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Hi! :) I really love your blog. You're so good at writing those scenarios; they can both cheer up the people who have several problems to solve and entertain others. I'm included to the second category, but reading what you've written is kind of fun for me. Anyway, here's my request... Can you make Sugawara being comforted by his girlfriend, for example after losing a match or something like that? ;)

Ahh, thank you for being so sweet, dear ^^ These reverse scenarios are always really fun for me to write, so thank you for your request! [I guess this is set in his second year, seeing as he’s playing as the setter]

Suga had put on a brave face for his team. He had to. It was just who he was. He was the guy who was always smiling, always positive. The fact that they’d lost - and he’d been the one to screw up the toss on the game point - was a disappointment, of course, but he only let his face drop when he was out of sight of the team, leaning against the wall in an abandoned hallway, eyes clenched shut against the tears that prickled at the edges. “Suga.” His girlfriend’s soft voice startled him. “I’m sorry.” She had come up behind him and wrapped her arms around his middle, resting her cheek against his back. “It sucks.” “Yeah.” He whispered hoarsely. “You did so well, though.” She comforted, now leaning her forehead against his back. He sighed, turning to face her. “I blew it at the end. But thanks.” She took his hand and squeezed it. “It doesn’t matter.” She said firmly. “You gave it your best, and your team knows that. It was a tough spot, but you tried anyway. I’m so proud of you. So are they, I know it.” He managed a small smile that barely reached his eyes. “Thanks.” He whispered, crushing her to him in a grateful hug.


#i know it’s not the most important moment of the scene#i agree the handshake and the ‘old friend’ were touching#but i think what arthur does here is adorable#i mean he’s not asking merlin if he (arthur) is ready to combat#but if merlin is ready to let him go #he saw merlin was about to cry#and he knows merlin is worried about him#then he wants to be sure merlin is okay before he leaves#he doesn’t need to be reassured #he’s worried about merlin

Never ending list of favorite scenes  (Swan Song)

↳ It's okay, Dean.
Seconds before throwing himself into the pit to save the world, he tries to comfort his brother, seconds before eternity of torture; the only thing he can think of is Dean.