• ZAYN ft Taylor Swift - I Don’t Wanna Live Forever
  • Shawn Mendes - Mercy
  • Steve Aoki ft Louis Tomlinson - Just Hold On
  • Niall Horan - This Town
  • Lady Gaga - Millon Reasons
  • Ed Sheeran - Shape of You

like if you save 

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Canciones q me recomiendes?

Lady Gaga - Million Reasons

Ed Sheeran - Perfect

Bruno Mars - Versace On The Floor

Rihanna - Kiss it Better

The Weeknd - I Feel it Coming

Danny Ocean - Me Rehúso

CNCO - Tan Fácil

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Don't know why people care to look into his reasonsings supporting charity cases from people who would otherwise get ignored. Did we all forget him spam promoting Amber's album?

Who the hell is Amber?

I’m going to start 13 reasonsing people as a way to be poetically passive aggressive

“13 Reasons Why I didn’t come to that party”

“13 Reasons Why I’m not cleaning up after you anymore”

“13 Reasons Why I left that poop in the toilet for you to find”

SnK Chapter 89 Poll Results

This poll closed with 770 entries. It was a lot to go through, but I appreciate the all the support. The poll was posted on Reddit and Tumblr, so I’m hopeful it’s a solid snapshot of how the fandom views the events of chapter 89.

What happened on the roof was too significant a moment for the characters to be completely unchanged by it. Anger, trust issues, grief were cited as factors. Interesting, many people saw the change as a potential positive.

My favorite positive comment:

Change, yes, but not necessarily damage.  Their relationships will grow from this just as they have through every other  arc.

This comment made me nod my head solemnly: 

I REALLY hope so. I hated the serumbowl,  but if it happened it might as well have some meaning and not have all the  drama be just outta the moment. I wanna believe the characters have a say in  where the story goes, and it’s not just convenient so the plot can move to  where Isayama wants to. 

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Clarke has always been on the left ... (Well our left on screen watching) for all the Clexa kisses, except for the finale she was on the right. Just thought it was interesting and wonder if it was planned where they would be

I definitely noticed it. And I am use to seeing Clarke primarily on the left and Lexa on the right; however, if you think about it…there have been a lot of times in the show where Lexa is on the left. (now, this is from my memory so I may have forgotten a few, but you get the point) Lexa is on the left in 2x08 when Clarke is pleading for Finn’s life, 2x09 when Clarke proves that it was Gustus that poisoned the bottle, 2x10 when they crawl through the drain and when Clarke shoots Pauna and then the scene after they escape Pauna, 2x13 when Lexa goes back for Clarke when they are behind the rock and when she speaks to the people of TonDC, 2x14 when Lexa gets up from bed and when they are marching to Mt. Weather, 2x15 when Lexa is betraying Clarke, 3x02 the Clexa reunion, 3x03 the knife to throat scene, 3x04 when Lexa is telling Clarke about nightblood and when Lexa saw Clarke before fighting Roan and when she visited Clarke at night, 3x05 when Lexa declared ‘blood must not have blood’, 3x06 when she confronts Clarke about banishing Emerson, 3x07 when she is inviting Clarke to stay in Polis. So, you see there are a lot of other times in the show that Lexa is on the left. Therefore, this isn’t the biggest reason why the Clexa interaction seemed ‘off’. I am glad that they kept the camera angles of it being an ‘up angle’ shot when viewing Lexa and a ‘down angle’ shot when we are viewing Clarke. That helped things feel a little more ‘normal’. 

Now, we all felt how ‘off’ the Clexa scenes where and it wasn’t solely due to the crappy ADR. As I mentioned in my periscope, reading the script posted made me a little pissed off that even in the Clexa reunion we were robbed of ‘true’ Clexa interactions. However, thinking back on it and analyzing I have come to accept that it doesn’t completely take away from Clexa in the finale. This does help me accept why the Clexa interactions were a little off. 

 CoL!Lexa was the embodiment of the Spirits of the Commanders; however, it was Lexa that was the predominant consciousness manifested and that was interacting with Clarke. However, Lexa merged with the previous Commanders fully once she died and there was no longer a barrier for her understanding the previous commanders. The previous barrier, when she had a human body, was that there was no virtual reality platform for Lexa to communicate with the previous commanders. She had to interpret what they were telling her with vague visions and feelings. Now that her consciousness is now merged and uploaded with the Flame, she has become enlightened and ‘one with’ the previous commanders – she now knows what they know due to this direct merge and link. She knows about firewalls, ALIE, uploads, etc. due Becca’s consciousness being uploaded and stored on the Flame. Now, let’s be clear, it was still Lexa that Clarke interacted with. Lexa’s consciousness was still there, but she now knows more due to the direct upload and link to the Flame. This is kinda like how Raven knew more things due to merging with ALIE. Lexa was still Lexa, but she was also connected to the other Commander’s consciousnesses. Side note: on Lexa’s swords in the City of Light there are two Flame chips in the hilt of the sword – the Flame will protect. She was the embodiment needed to save Clarke – she is a warrior – and the one that Clarke emotionally needed. “It will know our wants and needs because they’re its wants and needs.” (x)

The consciousness that is predominant and therefore embodied is the consciousness that is needed at the most at the time. The consciousness whose memories need to be more readily access in the Flame. Lexa was embodied because she is a warrior that has a emotional connection with Clarke. Clarke needed the emotional connection and Lexa protecting her in the City of Light. When the Flame was attached to Clarke’s consciousness, it saw how much she emotionally needed Lexa and it brought Clarke comfort by accessing Lexa’s consciousness and processing her embodiment. However, when Clarke walked into the vault, it was Becca that she saw. It is Becca’s consciousness that knew exactly what needed to be done to win against ALIE. Becca’s memories and knowledge was needed in this moments rather than Lexa’s. If you read my Season 4 theory, that is why Becca is spirit who is embodied in the hologram and not Lexa’s. They need Becca and her knowledge about how to make the serum over Lexa’s embodiment and her knowledge. 

In conclusion, it should be noted that it was STILL Lexa in the City of Light, but she had merged with the other spirits and that is why Lexa seemed a little ‘off’. Clarke interacted and kissed Lexa…NOT the other Commanders.  It didn’t help that they shot Lexa on the left rather than the right. The best reasonsings why Clexa seemed off in the finale was due to Lexa being merged with the other Commanders, crappy ADR (should have left the ‘ily’ out tbh), and the rushing of scenes. P.s. I think the kiss could have had a little more compassion and longing behind it. I just want to make sure people know that me analyzing this it was still Lexa that Clarke kiss and interacted with. Lexa’s consciousness was also connected with the previous Commanders so she knew more things. 

Restrictions may "cramp" but are needed

Hey all, we’ve gotten some input from you guys saying that the criteria is restricting your ability to design the shirts. Basically we made most of these restrictions to abide by the print shops rules and RMCAD’s marketing department.

Here are the rules and our reasons for each:

[RMCAD logo must be included in design]

This shirt is representing our school which is the point of the contest. Our logo is our brand and it’s what shows this isn’t just a design from an art school it’s a design from RMCAD

[RMCAD logo must remain the same]

For marketing reasons the logo has to stay the same for RMCAD’s branding. You don’t have to make it the main focus of the design but it needs to be put in there without modification.

[One Color Design]

This is for printing reasons, to make the shirts as low cost as possible for us as well as the students we need to keep the design’s complexity to a minimum.

[Design can be no larger than 14x16 inches]

Again, for printing reasons

[Avoid fine lines which will be difficult to print (smaller than 1pt)]

Printing guidleline given to us by the print shop

[One location, front or back. No sleeve or side prints.]

again this is to keep the price as low as possible, we’re only going to print one side of the shirts (sleeve and sides are pretty costly)