PLL preferences - The grand gesture they do to ask you out.

Jason would take you out of town for the date. He would tell you you’d go on a roadtrip with his best friend, but on the trip he would tell you he wants to take you on a date

He would first send you flowers, then later he would send you your favorite book and in the end there is a note asking you on a date

Aria would write an article about you in the local paper and for some reason she succesfully manages to ask you on a date in that same article.

Toby writes you a beautiful song and asks you out on a date after the song.

Caleb would be standing outside your window with a boombox blasting your favorite song.

Hanna would make a special dress for you and in one of the pockets inside there is a note where she asks you on a date.

Wren would make you dress up as Snow White and kiss you awake. No reaspon behind whatsoever, but it’s really cute and secretly fills your needs for a fairytale ending.

Emily would take pictures of her making the word date in the water with her body and she would give them to you. Which you find adorable.

Noel would ask you out at prom, when you become king and queen.

Mike would gets Aria help and they come up with the cutest list with 20 reasons why he likes you.

She would ask you out in front of the whole school. To show you that you can be loved and she actually gets flustered herself.

Alison would ask you out simply through a text, but she also makes it ten times more special by making your first date one to never forget. She also leaves a miniature black Limo in front of your house and if you open the door it starts playing the song you and her both like.

Spencer and you would be laying on her bed when you suddenly gives you a box of choclates and this adorable little stuffed animal. Then she asks you out.