reasons why ten is the worst

i was tagged by @heartachephil and @dangoghs to tag ten people i wanna get to know better ,,thenks ily both,,alot

name/nickname: life is actually a nickname oops

relationship status: single wowie

favorite colors: im quite fond of orange and pastel blue for some reason

last song i listened to: ode to sleep uwu

favorite TV shows: i dont rlly watch tv and when i do its usually a cartoon idk why but some cartoons i really like are tawog, svtfoe, SU, and spongebob really ://

first fandom: tawog fandom i guess,,idk

hobbies: drawing and occasional screaming

books i’m currently reading: bud not buddy and children of eden

worst thing i’ve ever eaten: dirt. when i was younger i was climbing up the slide and someone in front of me basically had their shoe over my mouth and i just like inhaled the dirt from the bottom of their shoe. yum.

favorite place: chicago jbsbrejbjkbjkw

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justmakeleftturns  asked:

For the ask meme: Static Shock

Thank you!! :D

  • character i’d like to see in a flower crown: Adam/Rubberband Man
  • character i’d like to see have an emotional breakdown: Talon/Teresa (imagine the angst)
  • character i’d like to see get punched in the face: Edwin Alva
  • character most likely to sing along to journey songs in the car: Shiv (and it annoys the shit out of Ebon)
  • character who refuses to pull over and ask for directions on roadtrips: Ebon/Ivan
  • character who always stubs their toes on the washing machine: Sharon
  • character who changes their starbucks order ten times: Frieda
  • character who shows up late for everything: For some reason I can see Maria/Aquamaria 
  • character who is the worst kisser: Francis/Hotstreak (idk why but this would be hilarious)
  • character who takes 45 minutes showers: Virgil/Static
  • character who gets most bent out of shape over the pronunciation of gif: Richie/Gear

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Chuubo: best or worst?

the worst, obviously. turning into a giant snake never helps!

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Oh, monogatari

one of the several reasons why i couldn’t stick with that show, despite liking some of the characters.

geostatonary replied to your post “dnd/pf fandon has more opinions on dragons than i expected”

Listen they already have ten basic flavors of dragon + two major dragon gods

They have Opinions

this is true

also dragons are a playable race now

related: apparently pathfinder doesn’t have gem dragons and i’m still sore about that

let me explain to you why I think Shawn proposing to Katy is one of the worst things that they’ve ever done on this show.

Reason 1: Maya does not need a father to be happy. She has gone ten years without a dad, but you know what she did have? She had Cory, she had Topanga, she had Riley, She had Shawn and she had Katy, her mother, who loves her and cares for her and is an excellent role model.

Reason 2: Katy does not need a man to be happy. Katy is a single mother, she has a job, she puts the food on the table, she keeps a roof above both her and Maya’s heads, she keeps the lights on. She is an incredible woman and a fantastic mother. She is to be looked up to because she is a woman who can take care of herself and does not need a male breadwinner to help her. She does not need Shawn Hunter to help her.

Reason 3: Katy asked Shawn out during GM Hurricane which was the 8th episode of Season 2 of Girl Meets World, they are now at the beginning of season 3, episode 5 to be exact. That would mean that it has been less than a year since Shawn and Katy began their relationship. Less. Than. A. Year.
I am one to believe that times serves no value, that when you’re in love, you’re in love. But being in love with someone does not mean that you should marry them almost immediately.

Reason 4: Not only did they get rid of Angela, but they also completely disregarded Shawn’s feelings for her, making her seem insignificant compared to Katy when we actually got see their relationship unfold and got to see how much they loved one another. They threw out this incredible, interracial relationship so that Maya could have a father, whom she doesn’t need and Katy could have a man, whom she doesn’t need. Tell me something, if Shawngela couldn’t be Cory and Topanga, why can Shawty be Cory and Topanga?

Reason 5: We saw absolutely no development between Shawn and Katy’s relationship. None at all. She asked him out, less than a year later, he asks her to marry him. How is anyone satisfied with that? We didn’t see any dates, any memorable moments, any anniversaries, we saw nothing. Yet here he is, asking her to marry him. How are we supposed to be satisfied with a relationship that we know nothing about? There is so much detail put into Smackle/Farkle’s relationship and all the other teen relationships, they were built up with a backstory and a lot of memorable moments, so why didn’t they do that for Shawn and Katy? Because the show isn’t about them, right? They couldn’t fit it in, right? They didn’t see it as necessary as giving the teens new topics to deal with, right? Well, if you can’t supply this couple with some (incredibly necessary) memorable moments, how can you possibly think that it’s okay to just suddenly have them get married, out of the blue? This relationship should have been built up more or it shouldn’t have been built up at all.

Honestly, I don’t even care how happy Maya looked. I do not care one bit. Normally I would, but not when it comes to this horribly played out relationship. Maybe I would have split a tear when Shawn said he’s in love with Katy if it was built up in a better way. May I would’ve awed after their kiss if it was built up in a better way.

I really hope Michael finds a way to fix this, because this is most definitely not okay.

The wftheadcanonsoftheday “Well Shit” awards of 2015 .:Worst Fandom Award Nominations:.

Welcome to the first (and possibly only) “Well shit” Awards of 2015, where most awards celebrate the accomplishments of excellence, this is an award show to celebrate the very worse of 2015, and this is a special award as I’m putting it to you the readers, 2015 has seen a lot of new fandoms spreading and old ones either dying or rising from the dead, but some have been more obvious then others for the wrong reasons, this award is for the fandom that drives us away from the medium no matter how good it is.

So let’s see what you think is the worst. If you have a nomination then either reblog this post or send an ask with your nomination and why they deserve the award. You can nominate more then one, maybe two or three or ten or whatever.

This will close on the 27th and the top 5 nominations will be put into a poll for you to vote for the winner.

Let’s make this award show something guud!