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Just Hold On, ii

We learned through promo that Just Hold On was not written specifically in response to Jay’s illness, but was a song that had been written on 2016 after Louis direct-messaged Steve on Twitter.

Then the video came out yesterday. The story of the video is of two people who meet as strangers, spend time doing fun things together, become romantically involved, get fun-married, and speed through a space-time warp to different parts of the world.

I thought it was super cute. The actors were good together, there was international and racial inclusivity, and the message was upbeat.

In the meantime, I learned more about the structure of EDM songs, which is a little bit different than a typical pop song.

Verse 1
(Sometimes pre-chorus)
Verse 2
(Sometimes pre-chorus)
||: Chorus :||

Verse 1
Verse 2
Pop Drop

An EDM song has no bridge. Instead, there’s a pop drop moment when the electronics take over—in JHO, the kind of soaring-into-space sound. The distinction between sections also tends to be less pronounced– the bass of the first verse might become the focus of the chorus, for instance.

With the above in mind, I listened to the lyrics of “Just Hold On” again, asking myself these questions.

1. Why is this song a love story?
2. Why is there a contrast between the positivity of the video and the sadness/ need for reassurance in the lyrics? Does the time frame in which it was written matter?

The following is my personal opinion.

The lyrics clearly address someone, “Darling.” The video has offered one interpretation that this person is a love interest.

The singer seems to be poised between two times, the future, which he wishes he could see (via a time machine), and the past, the “chapter” that has “ended.”

It’s a time of flux and open possibility. “You can be who you were/ or who you’ll become.”

The present, or the near future– what he can see of it– is not so great. Something bad has, or is about to, happen. “If it all goes wrong/ darling, just hold on.”

At the time the song was performed, we thought Jay’s illness was the sad event referred to in the song. And it still may be. There isn’t only one interpretation to a song. But the video explicitly associates the song to romantic love, and we can’t just ignore that this love is linked to these lyrics.

It’s not over ‘til it’s all been said‬
‪It’s not over ‘til your dying breath‬
‪So what do you want them to say when you’re gone?‬
‪That you gave up or that you kept going on?‬

The tone of the lyrics is one of persistence through suffering– the “dying breath.” It’s not about fun or partying or dancing or gambling. It’s not about a hook-up or a casual fling.

It’s about fighting back. It’s about surviving and returning to life. The fact that there’s a marriage in the video shows that the relationship goes deeper than momentary fun. It’s about commitment, hope, mutual support.

The “pop drop” moment is the moment when the main message of the song is repeated over and over. In this case, the singer sings to the second person– the love interest, according to the video. Or it could be the love interest singing back; both make sense. “If it all goes wrong/ darling, just hold on.”

The implication is that all WILL go wrong. The lyrics anticipate disaster. And the singer says, don’t let disaster break your relationship. Be strong. Hold on.

It’s a brave, kind, reassuring message. Given the events in Louis’s personal life in the last two years, culminating in the ridiculous, terrible charade at LAX airport that resulted in his being dragged through the criminal and civil justice systems– of all the participants, he was the most innocent one who was there that day, and unbelievably, the only person arrested– I marvel at his inner strength, his moral courage, his tenacity, kindness, intelligence, and sangfroid.

I want to thank Louis and Steve for making this amazing song.

Jay, you raised such a great person. You’d be so proud.

Calming Dodie lyrics

Hey so I originally had this idea for myself bc sometimes when I need to calm down I’ll listen to Dodie and the visual imagery and reassurance in her lyrics really helps with stress and worry. But I decided that if anyone else would like this it might be nice?? idk this is kinda silly haha but oh well here goes:

  • Silence was comfy, without having to try. We swapped our smiles, gifted advice - I Knew You Once 
  • And she smells like lemongrass and sleep, she tastes like apple juice and peach … And she means everything to me - She
  • Just goes to show I’m better off without you, one for the road well maybe how about you leave me alone - One For the Road
  • God knows where I would be if you hadn’t found me sitting all alone in the dark - Sick of Losing Soulmates (honestly this whole song I love)
  • You create a rarity of my genuine smiles - Intertwined (I love this whole song as well)
  • Will you share your soul with me? Unzip your skin and let me have a see. - Human 
  • Would you be so kind as to fall in love with me? - Would You Be So Kind
  • Everyone falls for the sunshine disguise, distracted by who they’re thinking of … I’m sick of faking diary entries, got to get it in my head; I’ll never be sixteen again … Am I the only one wishing life away? Never caught up in the moment busy begging the past to stay - When (I LOVE THIS SONG)
  • This isn’t the end, I’m your lifelong friend, sure it’s been a while but I’ll be here when you smile :) - Dear Happy
  • I’ve got a secret for the mad in a little bit of time it won’t hurt so bad…and there will be a day when you can say you’re okay and mean it,
    I promise you it’ll all make sense again - Secret For the Mad (I can’t describe how much this has helped me ahh)
  • We’re not bruised, they’re just party tattoos, and that colourful mess Is just colourful regret - Party Tattoos

I probably missed a bunch and feel free to switch this up and edit it to the lyrics and songs you want!! These are just some of my favorites <3

anonymous asked:

As a 23 yr old when IU's 23 was released and as an actual 25 yr old now, I can honestly say IU has completely captured the 2 year difference perfectly. I figured out how to adult a bit better and I'm a lot more secure and confident in who I am at 25. So some things to look forward to :)

This is also really reassuring TT thank you <3

Collar full

Hey guys, I am really happy with this fic and I hope you are too :3 This toom me a while to write and it’s the longest one I have done so far.

Prompt: soulmate AU where you see in Black and while untill you touch ur sm, and Dan starts seeing in colour the morning after a huge concert and’s freaking out because he touched his fave band member.

Dan opened his eyes to see a ray of yellow light streaming in from the windows, he knew he should have closed the blinds after the concert last night- wait, Dan was seeing yellow!

Dan sat up within seconds and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He looked around the room to see various colours illuminating it.

Dan couldn’t believe he was seeing in colour, after 21 years of seeing in black and white. He blinked a couple times to fully take in what was happening. How?Who? As the tiredness slowly drifted from Dan, memories of the night before came flooding back to him.

Dan was standing at the front of the crowd at a concert. Not just any concert though, a Screams in the streets concert, his favourite band of all time. He was ecstatic to be finally seeing them live. Screams in the streets had been his favourite band since his best friend PJ introduced them to him, two years ago.

The melodic tunes coming from the instruments accompanied by the angelic voice filled his ears. Dan had to admit that he formed some-what of a crush on the lead singer, Phil Lester. Phil’s beautiful voice was always there with reassuring lyrics. During the concert, Dan and PJ managed to shove their way to the front. Dan looked up at Phil and was memorized by his beauty. He looked even better in real life.

Phil looked down and locked eyes with Dan. He smirked and winked and Dan swore his heart skipped a beat.

Through out the concert, Dan and Phil kept meeting eyes and every time Dan looked down to hide his blush. Dan swore he almost passed out when Phil touched his hand. A tingling sensation went through Dan’s hand and all the way to his body. 

Dan was leaning against the stage and had his hand held in front of him when Phil bent down and grabbed it.

Dan put his hands to his chest to help slow down his breathing. This couldn’t be possible, could it?

“PJ?” Dan shouted across the flat, waiting from a reply. He picked up his phone to see it was only 9:36 am. He knew PJ wouldn’t be up but this couldn’t wait. Dan pulled his bed covers off and slipped a pair of trackies on before making his way to PJ’s room.

Dan knocked on the door before opening it. He walked over to the bed and sat next to a growing PJ.

“Go away” PJ mumbled, pulling his sheets over his head.

“PJ this is important” Dan said pulling his covers from his head.

“Well it can wait till breakfast-” PJ was cut off by Dan shouting “ I can see in colour!” PJ sat up straight and looked Dan in the eyes.

“What? How? Wait, who?” PJ stuttered.

“Well the thing is we were at a concert. It could have been anyone. But my mum said that when you meet your soulmate you go all tingly. Well that happened last night… when i touched when I touched Phil…” Dan said blushing.

“Wait, you’re telling me that your soulmate is the guy you have drooled over for the past two years? Phil- fucking- Lester! Dude, this is amazing!” PJ exclaimed, wide eyed.

“Yes but Phil Lester is a famous singer. I am just boring Dan Howell. Even though we are soulmates, he doesn’t know me” Dan said sadly.

“Dan, yes Phil is famous but he is your soulmate. He is ment to be your lover for the rest of your life! If you got that tingly feeling, then he would have as well. He doesn’t know who you are but you know who he is. There are ways to contact him” PJ shouted.

“Yeah but how?” Dan asked. He knew he had to contact Phil.

“We will tweet him. I mean, he just started seeing in colour. He is gonna be on the look out for his souldmate, right?” He reached for his laptop. Dan nodded and watched as PJ brought twitter up. He typed something out and turned it around to show him the screen.

@AmazingPhil This is my friend. look familiar? ;)

Dan scrolled down to see the attached image. It was a picture of him from a couple of weeks ago.

“Thanks dude” He said, pulling PJ into a hug. They pulled away when PJ’s laptop made a noise,

@KickthePJ very! seems I can see in colour now!

@AmazingPhil @Danisnotonfire is the one this belongs to.

PJ pressed tweet and smirked at Dan. “You’re welcome” He said before closing his laptop and throwing it to the end of his bed. He lay back down and pulled his covers back over his head. “Now get out” He mumbled. Dan got up and walked back to his room. He picked his phone up as he sat on his bed. Dan turned his phone on the see his notifications that read;

@AmazingPhil followed you.

Message from @AmazingPhil 

Dan smiled to himself as he unlocked his phone. He went strait to his messages.

Hi your friend PJ, is it? tweeted me saying this was where I could contact you :3- P

Dan clicked the reply button and typed.

Hey, Yeah that was him. so… we’re soulmates huh? - D

Within seconds Dan got a reply

Yeah I guess were are. so ur a fan of my music then? ;)- P

Nah, i have no idea who you are ;p no srsly i love ur music! :3- D

Hahaa, would have never of guessed :p- P

yep, u guys guys helped me through a lot really…- D

really? like what? if u dont mind me asking?- P

its fine ur my soulmate after all. uni dropout- D

oh wow. well, im glad to have helped :)- P

Yes u did- D

so Dan would u like to meet for coffee? - P

Dan stared at the message for what felt like hours. Phil. Phil- fucking- Lester wanted to meet up with him.

uh sure. where?- D

today? 1 ish? Starbucks?- P

sure. can’t wait! <3- D

Dan replied only to realise what he had send moments after.

see u there <3 xx

He sighed in relief to see Phil wasn’t freaked out.


Around 12, Dan decided to take a quick shower. After he was done he spent way to long according to PJ, choosing his outfit. Deciding on black skinny jeans and a black tee. Dan straightened his hair and was out the door, walking to Starbucks at 12:48.

When he finally arrived he looked in the window to see a nervous yet attractive Phil. Dan walked slowly over to the door and opened it. He made his way over to Phil and stood behind him.

“Is this seat taken?” Dan asked, laughing when a small squeal came from Phil. He turned around and blushed when he saw it was Dan.

“That was mean” Phil fake pouted. Dan sat down in the seat next to him. He turned his head to look at Phil, almost bumping their heads from how close they were.

“Hi” Dan whispered. 

“HI” Phil smiled back.

5 Years later

Phil was never usually this nervous when it came to preforming, but it’s not like he proposes every time he does. Dan noticed how nervous Phil seemed and gave him a hug. “Don’t look so nervous. You have done this many times before. You’ll be great as always” He said giving Phil a kiss before pulling him towards the stage. “Good luck. I love you!” Dan shouted as Phil walked on stage.

The concerts went by as per usual. After singing the last song, Phil was shaking from nerves. “Before we leave tonight their is something I want to do. Dan will you come out here a sec?” Phil extended his hand and waited as Dan walked onto the stage and took his hand. “ As you all know this is my soulmate Dan. Me and Dan have been together for a long time and I want to be with him forever more. Dan, I love you so fucking much and it would make me the happiest person alive if you would do me the honour in becoming my husband. Will you marry me?” Phil got down on one knee and pulled the small black box from his pocket. 

Dan’s hands flew to his mouth as tears fell from his eyes. He quickly nodded and Phil slipped the black ring onto his finger. He stood up to be tackled in a hug by a crying Dan. “ I love you” Dan sniffed.

“I love you too” Phil smiled.

And all your friends and sedatives, mean well but make it worse. Every reassurance just magnifies the doubt, better find yourself a place to level out…
—  ~ Conor Oberst in “If The Brakeman Turns My Way,” from the Bright Eyes album Cassadaga