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Why Net Neutrality Might Not Die

  • Congress shut it down somewhat recently
  • Fcc is getting backlash on it from other politicians even
  • It would effect Congress as well and some at least know it
  • Large companies are threatening to sue and Congress does not want to deal with that
  • It’s career suicide. They will be remembered for that and good luck keeping your job for long after that
  • It can easily be considered unconstitutional

Let’s Not Panic Until The Vote And Exact Changes Are Definite

Reasons why you should watch Heathers (1988)
  • Shows how society exploits suicide for their own benefit
  • One kickass female protagonist that admits she’s done wrong in the end instead of making excuses for her behavior
  • This movie inspired Mean Girls and Scream Queens
  • A hell of a dark story line for your typical 80s high school movie 
  • Winona Ryder’s sarcasm
  • If a popular student dies, the whole school will notice. If a “nobody” dies, everyone waves it off. 
  • Three Queen Bitches™ that actually struggle with various conflicts in their lives like every other teenage student
  • Accurately portrays how grief of a fellow student’s suicide doesn’t feel genuine
  • Popular female protagonist doesn’t abandon her pre-popularity friendships
  • Chilling parallels (”Great pate, but I gotta motor if I want to get to that party/funeral”)
  • Over exaggerated but still relatively accurate caricature of brutal social hierarchy that’s high school
  • Adults are generally unhelpful when it comes to high school matters 
  • Black comedy that’s so humorous and morbid to the point where it’s sickly hilarious 
  • Portrays the lesson that killing a problem doesn’t always solve it
tony appreciation

can we just appreciate how adorable tony was? idk about everyone else’s opinions but i thought he was so loyal to hannah and so determined to keep secrets it was so aakdjs. and then when he’s like “clay im gay” and they don’t make a big deal out of it, it’s amazing honestly. (also im in love with his style)

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“To bare someone your honest self and true emotions, that’s something I find really difficult to do. I always try to show that I love you all and am thankful, but it’s still extremely difficult. But now, I’ve managed to show a little bit of how I feel here, so…”

Reasons why everyone needs a Thomas Sanders in their life


-NEVER swears
-is adorable af
-has a great sense of humor
-has a voice like an angel
-will watch any Disney movie/musical with you AND sing along to every. single. song. (And you will love it)
-will treat you like a princess/prince
-loves animals
-has great friends
-will love your dog no matter what
-will totally spend the day with you just laying on the grass and watching the birds go by while listening to music
-will take every opportunity to sing you a song
-is just an amazing human being


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Why people in Gotham still live there

1. First there are (for sure) many cheap houses and apartments

2. You will die in an interesting way

3. Living there never gets boring bc there will be always a motherfucker who has the biggest plan to rule the city

4. You can steal easily bc cops don’t give a fuck with that (they are too busy with other stuff like to find out where the green haired creep is)

5. Sexy men and women who gone bad are outside your door

6. You can finally have a nuclear shelter

7. the business like Wayne Enterprise and etc. are really good and have quality (and you can test their safety systems for free)

8. The Samsung galaxy note 7 is one of yours lifesaver

9. You get more holidays/free days bc there is a titan monkey standing front of your school


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A Joker a day keeps your doctors away :D

The signs reasons for getting arrested

aries: killing someone on purpose by accident

taurus: stealing food

gemini: got fed up with stupid people so they bombed everyone

cancer: had an emotional break down and killed everyone in site.

leo: got in a dangerous fight for someone trying to take their pace

virgo: credit card hacking

libra: for killing someone for not telling them they look beautiful

scoprio: the dark side made them do it

sagittarius: illegal car racing

capricorn: killing someone for dissing their fav celeb

aquarius: mass shooting

pisces: killing animals at sea world.


5 Reasons why being an INFJ perfectionist sucks

1) Most of us probably have anxiety because of it. Because we want everything to work out EXACTLY the way we want it to, we imagine every possible way it could fail with our Ni-dom. That can easily get in our way of relaxing, we’re too busy stressing out thinking we need to do whatever we can to avoid those possible failures (or not doing anything when we should because we think failure is inevitable at that point).

2) We hate judgement from others. Anytime someone has something to say about us that isn’t good we self destruct. We thought we were being good and- well, perfect; but we weren’t and now it’s the end of the world. Sometimes we try to feel better by defending ourselves, but that can come across as us being really passive aggressive about being criticized by others.

3) Its one reason why we don’t like people trying to figure us out. If you’ve figured us out, then you know our flaws that we don’t want you to know, so we get super distant and you become at risk for an INFJ door slam only because you got too close too soon for our comfort.

4) It feeds our over thinking. We already live in our heads thanks to Ni-dom, but with being a perfectionist we can be trapped in our heads imagining how we can be better. I find that often times when having conversation I’m stuck thinking about what exactly I should say, but it takes me a long time because nothing seems good enough out loud (most of the time).

5) Ultimately, nothing is ever good enough for us. We always think we can do better than we are, so it’s hard for us to be okay with the end results we have, even if they’re actually really good. It’s hard in friendships/romantic relationships too because we’re always trying to find better and improve the relationship, and that can be very antagonizing/upsetting to our significant other/friends