reasons why lois lane is amazing


[►] Helping each other with their outfits is just the cutest thing! I also love how Ian tries to stay in character for the camera, but Anthony could absolutely care less and just keeps talking to Ian the same as he always would. I think that maybe Anthony got so lost with Ian that he just completely forgot about the camera, but whatever the reason it’s absolutely amazing.

Those Stupid Clark Kent Glasses

@fakeeleanorshellstrop, inspired by your costume post!

Happy Halloween you beautiful cockroaches!

“Everyone’s staring at us.” Chidi murmured as he leaned against the bar, fiddling with the end of his tie yet again as Eleanor poured them both a drink.

“That’s probably because they know we’re gonna crush them in the costume contest.” she replied smoothly as she set his Jack and Coke down next to him and swatted his hands away from the tie. “Now stop fussing, I had this looking perfectly windswept when we got here”.

He rolled his eyes, but allowed her to loosen the knot and toss the thinner end over his shoulder. “You know,” he began as she stepped back and gave him a satisfied once-over before taking a sip from her own glass, “when Tahani said she wanted to use this event to ‘maintain a terrestrial calendar on this celestial plane’ I didn’t really think she meant she was holding a Halloween party”.

Eleanor shrugged. “Works for me, dude. Halloween is clearly the best holiday to begin with, why not start there?” Chidi raised his eyebrows questioningly, and she let out a soft huff before placing her drink back on the bar and counting off on her fingers; “One, you don’t have to deal with any family. Second, it’s spooky as all heck and that’s always fun. Three, free candy everywhere. And, it’s kind of fun to pretend to be someone else for a night”.

“I suppose I can see the appeal of that,” he grinned as he looked her up and down in turn, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you look so….professional. Not that it’s a bad thing!” he rushed to explain as she narrowed her eyes and opened her mouth to retort, the back of her neck slightly flushed,. “It’s just different for you. A good different”.

Her eyes popped open for a split second, before narrowing again, this time accompanied by a small but wicked grin. “A good different, huh?” She stepped closer, one arm snaking up and around his shoulders while she began to lightly trace the “S” symbol barely visible through his half unbuttoned shirt; fingers running teasingly across his chest. “Why Mr. Kent, if you keep talking like that, a girl might get the idea that you’ve got a thing for pencil skirts and suit vests”.

“Well now, Miss Lane,” he began, resting his hands on her hips as he pulled her closer still and reveling in the rush of heat that ran through him as her grin widened and she looked up at him with eyes slightly darker than their usual blue, “I wouldn’t want to give anyone the wrong idea”. The hand that had been drawing symbols on his chest joined the other and wrapped behind his neck as he ducked his head slightly to bring it closer to hers. “I very much have a thing for-”

“Eleanor! Chidi!”

The two jumped apart with a start - and a muttered “fork” from Eleanor - to see Denise making her way towards them, moving slower than usual as she fought against what looked like a large white sheet wrapped around her. “Hey guys,” she huffed as she finally reached them, “great party, huh?”

“Yeah, great.” Eleanor muttered through gritted teeth. She didn’t have a problem with Denise, per say. It was just that lately every time she and Chidi had a moment alone together, there she was, butting in and ruining it. As she stewed silently, she vaguely heard Chidi ask Denise about her costume.

“Oh!” she chirped excitedly, “Hang on, it makes more sense if I put on the…” she trailed off as she reached into some hidden pocket in her sheet-toga and pulled out a long white beard. Fixing it around her head with the attached elastic band, she straightened up fully and pointed to the large, homemade label encircling her waist. “I’m Plato! Get it? Play doh…Plato?”

Eleanor squinted at the outfit, still slightly confused, before Chidi startled her by letting out a deep chuckle. “That’s actually very clever Denise. Great job”. The other woman beamed at him, and Eleanor felt her mouth curve into a scowl. That was the other reason she was feeling strange around Denise - the woman practically mooned over Chidi. And she was such an infuriatingly sweet person, Eleanor could never be 100% sure if Denise was actually flirting with her soul mate, or if she was just being nice for the sake of being nice. No matter what she did, she couldn’t figure out Denise’s game, and it was really starting to get to her.

“Thank so much Chidi!” Denise exclaimed happily. “Now let me see you two, hmmm…” She surveyed the both of them, tapping a finger against a point on her chin covered by the fake beard. “Chidi, you of course, are Superman, good choice - it suits you.” she gave him one more grin before turning her head towards Eleanor. “And Eleanor, you’re….his secretary?”

Eleanor froze, so taken aback that for a moment she couldn’t find words, which was highly unusual for her. “No, I- I’m Lois Lane.” Denise continued to smile  at her. “The Lois Lane.” she continued, waving the Daily Planet ID badge she had made herself a few hours ago in front of her.

“That’s nice.” Denise replied with that same banal, pleasant smile. Eleanor didn’t like the look in her eyes as she studied the blonde. It made her feel…..lesser. Like she was being overlooked because she wasn’t good enough. She hated that feeling. It reminded her of all the other ways she wasn’t sure if she was good enough.

 “Well, I should go,” Denise continued, “Gunnar’s saving me a spot at the pumpkin carving table, but it was so nice to see you both. Have a great night, Superman and…” she paused for a moment, as if at a loss for words, then snapped her fingers in recognition “Lois!” And with that, she turned and started to shuffle away, a corner of her toga coming loose and trailing after her.

The moment she was out of earshot, Eleanor spun back to face Chidi, fuming. “Can you believe her? ‘That’s nice’, give me a break. Like she wouldn’t recognize Lois Lane.”

“…..Well…” Chidi began, then instantly held his hands up in mock surrender as Eleanor glared at him, “I’m just saying, it’s not the most unbelievable thing. Lois doesn’t have anything as obvious as a super-suit to identify her with”.

“Lois Lane doesn’t need a super-suit,” Eleanor sniffed, “she’s an institution. And she’s super hot.” Chidi shoot an amused smirk in her direction, but she continued undeterred. “Like, smoking hot - every Lois Lane ever. The 70′s movies? Hot. The show in the 90′s? Hot. That newer show, where they were all teenagers? Ugh, I started watching that because of how hot Lois was”.

“Is there a point to this particular train of thought?” Chidi interrupted, but his smirk had turned into an indulging sort of smile.

“The point, you dork,” she went on with a gentle slap to his arm, “is that I am continuing a very impressive legacy of hotness that you should be grateful to be included in. Lois is a huge part of Superman’s story - I bet you he wouldn’t have done half the big heroic things he has if Lois wasn’t there”.

Chidi leaned back against the bar, considering. “But isn’t the reason he does half of the heroic things he does because he has to save Lois from whatever trouble she’s gotten herself into?” 

“Because she was too busy being a badash!” Eleanor shot back. “Lois Lane is an amazing reporter who doesn’t take shirt from anyone and always gets her story. Yeah, she can cause trouble sometimes, and maybe she’s a little abrasive and sarcastic, but” she glanced down at her feet for a moment, and Chidi suddenly understood why she was so passionate about this “but that’s just as good as being, like, a stupid ethics pun, or whatever. Right?”

Chidi stood straight and wrapped his arms around Eleanor’s shoulders, drawing her close to him as he said with a grin “As far as I’m concerned, there’s no contest”. It wasn’t saying much, it wasn’t even saying a fraction of the feelings he had for the woman in front of him, but she beamed and wrapped her arms around him, and he decided that it was enough for now. 

He held her close, savoring the way she fit so perfectly in his arms, but she must have rubbed off on him because he couldn’t keep himself from making one last comment; “She does fall off a lot of buildings though”.

Eleanor pulled back slightly and fixed him with a look that clearly said ‘really?’. “Jeez, you are such a nerd”.

“But I’m your nerd” he replied happily. She rolled her eyes, but still leaned up on her toes to press a kiss to his lips, so he considered it a win. “Hey,” he began as she pulled away, “Want to go bob for apples?”

“Or,” she countered, a playful look in her eyes as she slowly began to back towards the ballroom doors, lightly tugging him along with her, “We could sneak over to the flight pad and really bring these costumes to life”. 

“What- no, wait, Eleanor, no!” he sputtered “The flight pad is off limits on holidays!”

She let out an excited giggle “Oh come on! Where’s the fun of flying around as Los Lane without a Superman there with me?” she pulled lightly on his arm again, and this time, she looked so excited, he couldn’t help but let her. “Come on Cheedster!” she laughed as they burst through the doors into the night air, “Up up and away!”


The Man of Steel.
Big Blue.
The Last Son of Krypton.

Faster than a speeding bullet,
Stronger than a locomotive,
He has lasers for eyes,
x-ray vision,
and can fly without even flapping his arms.

But his most notable power was Lois Lane.

The love of an amazing woman is a phone booth that can turn a man from a spineless news reporter into a symbol of justice, into a reason why it’s safe to walk outside while the sun is sleeping.

I’ll be honest, I don’t have a cape. Or a costume.

I wasn’t born on Krypton
and it’s been a really, really long time since I’ve been in a fight
but I will fight gravity for you.

If you’re upset and you don’t feel like talking,
I will try to use my x-ray vision
to look inside of you and see what’s really wrong.
If you need me to,
I will use my superhuman strength
and put your entire world on my shoulders.

If you let me, I will do my best to be Superman for you.

Because you deserve it.

—  “Lois Lane” - Rudy Francisco