Thief of Heart

The Thief of Heart. One who steals hearts, souls, and personality for their own advantage.

The heart wants what the heart wants…

Thief- steal their aspect for their advantage, usually giving to themself.

Heart- major themes of personality, souls, ambition, and identity. Minor themes of morale, willpower, and intuition.


Heart stealer

The Thief of Heart quite simply steals hearts. They can tear a person’s heart out it, becoming more and more literal over time.

At lower levels the Thief of Heart could take away certain key emotions. They could make it so anyone’s “heart isn’t in it”. All the while they would feel renewed ambition. They can also use this to shoulder the  emotional burdens of others (though this will likely be to make people shut up and stop complaining).

At medium levels they progress further they could use a metaphorical heart. A most precious item or a craft reconstruction of a heart. Holding this enchanted item would allow them to tug at the heart strings, reeling the owner close, as if their soul was being tethered to the item.

As they progress further the Thief could knock out someone’s heart and take it. It wouldn’t be damaged and the person would still live. Whatever damage the heart takes is real. This can be used for extortion or stun a target through immense discomfort or pain.

At higher levels they could devour hearts and feed on their power. Each heart would grant a special buff related to it’s owner as well as heal the Thief. All of their physical abilities would increase and they would develop powerful emotions. Stolen hearts can be used to create splinters, but the splinters strength would only be as powerful as the hearts.

Soul steal

The Thief of Heart can steal souls and personality. This is difficult, but the use of soul items would ease the stress. Soul items can be their signature, their blood, a locket of their hair, a picture of them, etc.

At lower levels they’d be expert forgers. They’d be skilled in offhand impersonations and could perfectly mimic handwriting.

At medium levels they’d be master of disguises. By studying the subject and having a soul item or two they could temporarily shapeshift into that beings form. They could perfectly mimic their voice and mannerisms, but would not have their memory. The Thief might accidentally create a splinter if they lack proper focus (ie soul items).

At higher levels they could rip out souls and take them for themself. Souls would heighten the Thief’s awareness of souls, giving them a radar sense as they hunger for souls. They could measure up the true, inner power of a soul as well. The Thief can also take passion and ambition from the soul. The reault of their ambition is now the Thief’s. Jack Noir’s stabbing, the Black Queen’s composure, etc.


Actor- you are extremely gifted at acting and faking things

Emotional vampire- your gaze exhausts the soul

True love’s pull- you have a way of getting what you want from people

Theme song

I will possess your heart by Death Cab for Cutie

Olicity: I’ll Follow You

He follows her steps, and hopes for the best.

It’s all he can do. He doesn’t want to be at this gala, and he certainly doesn’t want to be fighting with her about Barry, but she does cave and offer him a dance and her pink dress is perfectly matching to her lips. She’s beautiful, smiling from how it feels to twirl around the dancefloor and yes he’s bad at it, but that’s just making her smile even despite her minute anger at him.

But he follows her steps, hoping for the best.

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Doctors can't cure everything ...

Takao had done what had been asked and had stayed in bed, taking the medicine and been a good little patient as one could for the next few weeks. Of course he had not been a happy camper and had almost chewed off his co workerds heads when they had come and visited him, but most of them knew he barked more than he bit.

This meant he was clear to go to work again.

On his second day at work, after his sick leave he had been assigned a case of a young boy, half japanese-half american, a tough cookie for his relatives. One could say that the pre-teen was too much to handle and the poor aunt that was taking care of him had resulted to social services for help.

The little punk, whose name was Arashi, seemed to be keen to getting into fights, skipping school, and being punk ass juvenile delinquent at the age of thirteen. Clear case to take.

Takao had taken this one to be handled and after dicussing the methods with the woman who had taken the boy in after his parents had gone and disappeared, the brown haired man went to find his target.

Knowing this and that, Takao found the kid rather easily. The little punk was already in the middle of a fight at the school gates, several other kids cheering on in a circle around the fighting boys.

It wasn’t easy to get the attention of them youngters and Takao had reaulted to one things he knew. Basically kicking all of those punks asses and barking at them ‘Ta Get ta fuck home from here’ he managed to grab a hold on of his target.

Baffled at the man’s behaviour at first, eyes wide for someone actually making him do something the kid followed him. It did not last long and soon the teen was screaming and kicking. Takao however did not bother listen and continued to drag the kid to place where one could tend the scrathes, bruises and cuts the punk had from the fight.

Thus, half an hour later several nurses were staring at a pissed off social worker and a screaming teen in a certain hospital, where a certain doctor was working.