaves, Keeper’s Glove Chairs, 2015. Plastic, steel, Antron Polar Fleece. 36 x 24 x 24 inches each. Courtesy the artist and Bridget Donahue, New York. Photo: Marc Brems Tatti. 


Daenerys and Margaery, I ship it!

Chrisscreama as Daenerys Targaryen

Mimi Reaves as Margaery Tyrell

Costumes by Mimi <3


The octopus tree growing from
Your mouth - what delicacy and leaves
Reaching south.

What morbid words that describe
What you feel - altar birds cawing,
Trapped in a wheel.

Your pussycodon cannot numb
The pain of my rejection, what red
In the rain!

Your lippy vines strangle
My atrophy - a mister designed to
Relish sodomy.

My fault, my fault that I
Cannot desire your bed, your vault,
My pole, your pyre.

Who knew I could break a
Womanheart? It’s new; I’m used to being
Torn apart

By men, like me, who did
What I’m doing. To make you see
That life is a foreskin.

To make you see that I
Live to be reaved, to make you see that
You’ve wrongly believed.

A double tragedy: the two
Of us. A despised necessity,
Yet I must.

Your confession rots me; I heave
Guts. Siren, I’m sorry; your
Song only cuts.

I clip the branches of your lonely
hope. I’ll consider your haunches -
Maybe? Nope.

My wickedness, felled; yet I’d never
Kiss the Lotus-belled, the grim
Honey, the Miss.

So give it up, Vulvadienne, forget
Your ploy. I’m cumborine, a bender, a cock

six-foot-shota asked:

If my opponent plays reave soul and I play safe passage to save my creature does that work or does my creature still die

Reave Soul doesn’t deal damage and won’t be stopped by Safe Passage. Try something like Gods Willing or Brave the Elements instead.

Bitch please, we are Queens!

Chrisscreama as Daenerys Targaryen

Mimi Reaves as Margaery Tyrell

Gorgeous Costumes by the amazing Mimi herself 

Video by HappySqueak


i need to start working on the crew of the intrepid, which is gonna be fabulous because i am all about characters working in close-knit teams. so far we have the unnamed captain and the alien dude whose name i can’t remember off the top of my head (he cooks + does random odd jobs around the ship), and i need at least a pilot, a person with skills that involve being a doctor, a person to be a muscle-y fighter type, and maybe one more???

Tragic Arrogance isn’t really worth anything, but it’s still the pick here as it’s the kind of card that can just completely turn a game around, particularly since you can craft your deck knowing that on average one game per match you can reset the board if it ever gets out of control.

Reave Soul is the runner up as it is probably the best black common and gives you an efficient answer to pretty much everything that happens in the early game.