reasons why my son is crying

heathers song feelings
  • beautiful: the chorus feeling
  • candy store: god i wish that were me
  • fight for me: nostalgia
  • freeze your brain: big mood
  • big fun: hyped
  • dead girl walking: strange enjoyment
  • me inside of me: almost pity
  • blue: knife emoji
  • our love is god: walking in the woods at night and hearing strange noises but still persisting for some unknown reason
  • my dead gay son: jazz
  • seventeen: nostalgia again
  • shine a light: we can't all be neurotypical karen
  • lifeboat: oh man. oh wow. shit dude me too
  • shine a light reprise: average tuesday night
  • kindergarten boyfriend: too close to home
  • yo girl: the woods feeling again except you just saw something and it looks like it's coming after you
  • meant to be yours: YIKE
  • dead girl walking reprise: raw power
  • i am damaged: i'm crying and i don't know why
  • seventeen reprise: :,)
Creepypasta #1042: If You See Two Kids On Highway 101, Don't Stop

Length: Medium

The 101 is just a trickle by the time it winds north of Forks. Much of it does not have cell coverage, and in the middle of the night, the darkness is so pervasive that it only steps back a little from the high-beams. Its seems darkest that most near mile post 199.


Taillight reflectors shined through the rolling 2:00AM fog. A car was there, an old dusty 1980’s station wagon driven through the wider part of Hell. The windows were all dusted over despite a heavy downpour ten minutes ago. It appears it was in a crash that had forced the driver’s door open along with the hood. Standing by the car were two kids not more than ten, the boy in a yellow Hulkamanic! t-shirt and the girl in a pink pastel shirt and under jean overalls. The girl, maybe a bit older, waved to get my attention. I leaned over and rolled down the window just a crack. I learned the hard way to never trust strangers.

“Our car’s broken, mister” the girl said as her brother began to cry, “our parents were picked up by a hitchhiker and we haven’t seen them all day. You gotta help us, mister.”

“Hold on. First, what are your names?” The way their eyes gazed back at me reminded me of dead fish on the market. The son, crying moments before, now spoke boldly to me.

“Our parents are MISSING! You got to let us into your car!” There was an uneasy energy to the boy. He didn’t blink when you were speaking to him.

“I can stay here and watch over you.”

“Just let us into your car, PLEASE, mister,” the sister said as she tugged at the old-fashioned handle of my car. Both seemed seemed to wonder why the hell I wasn’t complying.

“There is no reason for anyone to enter or exit my car.” 

The son tried for the back door and would have pulled it open if I didn’t slam down the thumb lock. I did the same for the others. I have been in road jumps before; just because I saw two kids now could mean that others were hiding elsewhere, especially in the woods

The sister began to cry and pound on the window.

“You gotta let us in! We heard growling and we can’t shut our door after the crash! They’re bears! They’re gonna get in and eat us, you gotta let us in!”

“If there is a bear, I will handle it.” 

The boy yanked on the same back passenger side door.

“We haven’t eaten or drank anything all day!” I held up an evidence bag of cherry tomatoes and two bottles of distilled water. They just stared blankly at me, as if doing their best to hide their annoyance. “Are you allergic? Do you want just the water?” 

Nothing. I shifted gears. “Were you stranded all day?” No answer. “If you were, you would have been caught in that rain shower. Your vehicle is dusty. Where did you drive from?”

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Things I know about Supernatural without ever watching it

- Lady on ceiling on fire?????!
- Two brothers. Sam and Dean Winchester
- guy named Cas is some kind of demon (idk but he has wings sometimes)
- most people ship destiel (even I ship it and I’ve never watched it but damn u tumblr)
- carry on my wayward son makes people cry for some reason
- redheaded witch screws shit up
- if u sleep with sam ur doomed
- Pentagrams and salt mean something
- one of em ends up working at a supermarket or something?
- misha colins is very pretty
- sams the one with the floppy hair
- chevy impala
- much death

iamacolor  asked:

Elias truly is super

lmao i accidently sent it too early to you privately but you were talking about elias and his relationship with his mom and what i was going to say was that elias is super close with his mom especially during high school

  • I think is pretty clear that the bakkoush childeren are all overachievers like not being in the top of their class is not an option ????
  • elias was the type who had amazing grades without doing anything but when he was in his second year in Bakka he realised that it won’t always be like this because you actually need to study
  • he can’t really handle stress well and school turns out to be very stressfull and not to mention the even thing 
  • you know elias in’t the same type of smart as sana and their dad or his brother and he kind of felt left out because of it 
  • he wasn’t really exact science smart
  • so when school was getting really hard he would always say everything was fine even though it wasn’t 
  • and his mom noticed that elias was little by little losing his confidence and starting to worry about his abilities
  • so she sat him down and was like “elias you can fall how many times you just have to remember to get up okay”and elias was already crying when she started her speech ™  “you are my son right, you can do anything you set your mind even if you take longer we will all support you” 
  • his mom was super supportive of him taking a gap year (she wants him to destress and find something he is passionate enough to go to college for)
    • one of the reason of his stress right now
  • another reason why she always let the boys come over is to make sure that elias wont isolate himself and have people talk to (especially since sana is the type to isolate herself)
  • they actually talk a lot together about school, life , islam and girls
  • he loves hearing about his mother’s past in Morroc like I think they have so many discussion especially with culture vs islam
  • they dicussed the the current politics in their region for like 4 hours they end up involving sana, their dad and their cousin from Tanger let’s say it was wild
  • he actually loves talking to his mom in their dialect because she totally has a diferent tone in norwegian he loves it
  • elias can talk his way out of anything with his mom which is honestly legendary

anyways elias is total mama’s boy ,,,, i luv him

yall send me your favourite elias bakkoush headcanons like i’m begging i need more elias content 

Second Chance

Expansion of Trying to leave him


B.A.P: Part I, Part II, Part III ; BTS: Part I, Part II, Part III; EXO: Part I, Part II, Part III; Got7: {coming soon}; Monsta X: Part I, Part II, Part III ; Dean: {Coming soon}

Genre: Fluff

Characters: Jongin x Original Character [Eunmi]

Summary: You left Jongin after a man threatened you and told you about his gang activity. What was worse was that you were pregnant with his child. You lived the next several years happily as a single mother. But, what if your son’s father enters your life again. Will Jongin be the man he was before or will he be worth a second chance?

Word Count: 1589

Credit to gif owner


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The Draft (Philip Hamilton x Reader)

Originally posted by hamilbabes

Pairing: Phillip Hamilton x Reader

Requested?: Day Three for my write-a-thon! 

Prompt: Philip is drafted into World War II. 

Words: 1800+

Warnings: Set in World War 2, Nazis, Death, War Stuff



You were a normal young woman living in 1940s New York. You graduated high school and plan to marry your high school sweetheart. For an eighteen-year-old girl in post-Depression America, life wasn’t the best. Women still supposed to stay home, make babies, and be good homemakers and wives. You rebelled from this stereotype and it ended with you being kicked out of your parents’ house once you were a legal adult. You didn’t care, your stepmother never cared for you and your father was too busy working to even come home most of the nights. You ended up living in a rundown apartment in Manhattan. Your step-sister sent you money every two weeks for rent and food. This was your life for the last three months of your senior year. Once you graduated, you got a job working for your boyfriend’s father as a secretary. You didn’t get much pay but it helped more than nothing. Your job consisted of typing up reports and letters on a typewriter, run errands, manage and organize meetings and appointments, and make sure your boss got the letters, memos, and messages that were addressed to him. It wasn’t easy but your boyfriend’s support was what helped you get through it.

Philip Hamilton has been your boyfriend since sophomore year of high school. He was a spitting image of his father; tall, fluffy dark hair, and handsome as hell. He had beautiful hazel eyes and a face full of freckles. He was the complete package; smart, funny, caring, honest, he can even cook! Philip was the son of a World War One veteran and a librarian. He was the eldest of seven children and is very family-oriented. He took the role of the father to his younger siblings because Mr. Hamilton was a lawyer and thus always working. When you’d go over to his house for dinner, Philip sat at the head of the table, his mother sitting to his right, you sitting to his left, and the seven other Hamilton children filled the rest of the chairs, leaving one empty. Mr. Hamilton was home at night most of the time but he ate his dinner in his office, where he’d reside for the night. You felt bad for Philip and his siblings since they never saw their father but you understood why Mr. Hamilton was always busy. You were his secretary after all.

You and Philip had an interesting courtship. Most of your dates were drive-in movies, dinners at his house, or going out for your lunch break from work. He’d buy you flowers often. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, Philip would find any excuse to buy you a big bouquet of your favorite flowers. When he found out you were kicked out of your family home and were living on your own, he insisted you moved in with him and his family. After some time of refusing, you gave in and decided to move in with the Hamiltons. And that’s where you’ve been living ever since.


It was a sunny afternoon. Since it was Wednesday, you were at work, typing away at the report Mr. Hamilton requested to be done by next Monday. It was about a murder case he worked on earlier that month. You didn’t remember who was part of it or what happened in the courtroom but Mr. Hamilton described the crime scene to you and it was just like an H. P. Lovecraft novel. The lawyer gave you all the files for the case and that’s what you’ve been working on for the last couple days.

The sound of a door opening made you look up. You instantly smiled when you saw Philip enter the office but your smile faded away when you saw he looked sad and his eyes were red and puffy. You slowly stood up, walked around your desk and made your way to him. You said nothing as you studied his face. His breathing was heavy and he was sniffling ever so often. You wiped away some stray tears that escaped his eyes. He froze up at your touch but relaxed, putting his hands over yours, keeping it on his cheek. Now you were very concerned. What had Philip so shaken up?

“Philip?” You whispered. “What’s wrong?”

Before Philip could speak, Mr. Hamilton’s office’s door swung open and Philip’s father stepped out, adjusting his tie and sleeve cuffs. His looked up from his wrist and glared slightly at you and his son.

“Philip,” Mr. Hamilton spoke up, gaining both your and Philip’s attention. “Is there a reason why you are distracting my secretary from her work?”

Philip let go of your hand and stepped forward, standing right next to you. He cleared his throat and said a ‘Yes, sir’ in a soft hoarse voice. You wanted to grab his hand but you knew his father didn’t like you much and will tell you to let go.

“Well, what is it? And why are you crying? Men shouldn’t cry, Philip.”

“I know, sir. It’s just…” Philip paused.

“Just what, son?” Mr. Hamilton pushed for an answer from his son.

“O-Our numbers have been picked…” Philip finally said after a few moments of silence. “We… We’re to report to the draft board in Albany next Monday.”

All sound in the room ceased existing, leaving you and the two men standing in deadly silence. You felt your heart freeze. You couldn’t breathe. You didn’t want to believe what you thought Philip just said was exactly what he said. Maybe you heard him incorrectly? Or maybe you were in denial? You couldn’t gain your bearings. The room was spinning and slowly growing warmer and warmer. You felt sick. You needed some water and fresh air. You couldn’t concentrate.

The last thing you remembered was your body hitting the wooden floor and Philip yelling your name before you blacked out.


You slowly stirred, gaining Philip’s attention. He rushed to your side, kneeling next to the sofa you laid on. You slowly opened your eyes, blinking rapidly. You squeezed your eyes tight when the bright light of the sun entered your vision. It took you a few moments to open your eyes again. You looked around your surroundings. You were still in the office. You must have fainted or something because you had a dull but a throbbing headache. You slowly sat up, rubbing your temples.

“(Y/N)!” Phillip breathed out in relief. “My love, are you alright? You fainted when I gave the news of the draft.”


So you weren’t imagining that news.

You shook your head. “I-I’m not alright, Philip.” You said softly.

Philip frowned. “I understand if you’re not happy with the draft raffle, but you must understand-”

“Understand what, Philip?” You snapped, glaring at your boyfriend as you slowly stood up, he following your actions. “That you’re going overseas and might die in Europe? That you’re sacrificing your life and your future with me for this country?”

“My dear, every man in this country is in that lottery or volunteering,” Philip explained, running a hand through his curls. “I must serve for at least a year in the army. And besides, there’s a chance I might not be suitable for war or won’t be sent overseas. Please be optimistic.”

“No one can be optimistic about war, Philip.” You retorted. “The only people optimistic about this war are the Axis Powers as they’re massacring innocent lives over their own selfish greed.”

“That’s why I must serve our country, (Y/N). To stop them from massacring innocent lives.”

“I understand. It’s just…” You felt tears form in your eyes and looked away from Philip. “I don’t want to lose you.” You whispered.

Philip cupped your cheek, making you look at him. “(Y/N)…”

“I don’t want you to die on the front line, Philip. Your mother will be devastated. I won’t be able to go on without you. You must stay here where you can be with your family and be safe.” Tears were now streaming down your face.

“(Y/N), I must serve at least a year. It’s the law.” Philip stated, trying to reason with you.

“Well, it’s a dangerous and stupid law!” You cried, collapsing to your knees and weeping into your hands.

Philip kneeled down and held you to his chest, letting you sob into his shirt. Your hands held onto his shirt tightly, balling them into tight fists, clenching the fabric tightly. You cried and cried for some time before you calmed down, your sobbing quieted down to whimpers and sniffles. Philip ran a hand up and down your back soothingly. You sat straight, letting go of his shirt. You sniffed but didn’t look up at your boyfriend.

“Just…” You coughed, swallowing the lump in your throat. “Promise me you’ll be safe, okay?” You whispered, looking up into Philip’s eyes. “Please be careful and safe.”

Philip nodded, smiling softly and taking your hands in his. “I promise, (Y/N).” He whispered back. “Cross my heart. I’ll come home safe to you.”

“Promise me we’ll get married when you come home.” You said-almost-begged.

Philip chuckled, kissing your hands. He kept your hands close to his face as he spoke: “I, Philip Hamilton, promise to you, (Y/N) (L/N), that I will make you my wife the moment I return home from the war. I swear it.” He then kissed the ring finger on your left hand, where your wedding ring will be.

You smiled, stray tears finding themselves down your cheeks. Philip always kept his promises. It was against his code of ethics to break or make any promises he couldn’t keep. You pray this was a promise he could keep. You honestly don’t know what you’d do if you lose Philip overseas. His father was a retired World War I general so you knew he’d be alright if he’s in Mr. Hamilton’s troop. You hoped to God that will be the case.

“I love you, Philip.” You whispered, resting your forehead on his. “With all my heart.”

Philip closed the gap between you with a sweet and passionate kiss that lasted for a few seconds but it felt like a small amount of eternity. It was pure and full of love, just like every kiss you shared with him before this moment. You didn’t want to pull away but you knew you needed oxygen so you slowly pulled away from the kiss, your lips lingering on his for a few more moments before fully pulling away.

“I love you too, my dear (Y/N),” Philip said after a few moments of silence. “I always will.”

At that moment, you forgot about the war. You forgot that Philip and his father were leaving for war in a few days. You forgot about the men dying overseas. You forgot about the world.

All you could see and feel was Philip.

And he was your whole world.

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His parents aren’t a huge fan of your marriage but they melt when they meet their grandson (EXO OT12)

Y/S/N: your son’s name

Xiumin: -they knew that you guys knew they didn’t like you together. But that all changed when you popped out their grandson. Who everyone could tell was a heart breaker. So meeting Y/S/N they were finally ok with the relationship.- “always fun to see how much people change when you put a baby in the middle” 

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Suho: -they hated the idea of your marriage for a long time to the point they didn’t like you overly much until they met Y/S/N at the hospital. They claimed Y/S/N looked so much like him. He laughed at them- “you’re the only ones who thinks that. He looks like his mother he’s got my nose and eye shape that’s it”

Originally posted by wugalaxy

Lay: -you just gave them a look saying that ‘your only here because I birthed your grandchild don’t play nice’ leaving them in shock before you started crying and apologizing about your rudeness. They did respect you more after that point though- “I’m sorry she’s been very hormonal and snapped like 5 other times before you got here” 

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Baekhyun: -there really wasn’t reason as to why they didn’t like your relationship to marriage and your eventual son. But once they finally met Y/S/N they were nicer about it all. Which made no sense to him- “baby it makes no sense our son is the only reason they talk to you and nothing else. I don’t like it at all”

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Chen: -you sat in your bed watching his parents melting at the newborn who was laying in his cot. Leaving the two of you time to talk about it. He loved the fact that your family were getting along- “look at that, our baby brings people together. I hope this stays this way. I like seeing you guys get along”

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Chanyeol: -you both knew that his parents didn’t like your marriage and they didn’t like the idea that you guys had a child. So when they showed up to the hospital after you gave birth they were friendly and all for your son- “alright who the heck are you guys? You hate us as a couple. Why does a baby change how you feel about us”

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D.O: -he wouldn’t say anything the whole time his parents were kissing your ass after giving birth to their grandson. But you didn’t know that but he was well aware of that- *gif*

Originally posted by kyvngsoo

Kai: -he was glad that you guys were getting along. You were talking to his mother about your experience while she was holding your son, him and his father were  talking- “I just think it’s weird and nice how you guys like her all of sudden because she had your grandson. I would have liked it if you respected her when we got married as well”

Originally posted by porokrong

Sehun: -he didn’t like that at all, they didn’t like you one moment but once you gave birth to their grandson they liked you. He wasn’t going to deny them access to their grandson so he let them. You kept asking him if he was ok- “they’re just wrong they can’t treat you like that baby. You’re my wife and the mother of my child they should respect you more than this”

Originally posted by awwsehun

Kris: -his mother didn’t necessarily hate the marriage she hated the fact you took her son away. But she seemed to forget about him when she saw your son in his hospital cot and was absorbed by the newborn’s cuteness- “yeah mom we’re fine. Y/N went through 7 hours of labor and I might have a fractured hand thanks for asking”

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Luhan: -they just didn’t want you guys to get married because of the fact he admitted your marriage happened because you were pregnant. He made it sound like you two weren’t in love. But you guys were married now your chubby baby boy. Who they were cooing at Y/S/N before asking how you were- “she’s really tired. Y/S/N is really large already so yeah um we’re sleep deprived”

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Tao: -they just didn’t like the fact you two got married when you were 7 months pregnant. It made it seem that he had to marry you because you were having his child. They told him your son was a bastard which lead to your rushed wedding so you would be married when he was born. So watching them get so close and saying they loved Y/S/N was just odd. And he kept sending you looks- *gif*

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Cars is a SUPER IMPORTANT movie for me. There’s a long story behind it that close friends know about, but it’s been an important franchise and Cars land was legit a dream come true for me.

Cars 2 kinda bummed me out, obvs because it took a curve ball into left field with no rhyme or reason. There are some enjoyable parts of it, but meh. You could’ve gone without seeing it and been fine.


OOOOOH MY LORD. I was squealing and grinning and crying and enjoying the w h o l e movie. As a film major, yes, I could dissect it, but WHY WOULD I RUIN IT FOR MYSELF?

More importantly (tw spoilers) Cars 3 FINALLY touched on McQueen and Doc. That father-son/mentor-student was my favorite part of Cars. My fellow writers know I am a SUCKER for super-close platonic love like that. So to see that scene where Smokey says “Racing wasn’t the best part of Hud’s life; you were.” ? I was silently crying in a packed-full theater. That made my inner seven-year-old self just l e a p, man. Even just thinking about it, I get so excited.

On a second note, I also adore how they ended the story. Lightning becoming Cruz’s mentor and crew chief was PERFECTION. There’s simple foreshadowing that kinda hints at it, but I adored how it was done. AND THEN LIGHTNING WAS SPORTING DOC’S COLORS.

I NEED TO BE DONE AND BREATHE, look I may sound like I’m looking at this thru rose-colored glasses, and maybe I am. But God was this story a real ride.

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Reasons why Sam is salty but also crying at the same time:
Yo.da wanted Agen to kill Quin, and Agen felt like Quin’s fall was partially his fault because he didn’t bring him back

anonymous asked:

alright attention whore what now? u just wanted people to throw asks at u. how did you even manage to get 2? im shocked you hit 100 folowers, let alone 250. just give up already


not. today. the reason i “want people to throw asks” at me is because the community here - the community i associate myself with is supportive and caring, which is why i’ve received asks and messages from friends since posting a literal cry for help. (thanks boos, @supernatural-jackles @hannahindie @darthdeziewok @karlee-fay-my-wayward-son )

oh, and thanks for reminding me, i keep forgetting to mention that we’re getting close to 400 followers. 

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Do you think dash gets annoyed by pinkie all the time? There are people who use this as an excuse as to why pinkiedash isn't possible. Um my boyfriend annoys me and I want to marry the son of gun I fucking love him I would give him my kidneys for crying out loud. I am only doing this on anon because I am paranoid about saying this off anon because I feel like an asshole for asking this.

Oh, don’t feel like an asshole, there’s no reason to.

As to your question… well, the answer is kind of yes, but like you said, that doesn’t really stop them from being able to have a good relationship. 

Rainbow is pretty easily irritated. She’s just got a short-fuse, it’s just a part of who she is. Pinkie might get on her nerves, but a lot of things do.

And of course friendships and romantic relationships are different, but to compare apples to oranges for a sec, Rainbow and Pinkie do have a great friendship. If Rainbow couldn’t stand Pinkie in general, that would be a warning sign that they couldn’t work it out, but as it stands, there’s no real reason to get rid of the ship.

I think they’re fine, whether or not Dash gets annoyed a bit too often. 

Also, just as a side note, you and your boyfriend sound adorable. Just felt like telling you.

Hearts Wide Open

(gif credit to the creators)

Part 9 - Calm Before the Storm

Master List

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 2,287
Warnings: language
A/N: Man, it has been forever and a day since I posted this and I apologize. But I have the rest of it mapped out and will be finishing it today. There are only 2 parts left and they will be posted over the next few days! I hope you guys enjoy this! Anyway, feedback is super cool :)

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anonymous asked:

Can i ask for more beryl grace & zeus headcanons or just beryl grace? Pls and thank you :) ps. i love you and your blog ❤️ Browsing your blog is the first thing i do when i wake up every morning. keep up the good work 💗💗💗

  • when Jupiter arrives, he is more than Beryl could have imagined 
  • much more stoic and discreet, but still the King of Heaven 
  • he again showers her with gifts and ideas of a life together and she again eats them up, dreaming of a grander life 
  • Thalia is skeptical of the man in front of her at first but she warms up quickly, basking in his attention and loving the chance to play with him 
  • the months go by and they get into a routine as a family 
  • then Beryl finds out she’s pregnant 
  • they are overjoyed to find they are having a baby boy, and Thalia looks forward to being a big sister 
  • but one day Jupiter takes longer than normal to come over for dinner and Beryl can feel it happening again 
  • Thalia goes to bed not knowing why her father didn’t come home for dinner and wondering why her mother looks like she’s going to cry 
  • in the middle of the night she wakes to angry voices, three of them 
  • “You will name him Jason and he will be mine,” the first voice demands 
  • “The Hell he will. He’s my son! You can’t just have him,” her mother’s voice asserts 
  • “Beryl, please be reasonable. It’s the least we could do. You know how I feel about you but I have responsibilities and you knew that before we started any of this.” 
  • when Thalia thinks back to that night, she’s sure she remembers hearing the echo of her mother’s heart breaking 
  • “Fine. I’ll name him Jason. But you can’t have him.” 
  • “Oh, silly girl. You really think you’re special. You will learn your place soon enough.” 
  • a flash of light blasted the hallway and then there were only two voices 
  • “Beryl, I’m so-” 
  • “Don’t. Just leave. I have a baby to get ready for.” 
  • and that’s the last time Thalia ever heard her mother sound so strong
The Naked Radio is here. I’ve just came back home from work. I’ve came back home and realized that Tumblr has deleted my Radio - TheNakedRadio. There‘s no Naked Radio anymore, and I didnt even had the chance to say goodbye to you. I hope this message will get to all of you. If you’re a follower of mine PLEASE I BEG YOU TO REBLOG THIS POST SO EVENTUALLY ALL MY 1700 FOLLOWERS WILL SEE THIS.

I don’t want you to think that I just closed my blog and that I don’t care about you.

I love you all. I care about you all. Im sorry I never had the chance to answer all your requests.

I love you all.

I love you.

I feel like crying.

I am crying.

I will think about some better goodbye letter to write for you.

Don’t ever stop listening to anime music, dancing naked - I never meant actually “naked”, I just meant that you should be who you are, yourself, without masks.

And let me tell you the reason for why this blog was deleted: the SON OF A BITCH COPYRIGHTS OF OZMAFIA. they send me a message that they want me to delete all my Ozmafia posts and that they got a copyrights. I told them that I don’t quit understand who they are and asked them to send me another message to explain [cause the message they send to me was really short and stupid like a little kid wrote it or something]. Anyway they sended me another message. I didnt even get to answer them that I WILL REMOVE the posts - I didnt get to remove it cause i was at work. I got back home, and now my life is gone.

Who ever made this happennd… I hope you’re gonna die. cause my work on this blog was from inside of my soul out. I did this blog because I FUCKING LOVE ANIME FANS AND WANTED TO MAKE THEM HAPPY - SO MANY YOUNG [and all ages] PEOPLE WHO DON’T HAVE THE MONEY TO BUY THEMESELVES THEIR ANIME MUSIC AND THAT I WAS THEIR ONLY WAY TO ENJOY THIS MUSIC. FUCK YOU. I WISH YOU THE WORSE. BELIEVE ME THIS LITTLE YOUNG BLOG WOULD NEVER HURT YOUR MONEY CopyRights, it could have just make so many people happy, and to GET TO KNOW YOUR STUPID CONTENT.

I hope you’re happy. Music is for the soul - and I guess your music now considers suckes after you’ve destroyed MY WORLD.

This does not over.

“that woman is trying to change”
“i know her i believe her”
“with you regina i always know (when you’re lying)
"she’s different”
“you worked too hard to have your happiness destroyed”
“i don’t believe that, i believe in you”
“it wasn’t evil that made you strong”

this is ladies and gentlemen emma swan, believing over and over again in regina and her goodness, her redemption, and her choices, this is emma proving how much  love, faith, loyalty and devotion she has towards regina, it’s all canon im not making things up, go watch the the show.
in last ep, as y’all know already (if u have watched the ep ofc) emma didn’t see regina in her visions, which was quite..the twist right?
now guys let me remind u who’s regina to emma shall i ? regina, the mother of her child, her partner, her tutor, her best friend, the person she crossed realms and worlds with, the person who was so special to her maybe even unique, the person who understands her, who just gets her, who wanted to beat fate with her, one of her family for god sake, one of her family was not among the people who were there trying to save emma, i mean…how tf would u feel if “your person” wasn’t at the front of people who r coming to save you?
confused, concerned, curious…disappointed? hurt?
and yet, people were quick to question emma’s belief in regina, like how dare you, emma swan was the first person to ever acknowledge regina’s will to change,
emma is confused,!! it’s not abt her faith in regina! you have to understand that regina and emma are individuals, they have separated emotions and different ways of dealing w things, and feeling things.
this is all too much to handle? i mean, emma p much saw herself getting stabbed by a mysterious person, and her family was all there except regina, the person she sacrificed herself for, the person who followed her to hell, the person she EXPECTED to see first  in front?? and yet..that person wasn’t there?? like??? emma’s confused?? she’s dying and regina’s not there and everything doesnt make sense anymore? and she’s so f confused she even decided to go to therapy?
emma has every right to question things, it’s becoz she cares that she’s confuse, it’s bcoz she cares that she wants to know why regina wasn’t there, “i thought you had my back like i had yours” “everyone is here but..where are you?” “who would be there for henry when he sees me dying who would comfort him? “where’s my best friend?
omg listen this is the best plot twist i'ever seen and that says something trust me, and ik there’s so many theories but i do hope it’s eq who kills emma, BCOZ I WANT ALL THE ANSGT, i want emma struggling with questions, i want her to hide it all from regina bcoz she doesn’t want to hurt her, i want regina getting all concerned abt emma, i want to see emma’s insecurities, emma’s worry abt herself bcoz girl doesn’t put herself first at all, i want to see regina reaching out, i want to see her proving to emma that she has her back always and FOREVER i want them to HURT ME i want angst i want to see them fighting for each other, i want to know  WHY REGINA WASN’T THERE
and like can u imagine why regina’s not there? can u imagine regina being dead in emma’s visions (which we can call emma’s future omg can u imagine emma’s future w/o regina?) can u imagine regina sacrificing herself for emma bcoz there wasn’t another way?
can u imagine emma not being able to kill the eq bcoz it’s the last/only thing left that reminds her of regina and she doesn’t want to lose that?
can u imagine the eq controlling regina to kill emma?
can u imagine all the angsty possibilities!! IM CRYING JUST BY THINKING OF THEM
but plz, do not ever question emma’s belief and faith in regina like ever omg, it’s one of the best reason why we all love and ship sq,  emma’s person too and she’s not perfect and she’s allowed to get vulnerable and insecure and  worried abt herself, abt her son, abt her relationship w regina, bcoz if the person she loves most isnt there when she draws her last breath, THEN …WHAT’S THE POINT?

Enchanted In The Moonlight- Miyabi Fanfiction (Family)

Hello :3
This is a Miyabi fanfic that I wrote after playing his sequel. The ending scene was so cute, so I really wanted to write a family fanfic for Miyabi.
This is my first posted fanfiction, and Im still feeling kind of nervous about posting it xD 
I’m sorry if he is out of character, but I hope you’ll enjoy reading it anyway (*^-^*)

I open my eyes and look around the bright room, the bed feels bigger than it normally does. ”Where is Miyabi?” I think to myself when I turn to his side of the bed and notice that he isn’t there. I get dressed and just as I’m thinking about looking for Miyabi, I hear the voice of a small boy calling for me from outside the house.

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