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Hii, I'm the girl who asked for the match-up earlier, can I ask for an imagine? RFA (speacially Zen and Jumin) reacting to MC having a "self-esteem crisis" (bc she got a really low self-esteem and hates her own body for not being skinny and attractive like the other girls)?

Thank you for your request~!
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Reaction to MC having a ‘self-esteem’ crisis and mental breakdown

Zen: He would honestly start freaking out alongside you trying to figure out what to do but in the end he pulls you into a big hug and tells you how he loves you for who you are. He isn’t dating those ‘other’ girls right now, he’s dating you and he loves every little bit of you even if you hate it. He’ll always love you. He doesn’t compliment you every day for nothing!

Yoosung: He would be at a complete loss in knowing what to do. He’s never gone through anything similar and he’s never witnessed anything like this. He tries properly understand what you’re saying and when he understands even a tiny bit, he knows what he has to do. Aimlessly, without a goal, he begins to list the things he loves about you and really tries his best to comfort you. He doesn’t think it’s working but he keeps doing it, as long as it takes for you to love yourself.

Jaehee: As a fellow woman, she understands the struggles about a body figure and the discriminations towards women about this. In an attempt to comfort you, she begins to tell you stories about her experiences and tell you how she dealt with them. With this, she wants you to find the strength to love yourself and get over what everybody else says or does. She loves you for you and wants you to love you too. (That sentence was just a mess HAHAHA)

Jumin: You can tell by the look on his face what he thinks. “Why are you bothering yourself over such a trivial matter like this?” That’s what he’s thinking but would never say that out loud because he feels like it would hurt you more. He asks you what’s wrong but he immediately realises that he isn’t going to get an answer so he just silently pulls you into a hug and rubs the back of your head. He silently comforts you and maybe later he’ll tell you what he was thinking.

707: Just as if he was reading a speech, he starts to recite all the reasons why you should’t feel this because he loves you too much for you to be sad. He’ll try to make you laugh as a way to distract you and get your mind off everything weighing you down. Then he’ll post the ‘1000 reasons why I love you on the internet’.

V: Would be rubbing your back in order to comfort you and would talk about random things like his day or the pictures he took that day because his voice is unbelievably calming. He would also be talking about the things that make you well… you. You’re you for a reason and that’s what V cares about.

So here’s one reason I love the internet: very occasionally, it makes simple, everyday things so much better for completely random reasons.

For instance, I was listening to the classic rock radio station today, and Dire Straits bade me to “Check out Guitar George, he knows all the chords.”

And I could not stop laughing about goddamn statistical outlier Guitar Georg screwing up the average number of chords that band-members know for the next five minutes straight.

Happy birthday, William Shakespeare!

Image Credit: English playwright and poet William Shakespeare. (Hulton Archive /Getty Images)

Because his writing is better experienced in performance, here’s the late Michael Murray Hordern performing the epilogue of The Tempest, one of Shakespeare’s coolest plays …

… here’s Tom Hiddleston reading a monologue from Twelfth Night …

… aaaand here’s what happens when two dudes randomly decide to perform a scene from Romeo and Juliet on the NYC subway …

And just in case you need it for that vicious mole of nature who cuts you off during rush hour, here’s a Shakespearean insult generator


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Have I posted this yet this year? I DON’T CARE

Isn’t the new Three Musketeers movie not supposed to come out until next month or later this month? Cause I’m about to watch a stream of it…  OH HO HO someone snuck a video camera into the test screening or premier methinks. XD It’s still loading but from the opening it’s a really good quality bootleg. You can still here a few people chattering though… Hopefully they will shut the fuck up during the actual movie. Inconsiderate buggers ruining a perfectly good illegal bootleg.