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I have drawn way more this week than the entire last year. Also I wrote some captions under each pic.

Flowers (E.D)

A/N: My first Ethan Dolan imagine. Ethan is in love with his bestfriend and doesn’t realize until her boyfriend cheats on her that she loves him as well WARNINGS: mentions of abuse, extremely fluffy towards the end

Ethan’s POV

It was a regular Saturday night, Grayson hit the hay earlier since he was up all day editing. I was currently relaxing in our living room, scrolling through twitter on my phone, following a couple of fans and retweeting some stuff. A yawn etched upon my face as I glanced at the clock. 2:34 AM.
I should be getting to bed by now, there was no reason for me to be up, but the constant vibrations radiating from my phone told me otherwise. I exited the twitter app, switching to my messages, eager to see why my bestfriend kept blowing up my phone.

Y/N: Ethan.
Y/N: Ethan I need you.
Y/N: Now. Where are you?
Y/N E, Im scared.

My fingers got to work on a reply, darting across the keyboard quickly. But I wasn’t quick enough since I heard a faint knock against the door. I shoved my phone in my pocket, dashing towards the door. Was it Y/N? Why was she visiting me at 2 AM?

I opened the door and felt as her tiny hands wrapped around my neck, pulling me towards her. Her head rested in between the juncture connecting my shoulder and neck, tears soaking my sweatshirt. Her cries were muffled by how hard she was pressing herself against me. All I heard were the words she repeated: “Ethan..He..Ethan..”

“I’m here. Its okay.” I said as I brung my hand up to her waist, steadily holding her up. I slowly brought her inside while holding her small body delicately. I shut the door quietly and turned to take in her appearance.

She was soaking wet, of course she was. She was outside while it was raining, on the contrary Y/N always did love the rain. She told me countless reasons of why it was so great, I never understood it. How could something so gloomy seem so beautiful to someone. I shouldn’t judge though, it was her perspective of things and I had to respect that. She wore my old hoodie, it engulfed her small body but I found it quite adorable on her.
The truth was that I was in love with Y/N. I had been for a long time. Ever since we were kids. I remembered exactly the moment I fell for her..


“Ethan!” Y/N shouted, skipping along the feilds covered in endless sunflowers and dandelions. My head immediately flew back to the direction my name was being called from. And there she was. She held a flower in her tiny hand, she shot me the cutest grin as she stood on her tippy toes to reach my height. “For you.” She smiled warmly. I took it from her grasp, not even bothering to question why she had given it to me. Y/N was weird like that, but I loved her for it. “You’re not going to ask me why I randomly gave you a flower?” Her voice sounded surprised as she stood up confidently, hands on her hips, sunglasses perched on the bridge of her nose, I simply shook my head and shrugged. “Doesn’t matter.” I replied bluntly. “So it doesn’t matter if it..had a certain meaning to it?” She asked softly as she took a step forward. She pushed her sunglasses back on her head as a small smirk played on her lips. I gulped as my eyes scanned her face. She was extremely gorgeous, Y/N was the type of girl to not care what others thought - she was a free spirit and embraced each and every one of her flaws. I was amazed at how someone could look so beautiful without putting any effort into how they looked. I was pulled out of my daze when Y/N waved a limp hand in my face, “Ethan?” She giggled, tucking her bottom lip under her teeth before flashing me a bright smile. I forced a small smile as I brought my head down to stare at the flower in my hand. “And what meaning would this flower hold?” I finally asked, my eyes darted back up to meet hers. She smiled kindly, “I think that’s for you to figure out on your own.” She turned on her heels, but not before pressing a chaste kiss against my cheek. She left an imprint, the imprint of her pink, cherry lipgloss on my cheek and an imprint on my heart.
That’s when I finally realized, I was in love with my best friend.

I could never admit it though, she was currently dating some guy named James who was partaking in law-school. She would never choose some semi-famous youtuber over that. James was any girl’s dream guy. Perfect hair, perfect smile, perfect job, perfect eyes, I could go on and name every single thing the was so perfect about James Mathews even if it killed me because that’s who Y/N loved. Not me, I had to get that through my head and push back the urge of needing to kiss her every time I saw her.

“Y/N..” I mumbled softly as her sobs grew louder. She slowly but eventually pulled away from our hug, wiping away at the wetness of her eyes. They were bloodshot red, her skin was pale and not the vibrant, sun-kissed glow it usually was. She slouched, she didn’t stand confidently like she always did, shoulders back, chest puffed out. Her usually loose hair was sloppily tied into a bun. The smile that was always stretched upon her face was replaced with a frown, a frown that I couldn’t stand to see.
She yawned softly, bringing her hand up to her lips, her eyes slowly shutting and fluttering open once again looking worse than before. She adjusted her glasses, the ones she didn’t even need to wear because her vision was perfect but she thought they were cute so she wore them anyways. And of course she was right, they were cute. On her.

“Tell me. What happened?” I asked softly as I led her back to my couch. I sat down and folded my hands together waiting for a reply patiently, even though I just wanted to stand up, grab her by her shoulders and shake her yelling: “Who did this to you?! Why would someone do this to you?!” But I knew I couldn’t. Damn..I couldn’t do a lot of things I wanted to do.

Sitting down onto my couch, Y/N buried herself into my sweatshirt, inhaling the familiar scent of my cologne as she brought her knees up to her chest snuggly. She opened her mouth, hesitating to speak before shutting it again.
She wiped the tears that were still gliding down her cheek and sighed. It was amazing, she’s been crying so much, it was amazing how she still even had energy left to cry.

“James. He..I caught him cheating..” Y/N breathed. I felt instantly angered. My blood was boiling. So, Mr. perfect wasn’t so perfect after all?
I couldn’t even consider that fact that Y/N was now single and find joy in that because my whole body was overcame with anger and frustration. They were dating for 4 years now, who knows how many times Mr. Perfect had been cheating on her. Poor, innocent Y/N. All she did was love him, she asked for nothing else but for love in return. And what’d she get? A cheating scumbag, that’s what. And a broken heart..

My fists balled up and I felt the heat rising on my face. She delicately placed her hand on mine and I slowly lifted up my head to face her. “I’m not done..”
“He hit me.”

I immediately jumped up from my previous position, faster than the speed of light and stormed towards the door. I fumbled with the lock before Y/N rushed over to me, hands flying at my biceps in an attempt to hold me back. “Ethan! Wait!” She yelled, tears streaming down her face. She placed her hand on my arm and winced as I turned around.

Was she..was she scared of me? Actually scared? Of ME? Her bestfriend since childhood?

“Y/’re not scared of me..are you..?” I asked, as my hand fell back from the door knob limply. I’d never lay a hand on her, ever. I thought she knew this? Actually I didn’t think she’d even consider it..
“No, I’m not, not of you.” She said confidently. How could she be so confident, while tears were still streaming down her beautiful face?I was surprised she had any tears left to be honest.
“I’m scared of him.” She said solemnly. I flinched. She was scared of him. Her ex boyfriend of 4 years, she’s scared of him.

“What the fuck did he do to you?” I asked as calmly as I could’ve, I could literally feel the vain pumping on my forehead as I inhaled a deep breath. “Just..sit down E, I dont want you doing anything crazy.” Y/N grabbed my hand and led me towards the couch. I sighed as I took a seat besides her. She gripped my hand tightly, exhaling a deep breath. “He’s been cheating on me for a while now. I found out 3 days ago, when I did, I slapped him and told him to get out of my apartment. Then he..he hit me, he’s been hitting me ever since. I slapped him back a couple of times, it’s a habit.” She explained, I mentally rolled my eyes. Of course she’d hit back. Y/N wasn’t one to be messed with, no, she fought back. I remember when my ex girlfriend slapped me because she thought I was cheating on her with Y/N and let me tell you, Y/N gave her a piece of her mind and my ex never brought up cheating. Well not until I found her cheating on me..but that’s another story.

She sighed. “That only made him hit back harder. Thats how I got this.” She pointed to a bruise under her right eye, I didn’t even notice it..
I grabbed Y/N by her waist gently and pulled her over towards me, I gently cupped her cheeks and angled her head so I could get a good look at her bruise.

He fucking punched her. I took a deep breath before gently kissing her forehead. My lips lingered for a bit longer than they should’ve but she didn’t pull away. No. She didn’t even hesitate .

She shuffled back into her seat, still holding my hand. “Today I caught him cheating again but this was with my best friend. Not you of course.” She sniffled with a laugh. I loved that she could still have a sense of humor right now..she was so strong.

“Um it was..Y/BFF/N, remember her?” I nodded and bit my lip to keep myself from going ballistic and saying something I’d probably regret later. “Yeah, I slapped her.” She laughed. “He slapped me and stormed off to a bar or something. I called him told him I was done and..yeah came here.” Y/N sighed.

“Fuck them.” I breathed as I hugged her tightly. She sniffled and softly laughed. “Yeah, fuck them.” She smiled, wiping her eyes. “Ethan..?” She whispered into my ear softly. “Yes, Y/N?” I asked as we pulled away from our hug. “Is that..the flower?” She asked pointing to a framed, old wilted flower that was hung above the fireplace. “How’d you know…?” I asked, getting up to trace my fingers lightly against the edges of picture. “It’s the same exact flower - look it still has the slight tear in one of the wilted petals it had when I gave it to you.” Y/N pointed out as she gently removed the picture from its place on the wall. Her dainty nails played with the glass that covered the flower, shielding it from the dangers of the world. I focused on how she smiled softly, head lifting back up so her eyes could meet mine. She wiped a tear that had fallen from her left eye as she shook her head, setting it back onto the coffee table as she turned to grab her phone that laid carelessly on the couch. “Wait, where are you going?” I asked as I reached to grasp her hand. She retracted it away from me and stifled a cry. “Y/N what’s wrong?” I asked softly. “You still haven’t figured it out have you?”
“Figured out what?”

“The meaning of the flower you dummy..” She mumbled walking up to me. “What..?” I gasped as she shook her head. “And you say I’m clueless..” She scoffed. “Ethan, I’m in love with you. I have been ever since we were kids. I only started dating James because I thought you just gave up on us..” Y/N confessed. “Yeah, It was stupid of me to think confessing my feelings through a dumb flower would actually work-”

I cut her off, hands flying up to grasp the sides of her face, at this point I didn’t care anymore. Screw it. Im doing what I want now and no one could tell me otherwise. Our lips melded together as if she was water and I had just finished walking through the hot, dry, desolate, desert. She hummed faintly against me and I pulled away with a soft sucking sound that made Y/N’s cheeks creep towards a light shade of pink. “I’m such an idiot.” I mumbled as I rested my head against hers. “I love you too. I have ever since you gave me that flower. But not to sound rude or anything but I’m so glad James cheated on you.”

5 Years later:


I stood in front of our mirror, my dress swung from side to side as I stood on my heels, spinning around a few times to get a good look at it. Today was the day I was going to break the news to Ethan. We’ve been together for 5 years now, Ethan proposed about a week ago and our lives couldn’t get any better. Well, after my news Im sure it would. I placed a hand onto my stomach lovingly and smiled. “Hey baby, tonight we’re telling daddy about what a miracle we’ve made together.” I whispered. I smiled and turned to the door, my hand reaching out to grasp the knob before someone opened it before me. “Here! I got them!” Grayson gasped, extending his arm out towards me. I giggled as I took the daffodils from his grasp, “thank you Gray.” I smiled and pecked his cheek before he collapsed onto Ethan and I’s bed. “You should’ve told me sooner so I didn’t have to practically run to the flower boutique.” Grayson huffed as I applied a bit of lipstick. “Im sorry Gray,” I giggled. “The idea just came to me.”

“Well go tell him already! He’s in the kitchen.” Grayson waved his hand towards the door limply before his eyes fell shut. I laughed at his exhaustion before making my way into Ethan and I’s shared kitchen. “Hey princess.” He smiled as he wrapped bis muscular arms around my waist. “What’re those for?” He asked with an eyebrow raised, gesturing towards the bouquet of flowers in my hand. I smiled and handed them to him. “For you.”
He raised both of his eyebrows this time before looking at me questionably. “Baby, do you know what daffodils stand for?” I asked softly as I wrapped my arms around his torso. “No, what do they stand for?” Ethan asked cluelessly. “They stand for birth, new beginnings and unrequited love.” I explained, a smile growing on my face as each word left my lips.

“ beginnings..” Ethan muttered to himself before gasping loudly. He dropped down to his knees and softly pressed his large hands against my stomach. “You’re..pregnant?” He breathed as I nodded. “Oh my’re pregnant!” He exclaimed as he lifted up my dress to pepper my exposed stomach with soft kisses. “I’m going to be dad!” He cried, tears streaming down his cheeks. “And a hell of a good one at that.” I smiled softly as I wiped at his tears with my thumb softly. “We’re framing this.” Ethan gestured towards the bouquet of flowers laying carelessly on the tiled kitchen floor. “Of course we are.”

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i'm rly sorry for butting in but abt ur haechan stans getting hate post ! u should expose their blog url anyway,, they shouldn't be dealt with a light hand considering that they are being quite cruel going around sending hate to innocent stans :/

you’re right! so, i will put this all under a read more since it’s a long long post.

the thing is, they’ve since deleted their blog or changed it’s url. the anon that’s going around used to go by the username ‘momorinzxc’. i’ll show you how i know under the cut. but since, they’ve been going around harassing users on anon, the best way to completely block messages from them is to do this:

there’s an option on tumblr that allows you to block the ip address of the anonymous user, which should disable them from completely messaging you at all. even on anon.

trigger/content warning!: mentions of situations where minors are sexualized

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If Leonard had met Amy first: Part 2

Amy had just had one of the best days in her life. She definitely wanted to see Leonard again, only if she was being honest. Amy did not want to see him again because she liked him. She wanted to see him again because she found his lanky room mate delightful. It was not that Leonard was a bad guy. He just did not float her boat.

Leonard has very appealing qualities but there were things about him that disturbed Amy. All day long he had kept making snide comments to his room mate . Whom was just being a good tour guide. Amy just did not understand his humor she had to keep asking him if he was joking or not.

“Don’t mind him Amy. My roommate thinks he is funny. I just don’t see it.” Sheldon had told her after the fourth time she had to clarify something with Leonard .

Now Sheldon he was truly a fascinating man, so accomplished. The whole time at the museum he had talked her ear off. Usually Amy would have found his constant jabbering annoying. With other people she had a low threshold for how much talk she could take. Yet with Dr.Cooper everything he said was intelligent and interesting she found herself hanging on his every word. Then he had started on a topic that left her throughly confused. They were looking at a display of the Arctic and said:

“You know some penguins mate for life. They meet that one penguin and that is that.” Amy’s heart started thudding in her chest. Was he saying that he had found her and now they should pair bond? The whole walk around the museum she had felt something between them. Like an unseen force, an invisible tether drawing her to him. It was confusing she had never felt that way about a boy. Also she was here for Leonard, Sheldon was just tagging along.

“Yes, not only penguins but the Lar gibbon is one of the only primate examples of monogamy, Lar gibbons have long been documented living in close-knit families. The coupled male and female will spend time grooming each other and hanging out together in the trees.”

“You talk about monkeys a lot.”

“I love monkeys I find them very intriguing. Plus a lot of my research stems around primates and their brains.”

“When I was devising my friendship algorithm liking monkeys was a must.”

“What is that?”

“Just an algorithm I devised for making new friends. Something I sometimes struggle with. Anyway getting back to the topic at hand. I don’t date. I don’t have the time between all my research. If I were to date that seems like it would be the best arrangement. Find one person you enjoy and stick with them. Less risk for germ transfer and disease. If you know where that one person has been.” Her stomach drops he does not date. Well neither does she really she finds the practice tedious. However she can’t help but feel that nothing would be tedious with Sheldon around.

“It would be most efficient to find one person and just stick with . My mother forces me to go on one date a year. The process of finding a date and then going on the date takes up far to much of my precious time.”

“If you found one person to date then your mother would relinquish you from your agreement?” He asks.


“Then maybe you should find just one person to date.” He says smiling at her before walking to the next exhibit.

What did he mean by that? Amy had reduced it down to three options. Option A the most favorable: he found her desirable and wanted to date her. Option 2: he thought that her arrangement with Leonard should continue. Option 3: the worst he was just giving her sound general advice with no hidden meaning at all. Even if he was speaking about him and her dating. How could she do that to Leonard? Sure she did not feel a connection to him but he was kind and he did not deserve to be ditched.

Amy wishes she had a friend that she could talk to about this. If she called her mother and told her that she was torn between two men she would accuse her of being a hussy. Amy wishes she could talk to that girl Penny again. Amy could tell her that she thought perhaps she had found her Romeo. For embarking this love affair was just as star crossed. Perhaps if she loitered in the lobby of the building she could catch her again and ask her advice. Penny knew both of the guys even being a prior paramour to Leonard. Maybe she would have some insight on how to untangle this web.

Amy knows that seeking out Penny is not a real option. That Leonard would not be calling her again. That calling Leonard for the sole purpose of seeing his room mate again was crossing some invisible boundary. Amy would just have to chalk up her afternoon to one magical encounter never to be repeated. As she resigns herself to the fact her phone buzzes she looks down at it and does not recognize the number. With some trepidation she answers it.

“Hello, may I speak with Amy Farrah Fowler?” She hears Sheldon’s unmistakable voice ask.

“Speaking.” She says curious as to his business.

“Hello, Amy this is Sheldon Cooper we met today when you went on a date with my room mate Leonard.”

“Yes, I remember you.”
“Amy I regret to inform you that my room mate Leonard has no further desire to see you any more.” Amy gulps swallowing back an angry diatribe. Here she was feeling sorry for the little sad sack and he did not even have the decency to tell her that himself.

“Well thank you for informing me Good bye..” She says wanting to slam the phone down but she controls her temper.

“Wait!” She says desperately before she hangs up. “Are you still there?”

“Yes.” She says curtly.

“Leonard may not want to further his relationship with you. However I see no reason why we can not continue to communicate with each other. “

“I am not sure I follow you.”

“I don’t just go around showing my brain scans to every woman who darkens my door. It is rare that I meet someone who I find to be as intellectually stimulating as myself.”

“Are you saying YOU want to date me.”

“Date? Heavens no, Sheldon Cooper does not date. I am merely suggesting that we should further our communications with each other. Like are you on any social media websites? I myself am on Twitter , Facebook, and Instagram.”

“Yes, I have those though I must admit I don’t use them often. It is mostly for networking at the university. One must keep up with the times.”

“Great, I just sent you requests . Now I must be going, I look forward to hearing from you.”

“Good bye Dr.Cooper.”

“Good bye Dr. Fowler.”


Penny was curious. When Penny got curious Penny got nosy. It had been weeks and she had not seen Leonards new friend. Nor had he mentioned her. She wanted to ask what had happened .Amy seemed like the perfect match for him. Finally her curiosity got the best of her. It was Chinese food night and she waited until Leonard had left to pick up their order to broach the subject.

“So what’s up with Leonard and this new girl?” She asks and Howard and Raj look at her confused while Sheldon stares dreamily at his phone.
“Excuse me Leonards new what?” Howard asks.

“New girl, I met her on the stairs a couple weeks ago. She had dark hair and glasses. I liked her a lot , she seemed like the perfect match for him.” Penny says and Raj whispers in Howard’s ear and sniggers.

“Oh that new girl.” Howard laughs. “See the thing is Leonards new girl is kind of Sheldon’s new girl now.”

“What wait?” Penny squeals. “Sheldon stole Leonards girlfriend?” This causes Sheldon to snap his head up from his phone.

“She is not my girlfriend.” He protests. “ And she certainly was never Leonards. “ with hint of anger to his voice.

“Oh yeah? What are you doing right now?” Howard demands looking at his phone.

“Texting Amy. But she is at the dry cleaners and has just made an amusing pun.” He says and Raj whispers into Howard’s ear.

“That’s right.” Howard says to Raj.” Sheldon tell us ,why couldn’t you play Halo last night?”

“I was video chatting Amy. But she had just made a very interesting advancement in her lab. I was curious about the implications it might have.”

“Sheldon how often do you talk to this girl?” Penny asks.

“Well that depends.”

“Depends on what? Sheldon?”

“Depends on all forms of communication. Do you mean how often do I just speak to her? Or how many times a day do we communicate in general?” He asks tilting his head.

“Let’s go with all forms of communication.” Penny says crossing her arms and resting her hand on her chin.

“I usually text her in the morning to say good morning. Then I text her when I get to work. I usually leave her an amusing fact or picture on her twitter and Facebook a few times a day. Then I text her at lunch to make sure she eats because sometimes she works so hard she forgets. Then I text her when I leave work. I usually call or video chat her after dinner. Then I usually send her a good night text. So all in all not that much.” Sheldon says returning his attention to his phone. While Penny stares at him surprised.

“That is not including the times she texts him and he stares at his phone with that dopey smile on his face.” Leonard says walking in after hearing Sheldon’s speech.

“Leonard you are okay with this?” Penny asks.

“Sure, why would I not be?” Leonard says confused as he unpacks the food.

“Because Sheldon kind of took your girl.” Penny says looking between them. “God I never thought I would say that in my life.”

“Amy was never my girl. Amy is Sheldon’s girl all the way through.”

“Yes, Leonard all but forced me into her arms.” He says then when all eyes are on him he coughs and clarifies. “ Figuratively, there is no holding each other. Amy is not my girlfriend.”

“Sheldon I hate to tell you this but this girl is your girlfriend.” Penny tells him.

“No she is not.” He snorts.

“Why not?”

“Because Sheldon Cooper does not date. In order for her to be my girlfriend we would have to date. Amy Farrah Fowler is simply a girl who is my friend. Not my girlfriend.” He says making air quotes and rolling his eyes.

“Sheldon, you can protest all you want. The fact remains that you have a woman in your life that makes you happy. You talk to her every day and you have no interest in dating anyone else.” Leonard tells him.

“That describes your relationship with Penny but you two are no longer an item.”

“Sheldon I know this is none of my business.”

“Whenever you preface a statement with that it usually means you are going to make it your business.” Sheldon sighs.

“Damn straight I am!” Penny says. “Now I know you may be worried about calling her your girlfriend because you think that dating her mean you will have to get… Physical….” Penny says grasping for the right term. “But you don’t have to be physical to be in a relationship.”

“You don’t?”

“No, not at all.”

“Never mind that. I simply don’t have the time for a woman in my life.”

“But you can spend hours skyping with this girl every night?” Leonard asks.

“All I am saying is that spending a little time with this girl. Actual time, not tweeting, or texting, or skype might not be the worst thing in the world.” Penny says shrugging her shoulders.

“Noted. Now if you hens are done clucking about my life I would like to introduce a new topic of conversation.”


The next day as Penny rushes in the building after her shift at the Cheesecake Factory. In the lobby she runs smack into Amy who is just rounding the corner to head up the staircase.

“Excuse me!” Penny says annoyed before recognizing who she ran into. “I mean Hi! Amy! It is Amy right?”

“Yes and you are Penny .” Amy says smiling.

“So are you here for Leonard again?” Penny asks feigning innocence.

“Actually no. Today I am here for Sheldon Cooper. Do you know him too?”

“Oh yes after four years of living across the hall from him I would say I know him pretty well.”

“Actually I am glad I ran into you again Penny. I have been wanting to converse with you again for weeks.” Amy says.


“Yes, It may shock you to know that I do not have many girlfriends to turn to. I was hoping to ask your advice on a matter.”

“Sure ask away.”

“Hypothetically if someone lets call her Freda were to be set up on a date with a man… Let’s call him Fernando. Then when she meets Fernando’s friend Ichabod who He invited along on a date…”

“Let me just say that I have known Fernando and Ichabod for a long time. They are two of the sweetest guys in the world. If I thought that you had hurt Fernando in anyway we would not be speaking right now. However Fernando is fine with it and as far as Ichabod goes… I have never seen him act like this.”

“Like what?”

“Like a smitten kitten Freda!” Penny says elbowing her in the ribs. “Sheldon… I mean Ichabod has never even acted like he noticed girls before. Then you come along and when your name is mentioned he lights up.”

“So you don’t think Freda is being a hussy by switching room mates. I gather from reading ladies fashion magazines the practice is frowned upon.”

“Well it might get a little hairy if you had slept with both of them. I get the feeling that did not happen.”

“No! I would never… I have never…” Amy stutters turning red. “Did you sleep with both of them?”

“What! No.. I mean with Leonard yes… He is a great guy it just did not work out with us.”

“You dated Leonard but you were so nice to me when you thought I was his new paramour.”

“Well, he is also my friend. I just want him to be happy. If he had been happy with you then that would have made me happy. So what brings you here today? Going on a date?”

“Sheldon invited me out to dinner.” Amy tells her.

“I thought he might be doing that soon.” Penny says smiling as they walk up to the door of the guys apartment. “So do you think you have found your Colin Firth this time?” Penny asks.

“No, but I think I may have found my Pierre Curie.” Amy says rapping on the door.

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why did you delete your high roller edit? it's so amazing ahskdzasdagsdf

ahh i don’t even know where to start tbh hahah.. this is probably going to be very long.

this is how i view this situation, feel free to form your own opinion about this.

first of all, the main reason i deleted this video is that the original owner of this video told me to, because i used her footage without her permission.
let me tell you that i checked the used fancam’s description before i uploaded my edit (as always) and back then i didn’t spot any sentence saying that people are not allowed to edit this person’s footage. i don’t know if the admin changed the description by now or if i didn’t see it, but when i looked it up, i didn’t found anything.
the description was written in korean and as you guys know, i can’t read hangul nor speak/understand any korean. honestly speaking, i think people should not expect every single korean culture/kpop/whatever interested person to be able to understand/speak/read the korean language, but that’s my opinion.
anyway, i was worried that the admin may have warned people about not using her content in her (i guess) native language, therefore i asked a friend of mine, who studies the korean language, to check the fanpage’s, the video’s and twitter’s description (and twitter’s latest tweets, sorry but i’m not going to look through idk how many thousand tweets just to find some important information which should actually be on top of a fanpage) for any hints regarding this whole editing topic. she didn’t found any prohibitions.
in my point of view, i don’t get why people don’t want their stuff to be spreaded (w/ credits ofc) since it’s the best form of advertisement for your page BUT nevertheless if you don’t want me to use your stuff, it’s okay. you’re the owner. you have the rights. i’m not an asshole. i will put it down if you tell me to and if there is no other way to solve this problem and come to a compromise. but if you are an admin of a fanpage, make it clear and post it somewhere where everyone should be able to see if they can use your footage or not.

however, the way this person let me know that i should take down my video is the more… relevant part of this story.
when i checked my yt channel today, i noticed that my high roller vid was literally flooded with comments (i really regret not screenshoting them tbh, i’m sorry). the comment section was mainly filled with hatred and rudeness, telling me that i’m a disrespectful *insert prefered insult here* and that i don’t appreciate this fanpage’s hard work.
anyway, the main message of all those comments was: “delete your video”. so i did without hesitating and tbh i regret it but let’s continue:
when i read some comments, i felt really bad, because if you follow me on tumblr for quite a while (or know me in person) you should know that i’m the least likely person to hurt anyone’s feelings intentionally but also stealing somebody’s work on purpose and do not give credit to the original owner.
i’m ok with hate, i don’t care if people don’t appreciate my existence, my sexuality,my looks, simply don’t like me or whatever reason they might have, but people who only see black and white and don’t even raise an eyebrow to look up both positions of a conflict make me sicker than sick. 

after deleting the video i went on twitter and somebody told me that the admin wants to delete all her videos (the person messaging me told me that i’m the reason that she wants to close her yt channel, but the only thing i saw was this tweet down below. i don’t have any other evidence for this statement, because i’m not going to look through all the tweets displaying me as a disrespectful and ungrateful person ).

anyway, another tweet i found was this one:

i don’t know the exact moment the admin posted this comment under my video, maybe because i was still asleep when all this drama happened.
i would love to know the reason why a simple “pls delete it” wasn’t enough. didn’t i delete the video fast enough, because of timezones?
sorry but making a twitter post on your official fanaccount, which btw has over 125k followers (way more than my lame channel), gives me the impression of wanting to drag me down but also setting your followers up against me, just because you didn’t mention that people aren’t allowed to edit your footage and for me this isn’t something that obvious every editor should know, many apologies. 

gotta get some facts right, this is NOT my fault.

i also got accused of being a thief because i “claimed” this fanpage’s footage as my own. where the fuck does this come from. i ALWAYS credit the content i used and my high roller edit wasn’t an exception. the video’s description clearly showed the original video i used for editing, i also put the link right behind the fancam’s name. i didn’t remove the watermark as well.

i am NOT a thief and i never was.

p.s. i found this fancam through another person’s edit.

He Saw (Michael) Requested

Requested by anon - can you do an imagine where you tweet michael to follow you because you’re pregnant with his child bc i just did and im wondering what y’all think his reply would be if he saw it

I think he would respond to the first tweet, I’m not sure that he would really keep going with it, but for the purposes of this story, he does. :)

I open my browser to twitter and read through some of the tweets that had come through while I was at school. Since the boys are on the other side of the world from me right now, all of their tweets usually pop up around 4am and though I wish I could stay awake for that, I have exams and for some weird reason, my mom seems to think that they are more important then the boys. A new tween comes from Michael.

@Michael5SOS: Why can’t I sleep?

I decide to try and be funny and tweet him something.

@Y/T/N: @Michael5SOS You should probably follow me since I’m pregnant with your child

I don’t expect a reply but suddenly the notifications bell on my twitter lights up and my heart races.

@Michael5SOS: @Y/T/N that’s weird…I like weird…boy or girl?

I laugh to myself and figure it’s worth a shot to keep going.

@Y/T/N: @Michael5SOS Boy. I was thinking about naming him Pizza…Your thoughts on this?

When he actually responds I almost fall off my chair.

@Michael5SOS: @Y/T/N a girl after my own heart. When can I dye his hair?

This tweet is sent out then I get a notification that he followed me.

@Y/T/N: @Michael5SOS when he can make his own choices

This is starting to get fun.

@Michael5SOS: @Y/T/N that’s not fair :(

@Y/T/N: @Michael5SOS I’m not entirely convinced that he won’t be born with blue hair

@Michael5SOS: @Y/T/N I’ve accepted this as a possibility and my life is complete

When my browser dinged again, it signaled a DM this time.

M: Thanks for the laugh

Y: Thanks for being you

M: You’re pretty chill for a twitter fan

Y: That’s because I’m usually on tumblr. We are weirder over there but we are all laid back

M: Really? What’s your URL?

Y: I’m not stupid, Michael

M: What?

Y: I’d prefer if you weren’t aware of HOW weird I am 

M: Fine, can I at least have your number?

Y: Smooth

Naturally, I gave him my number. The DMs stopped but a few minutes later, my phone went off from a weird number.

“I have to go to bed but I will text you tomorrow afternoon?” he sent. I saved the number and replied.

“I’m in school until your 2am" 

"I’ll see you then ;) ”

“Night Michael”

“Good afternoon Y/N”

I laid myself backwards on my bed. No one is going to believe this.

So, I’ve held back on expressing my feelings towards Misha for a long, long, long time, solely because I’m honestly terrified of the response I’m inevitably going to get. Before I get into my rant, and it’s probably gonna be long, I just want to say that I know that Misha is a loved and idolized person in this fandom. I know that. I, for the most part, have no problem with people who love Misha or look up to Misha; if you feel that way about him, that’s great. Keep doing it. I just want to explain why I feel the way I do about him and justify those feelings in a mature, civil way. I don’t want to come across as mean or cruel because I’m not that type of person. I don’t like drama, I don’t want to start drama or make anyone hate me. I’m just another person with another opinion about a celebrity that tons of people love.

So here goes.

I don’t like Misha. Now, I know everyone’s probably thinking, “What?! How could you not like Misha, he’s a great person and he cares about his fans, etc etc.” But I’m not just saying I don’t like Misha and then not justifying why. I have many reasons for feeling this way and you can disagree or hate me all you want but that will not change my opinion of him nor should it change YOUR opinion of him or of me.

I feel like Misha doesn’t have a filter. He just says whatever he wants all the time with no regard for how unprofessional it makes him look or how offensive it might be. If you follow him on Twitter, you’ll notice that the majority of his tweets are sarcastic and even though he’s most likely joking, a lot of the things he “jokes” about are not funny and should not be used humorously. His sense of humor is very crude and while some people find that amusing, I do not. It’s irritating and insulting and it gets tiresome because he’s always like that. No matter if he’s on set or on Twitter or at a professional work event. There are certain times and places to make inappropriate comments, like, for instance, when you’re hanging out with friends privately. You don’t make jokes about sleeping with your coworker and friend’s wife at a public event in front of hundreds of people and thousands more on the Internet. People can argue “it was just a joke, Jared laughed” all you want, and that’s true. Maybe that kind of thing doesn’t bother Jared, but you still don’t make jokes like that in public, at a work event, no less. It’s extremely unprofessional.

Now, that was just one instance of that. There are countless other times where he’s made inappropriate comments at inappropriate times, and the thing that bothers me most about it is that no onecalls him out on it. Like when he encouraged those two complete strangers that were cosplaying Dean and Cas to kiss onstage at a convention. Obviously they didn’t have to kiss if they really didn’t want to but I’m sure they felt pressured to because it was Misha telling them to do it and they were in front of all those people. But the point is that you do not do things like that. Ever. And he’s always giving people false hope about Destiel when he knows good and well that it is never going to happen.

He just never gets hate for the things he says or does, when if it was Jensen or Jared making that same comment, they would get attacked and hated on for weeks. People have come to expect Misha to be crude all the time, and their excuse for being okay with it is “Oh, it’s just Misha, that’s how he is.” That is such a crap defense. You can’t excuse someone’s behavior because it’s just “how they act.” That’s not okay for any person or any celebrity, Misha included.

The amount of times I’ve seen people laugh at things Misha does and then attack Jared for doing something much less offensive is actually comical. Jared makes one little comment that’s not even necessarily wrong or bad and people twist it around and put words in his mouth and blame him for things and hate on him for essentially no reason. The most obvious example of this was Jared’s comment at NerdHQ and I’m not really going to get into that because it’s a different matter, but Jared said nothing wrong, yet people jumped on him because they’re just waiting for him to screw up. And believe me, if Jared said something truly offensive, I wouldn’t defend him just because I love him, I would realize he made a mistake, because he’s HUMAN, and humans make mistakes, and then I would move on. But this time Jared didn’t say anything wrong so I’m going to defend him no matter what other people say.

And of course there’s the whole issue of Jensen basically saying Destiel will never happen (because it won’t and he was just being honest) and saying him and Misha don’t play that, and him getting called homophobic. Like it’s actually baffling to me how willing people are to turn on people they claim to love and make ridiculous and false accusations because he said something they didn’t want to hear.

But Misha got no slack whatsoever for the joke about Gen when he completely should have. And I know Jared was probably fine with it; I’m sure he makes inappropriate jokes all the time too, but the difference between him and Misha (and I’m not trying to compare them I’m just trying to help demonstrate my point) is that Jared doesn’t bring that crudeness to work. He makes his jokes when they’re together in private but when he comes to an event that’s so widely broadcasted, he tones it down and while he still laughs and makes jokes, the jokes are controlled for that specific environment.

Misha doesn’t do that, and I seriously think it’s time he be called out on it. His fans are so blind to his flaws, they couldn’t believe he could ever say something wrong or insulting because “Oh, Misha’s such a great person he has a charity and he donates money and he’s nice to his fans and no way he could ever screw up, not Misha!!!” I tried to think of a time where I’ve seen one of his fans say anything along the lines of “Misha [whatever you said] wasn’t cool, you went too far, etc.” Never. Because everyone just laughs along and doesn’t care.

That’s why I’m writing this post. Because I am literally so sick of seeing everyone worshipping him like he’s some kind of God and being blind to his flaws and mistakes. I’m sick of it, and I can’t be quiet about it anymore.

Also, something else that bothers me: it seems like Misha overshadows everyone else in the cast. Anytime there’s an event where just Jensen and Jared are in attendance, it’s all about them, and I love that. Because it should be. But then when it’s not just Jensen and Jared, but MISHA as well, everything suddenly becomes all about him and everyone else kinda falls into his shadow because for some reason people like Misha more than the actual two people the show revolves around. And I’m not saying every Misha fan is like this, but a lot of them are. You can argue that Misha is a main cast member all you want, I know he’s a main cast member, but I feel like people give him much more attention than the OTHER main cast members. You wonder why it’s always just Jensen and Jared on magazine covers and Supernatural merch and DVDs, it’s because the show is about them. It is theirs. While there are other important cast members and characters, when it really comes down to it, Supernatural is about Sam and Dean, not Sam and Dean and Cas, and Jensen and Jared are the ones who represent the show. Hate me all you want for saying that, but it’s true.

I didn’t want to bring the show into this because that’s also a completely different matter, but I’m going to super quick here because I feel like this is important. I understand that a lot of people view Cas as a main character, and that the show wouldn’t be the same without him, but I disagree. He was an important character when he first made his appearance in season four, but let me be clear about something: the only reason Cas has stayed on the show as long as he has is because the fans like him. If you can remember, he was originally only supposed to be in a few episodes in season 4, but they kept him because of the positive fan response. Not because he was essential to the storyline. Now they wrote other storylines for him in an attempt to keep it interesting, but the show was intended to go on without him after those couple episodes in season four, and it easily could have.

I really hope at least some people can understand where I’m coming from with all of this, and please believe me: I’m not a malicious person, I’m not gonna go parading around saying “I hate Misha”, because that would be crossing the line. I’ve just never really explained why I don’t ever talk about him so I felt like it was necessary. I hope Misha fans can understand that their idol isn’t perfect. Everyone screws up, and it’s okay to call them out on their mistakes. Jensen and Jared are my idols, and I know good and well that they are sometimes going to say things that aren’t okay, and whenever that happens, I will recognize it.

If you want to hate me for this, go ahead. If not one other person agrees with me, that’s fine. This is just how I feel.