My head is aching

“You are the reason I feel scared when I am alone, the reason I feel afraid around certain sounds, even smells!“ Jake said in anger. He rushed over to her. He didn’t shake anymore, like the words Elly said gave him strength to stand for himself. “I lost my family because of you!” Jake cried out.

“Oh, but Jakey, you know it was you killing them, not me.” Amy said calmly. Jake said some words in his language. Amy did looked confused to him. “Swear words? really? It’s not the first time you got this ignorant mouth, until I start touching your weak places. You suddenly become a boy.”

Jake’s fist was now covered with green smoke instead of black. He switched spell. The smoke became bigger and bigger with every step he set, until suddenly the people started shooting again. Not at Amy, but Jake.

Beginning | Currently

sitting here losing my mind

been sitting in the same spot for 4 hours now thinking about the same thing over and over

I don’t like the quietness of the house when you’re not here, the ghostly chill I get when I remember your absence, and the fact I’m wasting seconds, minutes, hours just trying to comprehend that I’m the reason you’re not here with me now

I am so alone
and without you I am not whole

I will do what I can to make this up to you

if you’re reading this, I love you and there are no words for how truly sorry I am


Ramblings ll. Angles

Finally able
To shift perspective
Learn the lesson
From her point of view
Feel the pain
First hand
I unknowingly mixed
Before reaching
The intended target
Examining Issues
Of trust
All concern was just
And the consquence of
My actions is ultimately
The reason I am alone

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M!A: Bee is a sparkling for three days

“Hey, now wait just a kl-”

Before he can rebel, his frame and protoform shrink. The sparkling protocols come back online as he onlines optics he never remembered offlining in the first place. He lets out a surprised chirp, swiveling his helm to get a better sense of where he is. Flaring too small doorwings, he flops onto his back with a huff. Whistling, he figures someone will come find him if he makes enough noise. If not, well, there’s a reason nobody left him alone before.

(( I AM ALL ABOUT THIS SLAG YEAH!!!!! M!A will last until Friday, August 21st and will end when I sign off that night! Since it wasn’t specified, the M!A affects all Bees, not just Prime. So yeah, Sparkling!TFA and G1 and Tyran and everyone really. Have fun! ))