I think a lot of Dutch people will allready know this brand but for the ones that don’t read the intro:
Ladies and gentlemen! There’s a new fashion brand in the making called REAUX (pronounced Row). 
The two ladies behind it are Rowan and Karen who met each other through a mutual friend. Not only are they both ‘88 babies, they also happen to have a passion for clothing and art. 
Rowan, the creative mind that she is, had so many inspirational ideas based on old and modern cultures but didn’t really know what to do with them. 
After a while she decided to start a blog named REAUX that only contained pictures that inspired her. 
Rowan and Karen stayed in touch through social media so Karen saw her blog and she loved it right away! 
When Rowan made a logo for it Karen contacted her because she had the feeling it could be more then just a blog. 
After a lot of brainstorm sessions they decided they wanted to make a brand out of it. 
They kept the blog www. as an inspiration wall, which I came across as well. 
I really liked what I saw cause it inspired me and made me even more curious.
When I asked the girls what REAUX means, they told me it means “to rule”. 
In the logo there are a lot of symbols, for example: the letter 'A’ as triangle stands for power and mystery. 
The triangle upwards means male and downwards means female (REAUX is for male and female). 
The round mandala stands for the cosmos, so in other words “rule the cosmos”. 
That’s their motto. And last but not least, REAUX is also short for Rowan. 
I think that’s awesome! In the future they would like to have jeans, hoodies, crewnecks, accessories and more t-shirts in their collection.

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REAUX at AlteRego & Baldylox musicvideo!