reasons why kyungsoo hates you all



  • your friends keep saying he’s spoiled but you say he’s not
  • probably begged you to adopt a puppy and you can’t say no
  • you can’t say no to him
  • whiny


  • at least five inches taller than you
  • was a fucking big baby lmao
  • likes being dressed to impress all the girls at school
  • likes it when you trash his ex girlfriends with him


  • always whining
  • “why can’t i go to the party???”
  • reason for 70% of your city noise warnings
  • neighbours hate him


  • actually a kid you’re proud of
  • always fighting with chanyeol because he’s mature
  • makes sure the 11 other kids are well behaved and will fight if they’re not
  • better parenting skills than you


  • you barely ever see him at home
  • always bar hopping late at night
  • but you let him because his grades are higher than yixing will ever be
  • still plays with dolls


  • picky eater
  • always scolded by his lil bro soo
  • rebel
  • probably yelling at someone right now


  • the very polite kid
  • solves all disputes in the house because noise makes him sad
  • very emotional and sensitive and makes you cry
  • negotiates with his bros to watch his movies


  • takes two hours in the bathroom in the morning admiring himself
  • highkey defensive because people keep teasing him lol
  • basic bitch 
  • spends lunch money on starbucks


  • probably the biggest troublemaker ever
  • needs attention 24/7
  • pisses everyone off
  • secretly has sex with everyone


  • has more money than u
  • scholarships 24/7 = proud parent (:
  • aced his college entrance exams when he was four
  • emotional outbursts because he sets expectations too high for himself


  • always fighting 
  • if not fighting crying
  • needs to be understood
  • emo


  • oldest bro means he can bully younger bros
  • always disappointed with the bros
  • coffee addict and you’re concerned
  • always brings drunk friends home
Quiet Girl

Summary: Kyungsoo, the quiet boy, works up the guts to speak up when you are being bullied.
Members: Kyungsoo (D.O.) x Reader
Type: Angst/ Fluff
Length: 1,019 Words

Ah, I remember I used to be bullied a lot in school for being quiet and nerdy and shy. A lot has changed, but please know that if you are being bullied, standing up for yourself is always a good choice. If you are scared to, don’t be ashamed to tell a teacher. <3

-Admin Kat

Originally posted by kyungsol

Kyungsoo glanced at you from the corner of his eyes as you worked on the poem analysis that the class was supposed to be doing. He had finished his own, and couldn’t help but notice how you smiled slightly to yourself as you read the loving words on the page. He constantly stole glances of you while you were in class together. He wasn’t trying to be creepy about it, but there was something about the way you stuck your tongue out slightly as you concentrated, the way you tapped your pencil against the desk impatiently, and the way you would mouth the words of the poems or text in class.

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Exo’s Reaction - You Dropping Their Favourite Food

Hey! Here you go! <3


Xiumin - *He’d be immediately up out of his seat and helping you to clean up because he hates mess* 

Lay - *He would reassure that everything is okay and that he knows you didn’t mean to do it*

Kai - *He’d get annoyed specially if the food contained chicken but would still offer to help you to pick everything up*

Suho - *He wouldn’t let you clean up and does it himself and buys food anyway*

Kyungsoo - *He’d help you clean up and would make more you for you both*

Tao - *He’d be over dramatic about it all and if a tiny bit landed on his gucci bag or jacket, he’d freak out*

Chen - *Probably the reason why you dropped the food as he pranks and trolls you alot*

Kris - *Screw it… He has money and goes out for food* (Feat a few derpy Luhan)

Chanyeol - *Dies laughing and then would help clean up*

Baekhyun - *He’d try to hold back giggles but he just can’t and calls you clumsy*

Sehun - *Sasses you out and then would give a small smile and giggle to show that he wasn’t really annoyed* Watch what you doing next time

Luhan - *gif*


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baekhyun stans:

  • spits water back in cup
  • “bAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” or “OMG NOOOO” there’s no inbetween and you know it
  • won’t shut up about it either way
  • will keep you updated with all the latest “baekhyun falls down on stage during concert” news they can find
  • probably either praying or making a “baekhyun falling down on stage” compilation video
  • passionate

chanyeol stans:

  • used to it
  • “lol that giant human being is equivalent to two kyungsoos falling down next to each other”
  • be ready for memes because they will come at you like wildfire not even joking lmao
  • won’t make too big of a deal
  • but instead turn it into a joke
  • 2% will be spamming your comments section “the reason why chanyeol falls down on stage is because of your hate so stop being mean” 

jongdae stans:

  • antis: “jongdae fell down because he can’t dance”
  • jongdae stans: “jONGdAe fELl dOWn bECAusE HE CAn’T DaNCE”
  • since everything that jongdae does, says, or smells will be turned into a running joke, this will be a running joke
  • leaking pictures of his abs when his shirt lifted (and probably his nipples too)
  • need to seek help a s ap
  • will probably punch someone in the arm because they’re so excited and ignited over this

kyungsoo stans:

  • “aw that’s cute”
  • then the other half are like “how could you say that about my precious sunshine he’s precious”
  • will lose their shit because the other stans are losing their shit
  • probably write articles on koreaboo or whatever about how kyungsoo fell down because news is news everybody
  • probably make those pretty posts with 4 or 9 images about kyungsoo before, during, and after his fall and it’ll be cute af
  • support !! kyungsoo !!

jongin stans:

  • got turned on cause they saw a bulge !!
  • “those buttons on his pants are gonna have to give up one day and i’ll be praying for that day to be soon”
  • thirsty 
  • probably either laughing or crying because he somehow incorporated the fall into the choreo
  • “the fall was beautiful and artsy” and then proceed to come up with 451 reasons as to why it was artsy
  • will document it in the history book of exo that they keep under their bed

kris stans:

  • if they’re not screaming till their shit falls out then they’re probably
  • “y’all this is just the beginning wait till chicken”
  • asking for someone to save them from this seemingly never-ending spiral of memes and inner fandom jokes
  • but when you try to save them they’ll tell you to fuck off because they can’t be saved at this point
  • the softies will be praying for him but do softies even exist rn

yixing stans:

  • “this boy works too hard and deserves a break like i-”
  • sending cute fanmail and gifts and packages to yixing because xingmis love and care and want the best for their best friend
  • genuinely praying for yixing to get better soon if it was a really bad accident but hey they’ll pray even if he gets lost in the dorm
  • starting cute blogs dedicated to him and will update you with cute yixing photos and telling you to pray for him constantly
  • telling all the other stans to support him and make the whole fandom support yixing because the power of hugs
  • support !! yixing !! he !! deserves !! better !!

luhan stans:

  • “i wonder if my prince is okay”
  • they’re concerned and chill on the outside but inside they’re all up in your face like
  • they only want the best for their prince lu and need the whole fandom to know that
  • trying to record as much evidence they have about hunhan/layhan/luhan/whateverothershipthereishan based on his fall
  • spamming weibo

junmyeon stans:

  • “he works so hard to take care of others he forgot to take care of himself and he needs to take care of himself”
  • the rare moment when a junmyeon stan gets emotional
  • crying and telling everyone to appreciate junmyeon because he clearly deserves better and is overworking himself for exo-l
  • but then when they calm down they’re like “please just support junmyeon my bunny”
  • so they go from 0 to 70 then down to 20 okay
  • working so hard to protect junmyeon they forget to protect themselves :((

sehun stans:

  • fandom immediately becomes a wreck because of them
  • like they’re the actual living reasons as to why exo is trending on tumblr or something 
  • flipping out because they have 19391384913 new pictures of sehun that they can turn into memes
  • news? nah what are you 27?? smut is where it’s at
  • please please let us be concerned

tao stans:

  • “how could he even fall”
  • praise the panda tao for he has conquered falling
  • talking about how amazing and cool tao looked like when he fell down oR they’re talking about “lmao that wasn’t even a slip that was the surprise of the choreo learn slowly bitc-”
  • deep in their hearts they hope he’s okay
  • distracting everyone from current world events because tao is more important than everything else

minseok stans:

  • “protect this precious lil pokemon because he needs to be protected he is my baby i swea-”
  • overly protective at this point
  • making sure that this event makes the headlines and also making sure everyone is as equally if not more concerned for him
  • want everyone to make sure that they know how they feel for their precious minseok 
  • protect !! minseok !! at !! all !! costs !!
  • time to write a fluff 
Second Chances

type: oneshot / scenario

genre: angst; PG

pairing: do kyungsoo x you

plot: in which second chances are not so easy to give out anymore


Silence has never been loud. Until now.

He was on the couch, scrolling through his phone. Any stranger would think nothing’s wrong with that blank look on his face. But you’re not them.

Of course, he is indeed an actor. One who deserves all the recognition he has gotten in the few years he decided to pursue his other dream. One who can lie his way out of things. One who can pretend everything’s picture perfect when it’s actually the complete opposite.

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EXO reaction when they read a fanfiction in which they are a couple with one of the members.


Suho: “Me and lAY?? WAAAAA!?”

Luhan: “Wait, I’m confused. Sehun was my pet cat and now he’s a boy and we like each other? oMG.”

Kai: “Kaisoo? As in me and Kyungsoo? Me and hyung? No way.” *innocently laughs ;)*

Lay: “What’s fanfiction? I don’t get it?”

Baekhyun: “I hate Chanyeol. Why’s he my boyfriend though.”

Tao: *Kris-hyung’s my boyfiend*

Chanyeol: “Chanbaek? hehe Lol”

Kris: “Wrong! this is all WRONG!”


Xiumin: “What is XIuchen?

Kyungsoo: *I like the sound of this so far.*

Kai: "Why are you smiling like that hyung?”

Kyungsoo: “No reason…”


I’m so fucking irritated so I’ll just rant it out here.

Kyungsoo has never ever stated he is the best singer in EXO, we have baekhyun, luhan, Jongdae, Chanyeol, Yixing, Suho, etc who are all amazing singers as well. He is a tasty slice in a beautiful delicious ass pizza alright.

Victim mentality!? Yeah he chose the life of an idol, but i doubt the 12 boys ever even imagined becoming this popular in the course of a few months. And when you have people constantly following you EVERYWHERE, LITERALLY it can get tough. Sasaengs invade your privacy, cause harm to everyone around them and are fucking parasites. It’s like being in a abusive relationship with someone, who constantly stalks you, verbally abuses you when they don’t get attention and they even resort to violence. 

Sasaengs have sent period bloods in a vial to their idols, caused car accidents, poisoned an idol, publicized  idols phone numbers, stalked them to their homes, broke into their homes, etc. So please, think before you speak. If you are telling me that a person has no reason to be upset over shit like this then you are a robot. 

and he’s desperate for attention!? really?! D.O is known as one of the quietest and most private members in EXO. He usually stays in the back and lets the rest do all the talking and he’s comfortable that way. 

for a blog that hates EXO, you guys sure do know all their names, information, and shows. Why don’t you focus your energy into something you love instead. Don’t be a fucking dick.