so my dad’s girlfriend’s step-something-daughter who is 14 saw some of the larry posted on my blog and looked so incredibly scandalized that I had to show her reasonswhylarrystylinsonisreal’s masterpost and she just sat there reading and gasping and laughing and oh, is that harry styles nudes? and then she just got up and looked at me completely offended and saID

nO harry IS NOT GAY


and then she walked out, repeating GOOD FRIENDS they are just VERY GOOD FRIENDS 

it was as if I’d just told her that santa clause, the easter bunny and the tooth fairy wasn’t real all in one 

Follow Me - The strangest fanfic I've ever written

Pairing: Seana/Pringles

Rated: W for weird

Summary: Seana loves Pringles, and all she wants is for Pringles to notice her. Pringles loves Seana too, but is too afraid to admit it and constantly falls for peer pressure from Lays and Doritos. 

AN: I’m sorry if this is offensive and creepy and overall just weird. But I saw the tension between these two on Twitter and a ship was formed, and we all know that ships need fanfics.

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So a few gifs from this video has been posted around, but somehow I happened upon the link to it (thank you to whoever posted it or sent it to me). Is it just me or does Harry seem upset? Maybe he’s just tired, but I feel like him and Louis seem a bit awkward. This is definitely my favorite song off the album. So beautiful. 

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Hey, dear. If it isn't too much to ask, I was wondering what are your favorite Larry blogs. I need some more to follow. :) Thanks, dear!

Ohh there are so many but the first few that come to mind are reasonswhylarrystylinsonisreal, merrylarry-christmas, hangersgointhecloset, stylinstopit, merryratchetlarry, larrystylinsmut, iwont-pee-on-everything-larry, monitchka, and so many more omg :)
Reasons Why Larry Stylinson Is Real P. 1

AKA Every Larry Moment Ever I would like&If I may&To take you on a strange journey& I mean, no&well, kind of. Okay guys, time to get comfy, because this is going to be an extremely long, in depth…

for new Larry shippers this is incredibly good, it was my guide book into this fandom. I still use it if I want to look back at a certain larry moment, really really good

This is getting ridiculous. He’s a human being, just like all of us. Of course he’s gonna be upset if people keep interfering with his personal life. Shipping celebs is okay as long as you don’t harass them with that kind of questions. Who do you think you are to tell someone what their sexual orientation is? That kind of stuff is private.

I don’t usually like to get involved in fandom wars but people are going too far.