anonymous asked:

What is your favorite X-files episode ever?


I mean, let’s be honest. There are many many great, and some even perfect episodes, in the 10 Season, but! The X-Files owns my ass since I watched the Pilot. I can not count how many times I’ve watched it since, but it would be an embarrassingly high number.  It means so much to me, cause it changed me. I’m a different person because that episode made me fell in love with the show. Also, I think the only reason why I feel in love with Dana Scully before Fox Mulder did, is that I’ve seen her walking into the FBI building while Mulder was sitting in the basement…     

Little me was obsessed with Dana Scully and everything she stands for. Older me’s role model is Gillian Anderson! We got lucky. 23 years ago, Gillian Anderson got the part of Dana Scully who became a hero for generations of women. Now, Gillian Anderson is also a hero for generations of women. And I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this journey. So yeah, the Pilot has to be my favourite episode’cause of everything it represents for me.👽😃

+ I really do believe, that it is one of the best Pilots ever, in the history of TV.