Crowley reassurance

Just remember. Crowley is fucking incredibly smart. In the end, he will win over Lucifer. He won’t die. You know how I know? Why would they make him a series regular recently to kill him off shortly after? News, they’re not going to kill him. He might be put through some shit that will be hard to watch, but find solace in the fact that he WILL come out on top. Trust me. It’s happened to him before, and he’s recovered before. He’s valued as a character just as much as Castiel, Dean and Sam even though most fans won’t admit it. Crowley is one of the 4 main reoccurring characters. So worry now if you must, but find comfort that he will make it. He will. Because he’s fucking Crowley.

There is no love you need more than the love for yourself. No, it isn’t selfish to love ourselves first; it is healthy. When you learn to love yourself, you can love others much better, more completely. Try not to let anyone make you feel unloved or unwanted. It is difficult not to be hard on ourselves; it is a constant struggle. But you are worthy of everything good; you are important, unique. KT~

When it comes to happiness we are all searching for it. Searching for something to heal us, something to provide us with joy and warmth. Looking for a small piece of reassurance in a world that quite frankly longs to tear us down. We search in objects, materialistic items, and our exterior. We buy things we believe will heal us and never consider what is actually inside us. As humans, we fail to look inside ourselves, question what our souls needs, our hearts desire and our minds crave. Maybe that is where our faults lie. In order to find this ‘happiness’ we need to consider what we believe in, how we view happiness and how happiness belongs in our lives.

Extract from a book I am writing by Amy Kennedy


“Long time no see!”

(couldn’t have announced this at a more awkward time lel) ok so,, i know what you’re thinking.. “Why haven’t you answered anymore asks, Chloe?!” or “This is an ask blog?”  ok first thing, yes this was an ask blog (for any new followers) but i eventually drifted away from that And it was inevitable. I didn’t focus on answering anything as my muse anymore and the hiatus was one of those reasons. Another reason was that i actually did believe that this blog would eventually be irrelevant. I didn’t really have a proper way to explain why waaay earlier but i was too focused on school and getting over my chronic depression and top it all off with the constant growing conflicts in this fandom ( recently wbb blog user @imagine-bears received a lot of anon hate and was harassed to the point of closing their blog, which i think should NEVER EVER be allowed to happen again bc we can’t risk losing another lovely blog), that and more. But now that WBB is returning with a few new episodes i thought it’d be appropriate to announce this but bc of stuff happening i was going to postpone it for a few days. this is just me saying that i still answer asks as my muse but i often haven’t bc of the things i said above. however it’s a bit too soon to answer questions atm though. just thought it would help lighten the fandom up a bit from most of the negative events going on recently. so yeah, that’s all there is to say tbh. please continue to be an awesome fandom and don’t let any small revulsion bother you. stay strong, neighbears ily all))

ok bc calum is the sweetest boy in the whole world i can totally see him being the type to notice every little thing about you like how you take your coffee and you always sleep with your feet peaking out of the covers but he would definitely pay special attention to the habits that indicate how you are feeling, like how you tap your foot when you’re nervous and your lower lip sticks out just a little too far when you’re upset, so he would always know when to take your hand in his, giving you a gently squeeze and a soft peck on the cheek, mumbling a quiet “you ok babe?” or a reassuring “everything gonna be alright love” and maybe everything wasn’t perfect, but it was always easier with calum by your side

Before I start bitching about all the ways in which Dean’s connection to Amara is not comparable to Sam and Ruby, I wanna say that I really did like 11x13. And while there’s no good reason Sam should have known about Amara’s whammy on Dean (is there?), I’m glad Sam was supportive/understanding. And I think it’s interesting to note the ways in which Dean’s confession to Sam this week differ from his confession to Casifer last week.  When Dean told Cas, it was more of an unburdening, explaining that he was scared of how Amara was able to control him, and Casifer reassured him that they would face her together. With Sam, it came across more like a mea culpa. He didn’t say anything about being scared, he only apologized for not being strong enough. 

I think this nicely highlights how Dean’s parentification still has a dramatic effect on how he views himself in relation to Sam. In Dean’s mind, not being able to take on the responsibility of killing Amara is a failing on his part, but especially so if that responsibility then falls to Sam. That’s why Dean jumps at the chance to compensate by taking on the Quareen curse. Not because he needs to be the martyr, as Sam says (and is more Sam-like), but because he knows he can do to the Quareen what he can’t with Amara. It’s a situation he can control, a responsibility he can take on and knows he can handle. 

“We need to kill the Darkness, and I don’t think I can. I’m sorry to do that to you,” is the hardest thing for Dean to admit to Sam. And yet, it’s perhaps not as hard as admitting he’s being victimized. I mean, instead of seeing this situation as something being done to him by Amara, he sees it as something he’s doing to Sam, something he needs to apologize for, which is pretty messed up. In typical Dean Winchester fashion, he’d sooner shoulder the blame than admit to being a victim. Jesus, I love how psychologically consistent Dean is. (For more on Dean’s guilt vs victimization, you can read this meta I wrote a while back—still highly relevant!)

And while this is starting to feel a little uncomfortably reminiscent of the last half of season 8, it’s different enough. Sam isn’t being singled out here. There aren’t any trials—it’s shaping up to be more like a face off a la YED. And I have a feeling Dean’s going to be integral to it whether he feels up to the challenge or not (prediction: Dean is the ONLY one who can stop Amara?!?!).

Interview | jb | (Requested)

I was currently backstage on The Ellen Show waiting for my cue to appear from behind the curtains. My stomach was doing flips and I already forgot what I was going to say.

“You’ll be fine babe, it’s not that scary.” Justin reassures me.

I nod, still not being able to form words.

“Alright you see this?” He points to a monitor that broadcasts everything from the stage. “We’ll be watching from back here.”

Honestly, it would’ve been easier if JUST Justin had came to watch but I’ve been lucky enough to get the whole crew.

“Relax y/n and take some deep breaths.” Kendall informs me.

“The energy from the crowd and Ellen herself will put you in a better mood when you’re out there I promise.” Za says and puts a hand on my shoulder, only to get it slapped away by Justin.

“Y/n! You’re on in 15 seconds.” The stage manager calls and I say my goodbyes and quickly run to the edge of the curtain, ready to make my first t.v. appearance.

I hear Ellen say my name followed by and applause and I walk out, putting on a big smile and waving at the audience.

After I take a seat the clapping simmers down and I take a breath, ready for Ellen to start us up.

-Justin’s Pov-

“So! You’ve obviously been everywhere lately from Paris to Bora Bora to Cincinnati. But most of all, you’ve been all over social media.” Ellen asks and y/n nods her head for her to continue.

“Awe she’s so flustered, that’s the cutest thing.” Kylie gushes and Kendall and I laugh.

I swear to god she has this girl crush thing on my girlfriend.

“How’s all it been dealing with all the attention and fame?” Ellen asks.

I watch y/n take a breath and I take one myself.

I’ve asked her this before but she’s never given me a straight answer.

“It’s been hard, that’s for sure. There’s been times I think about what people are saying and let it get to my head. Obviously I’ve had negative thoughts but I’ve also had the most positive people bring me back up after I fall. Especially Justin of course. I mean all you have to do is be in the same room as him and you can practically just feel the positive vibes…You think of how he’s picked himself up from such a low fall and you think, well if he can do it, I can too. So overall, the media hasn’t been too kind to me but I’m getting by because of some of the best people in my life and that’s really all the matters to me.”

I can’t help but smile in admiration. The way she spoke the words so gracefully and how the look in her eyes showed how honest she was, how could anyone not smile?

“Bruh?” Khalil starts and I him in response. “You better keep this girl.”

“We’ve been sent a bunch of pictures of you two being all lovely dovey in public.” Ellen starts again after praising y/n for her previous response.

A collage of photos of us holding hands and kissing in public showed on the screen and y/n laughed in embarrassment, her cheeks burning.

“I also like these of you guys being especially handsy in public.”

The screen showed two pictures of us on the beach entangled in each other and the crew starts laughing.

Y/n puts her hands over her face in attempt to hide her embarrassment and even more red face.

Kylie takes out her phone and tries to take a picture of my reaction and I just stand there, half admiring the girl I’m lucky enough to love, half still shocked at the pictures.

“Dude this is gold.” The crew laughs again.

“I didn’t know you two had it like that.” Kendall comments nudging me.

“Yo I didn’t know y/n was even like that.” Khalil adds.

I ignore them and focus on the rest of my girl’s interview.


I suck at writing endings I already know but sorry about that.


anonymous asked:

Would you marry Mark if Jinyoungie told you to?

No cuz Jinyoung is the type to use that against you. Like this is all a test lol. & if I say yes, he’s gonna be like “omg so you love Mark more than me?! Go & enjoy your life with Mark!” & then he’ll always bring it up. “Remember that time you said you would marry Mark.”


I believe that the boys of One Direction pay attention to fans and I believe that they care as humans. Like, the way you care about people you’ve never met in a broad sense. Do I believe that they live their lives and make their choices based on our feelings? NO.

So, when people get sad because they’ve done nothing to reassure us (in the last week, mind you), I think, IT’S NOT ABOUT US.

I’m not going to speak for anyone else, but I am here because I believe two boys fell in love and that love has the power to change the world. I don’t mean that hyperbolically. I mean, actually change the world. The fight they’re in the middle of right now is for the future of the industry. For every artist that has hidden who they are in fear. Who chose between success and their own truth. More than that, they’re fighting for global human rights.  That sounds big, and I mean it to. It is big. 

I firmly believe that everything that is happening right now is to that end. I don’t know how the narrative all fits together. But I’m not going to sit here and be mad because Harry and Louis are doing what’s best for them and not us.

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"I used to love you so sweet, the way kids love, the way I was supposed to" the thirteen letters(the whole series tbh) has ruined my life and i am Thankful

I don’t know any fic that is more quotable than that series, it’s like an epic ode to Bucky and his endless love for Steve

I think it’s fit I take it to the grave. Wouldn’t make you any happier. In fact it’d do nothing but put you in danger — that ain’t something I want. It’s another story I tell myself, I guess. That I’m being noble and doing it for you, when really I’m just being scared, and can’t do it to myself.