reasons why i want to hang out with this guy

things im tired of:

  • the evil stepmom trope
  • the im not like other girls because i don’t like skirts, makeup or fro-yo trope
  • any trope that makes girls who like fashion and make-up seem stuck up, stupid, slutty and mean
  • the popular girl wants to socially destroy anyone who tries to get in between her and popularity trope
  • the i hang out with guys because it’s less drama than girls trope
  • the we’re best friends but im the girl your boyfriend cheated on you with because i was jealous of you’re relationship trope
  • literally any trope that has girls hate each other for NO REASON other than to portray all girls as jealous, petty and catty instead of portraying girls having each others backs and protecting each other
How would jealous IKON be like...

Request: Heeey can you do a reaction about jealous ikon? Pleassseee! Jealous boy are sexy 💖

A/N: Made it into a “how would” because idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ also IKON changed some of their stage names, but will that stop me from calling them their original names??? nah.

-Admin KenKen

B.I: Intense. I think Hanbin can either be very jealous or not at all; but when he’s jealous it’s pretty intense. I’m talking death stares that could kill a person and if your talking to someone else at a distance from Hanbin, you could practically feel his harsh glare burning into your cheek. And if the guy was obviously flirting with you he will tell him straight up, “How about you stop flirting with my girl/boyfriend before I kick your ass.”

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Jinhwan: Needy. He’s definitely the jealous type, but it’s because he wants your attention 25/8. Like, this boy loves to be the reason you laugh and smile, so when he sees someone else being that reason, he can get pretty selfish. He would wrap his arms around you, continuously leave a peck on your lips, hold your hand everywhere while saying, “I love you so much.” He would become so needy. *you’re the dog*

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Yunhyeong: Sulky. I can of get the vibe that he would be one to be like, “why do you you go hang out with your new friend, you guys really seem to be hitting it off,” and then walk away with pout on his face. It would be more cute than anything else because his facial expressions would look like a little puppy, but once you kiss him on the cheek his face or show him any sort of affection he would lighten up.

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Bobby: Slighty Protective. Like Hanbin, his stares and overall attitude towards the person flirting with you can be intense, but unlike Hanbin, he wouldn’t let anyone be flirting with you and be far away. He’d be by your side whenever you two would got out because he feels like there’s no one else he’d rather be with. So, when someone is brave enough to come up and flirt with you while your boyfriend is there, he’d just pull you closer to him.  

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Donghyuk: Content. He doesn’t get jealous easily. He completely trusts you and knows that you’d never do anything to hurt and vice versa. There are moments that he’d be a little wary, but that’s because of the one flirting with you because he doesn’t know what that persons intentions towards you are. Other than that I don’t see him getting jealous, but if he did it be subtle.

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Ju-ne: Defensive. I think he would try to deny it as much as possible, even when it was so obvious, “No, I’m not jealous! I just don’t like him/her.” Also, like  Yunhyeong, he would be sulky as well and roll his eyes at every given moment possible. An unnecessary loud groan would come from his mouth every now and then just to interrupt whoever was speaking to you, but when you turn to scowl him he’d just smile innocently. 

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Chanwoo: Subtle. Like Donghyuk, he wouldn’t get very jealous. Of course, he’d get a little sad if you wanted to hang out with someone else than him, but that’s about it. He’d pout about it, but he wouldn’t show that he was jealous; he’d talk about with you, “I know you have friends, but I wish you’d hang out with me a little more.”

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"Why doesn't he care?" 10.0

Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Angst

Format: Text Post

[1.0] [2.0] [3.0] [4.0] [5.0] [6.0] [7.0] [8.0] [9.0] [9.5] [10.0] [11.0] [12.0] [13.0] [13.06]Finale

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Time flew by like no tomorrow, it’s been two months since Taehyung had sent me those messages and ever since then I heard nothing from him again. Maybe he really has given up on me. I haven’t told anyone about my pregnancy and I know it’s wrong of me to do so but I just couldn’t mentally deal with disappointment. Being pregnant made me sit on a rollercoaster of emotions, little things could make me so happy but at the same time little things could make me feel distraught. Damn these hormones!!

Like the good friends they are, the BTS members excluding Taehyung; would message or call once in a while to see how I was doing. Hobi more than anyone else since he wanted to know how well I was healing in terms of my rib but I was fine now and completely healed by now. Weeks of not being able to lie down for long and having to sleep in an upright-ish position killed my back and it was even worse whilst being pregnant. 

They’ve been so busy for the past couple of months, rehearsing for their new comeback and other preparations and although there was no longer a reason for me to hang with them since Taehyung and I weren’t together anymore, the members would still ask me to go visit or to come out for lunch or something but I turned them down each time. I didn’t want to face them in my state, especially not Taehyung when I wasn’t ready yet so the last two months I haven’t even been able to see them in person. 

I had Hobi reassure me that no one else knew the true reason why we broke up, I didn’t want him to be in trouble with the guys and I didn’t want them to be awkward, and it seems as though Taehyung hadn’t said anything too. Hobi suggested that he wasn’t ready yet either to discuss what had happened between the two of us. I guess when you let all out, it really means that it’s all true, that everything is reality. 

My baby bump was also getting bigger and more noticeable to me but not obvious enough for others who didn’t know, unless I wore something tight, then it’d be obvious. If I visited, I just know they’d figure it out and I still don’t know how I should tell Taehyung about it. I couldn’t even tell Hobi - and I felt as though I was betraying him, after all he had done for me. 

I lived my life how I usually would, I went to work, came home and rested. I was basically living in isolation. Without Taehyung and the others around it felt lonely, everything around me seems so dull, as if the world lacked colour. But what could I do when I was the one who pushed him out the door? When I was truly the one who let us go.

Here’s 10.0! Request for 11.0 ~

This series is going to end soooooonish? 💜

Imagine - Justin Foley asking you out

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“(Y/n)!” you hear someone yell from down the hallway. You turn around and see none other than the Justin Foley, captain of the basketball team, walking towards you. “Hey Justin” you say with a small timid smile and a wave. “Hey” he says, “Look, I know this seems kind of out of the blue, but want to hang out later at Monets?” For a moment, your shocked and have no clue what to say. I mean Justin Foley, one of the most popular guys in the school, is asking you out. You always thought that he ways way out of your league. “Um yea sure that’d be great” you say trying not to blush under his intense gaze. “Okay cool” Justin says, smirking “see you later.”

Not a Princess 2: A Descendants Imagine

Part 1: (Still don’t know how to put a link in without it looking like that :/ )

Warnings: none :)

Anonymous said: Can you make another imagine of disney’s descendants with reader being tinkerbell’s daughter like your last imagine? Idk continue it or something like that i really loved it💕💚

So sorry it took so long! With back to school stuff, and wanting to get it just right, it’s taken way too long! I have like 20 rough drafts on my phone of ways it could have been and so I finally pieced it together to make this. So I hope you like it!


“Hey Ben,” you called and walked up next to him.

“Hey, (Y/N),” he smiled and swung an arm over your shoulder.

“Excited for the game?” You nudged him and he shrugged.

“Do you have a date for coronation yet?” He sent you a lopsided smile and you groaned.

“Not you too!”

“Oh come on. I think Andy might-”

“Hey Ben, hey (Y/N)!” Mal smiled and you returned it.

“I’ll- let you two talk,” you winked at Ben and walked over to the railing.

“Hey (Y/N)!” Andy waved and you and you smiled back at him.

Chad elbowed Andy and sent you a glare.

“She’s not even a princess, Andy,” Chad spat and you began to glow red.

“You want me to deal with them?” A deep voice said from behind you and you turned, finding yourself looking up at Jay.

He frowned at Chad and his friends and you shrugged.

“No it’s fine. I handle myself. So I heard you got on the tourney team?” You asked, trying to change the subject.

“Yeah, Coach said I had raw talent.” He puffed out his chest and you sent him a small smile. “Oh. We and Mal made these: chocolate chip cookies. I thought I would offer you one.” Jay looked at the ground and you thought you saw worry In his eyes.

“I’m good. I prefer Peanut butter cookies, but I know Ben loves chocolate. What’s wrong Jay?” You frowned up at him as his face fell.

“Oh it’s um, it’s nothing.”

“Come on, you can tell me,” you looked at him in worry.

“It’s nothing. Hey, maybe we can hang out later?” Jay looked down at you with a smile.

“How about a deal? You win the game, and we hang out.” You grinned at him and he smirked.

“You’re on!”

“Hey lost girl, you going to cheer for us at the game?” Ben laughed from behind you.

“Us? As in You, Jay, Carlos, and Andy yes.” You rolled your eyes at Ben and he grinned.

“Wait you’re a cheerleader?” Jay snickered incredulously.

“Oh, please. I’d rather give myself up to Hook! Ben just keeps insisting I try out.” I grumbled and crossed my arms, huffing a piece of my hair out of my face.

“Well, I know who you should cheer for! Ma-” Ben began but Jay clapped a hand over Bens mouth.

“Um, Mal wants you to sit by her at the big game, yeah, Mal wants (Y/N) to sit by her and Evie,” he shouted that part extremely loud and you placed your hands on your hips. “Ben, why don’t you go get the other guys ready to practice?” Jay rambled and shoved Ben in the other direction.

“What was that?” You quirked an eyebrow at the son of Jafar.

“That? Oh well, I wanted to be the one to tell you?” He stated, but it sounded more like a question.

“I’ll see you after the game, VK, remember to win, I’m looking forward to hanging out with you,” you smiled warmly and swung your bag over your shoulder, making your way over to Mal and Evie.

For some reason, you were really hoping Jay would win that game, and had a smile stuck on your face.

“Woah, someone’s crushing.” Mal snickered and you snapped out of your reverie.

“No! I’m not! I just want the Guys to win is all!” You defended, a little too quickly and The two girls shared a look.

“Yeah, sure…”

As you were talking to the girls, Jay was watching you with a smile on his face.

He was going to win this game, that was for certain.

playing with fire (6) | taehyung

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genre: fluff, fuckboy taehyung, smut                                                           

pairing: taehyung x reader 

summary: you knew what you were in for, but it was too late to get out. besides, it’s not like you wanted to anyways. 

last chapter: here

     Here’s some good news and bad news. Good news is, Taehyung has ignored you for about 2 weeks straight. Bad news is, you miss him. As much as you didn’t want to, you did. But it was your fault he was gone. It was your fault he doesn’t glance your way anymore. Your fault that you were invisible to him. Your fault that he was back to being the fuckboy he always was. 

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You Need To Realize The Hard Truth

I have a feeling that this season is the darkest one. Yes, in previous season we’ve been told about very hard issues to deal with, but Sana’s season is way more intense in my opinion .

While Isak always had some kind of support - and we knew that Jonas would support him no matter what, as well as Eskild would help him with accepting his sexuality in some way, Sana is really alone. She has supportive and kind mother, but we’ve learnt that even her mother is not so understanding when it’s about relationships with boys and friendship with non-Muslim girls. She doesn’t have a best friend - at least not that kind of “best” as Jonas for Isak. She was bullied & she is still bullied in some passive-aggresive way. And she has to deal with all these things on her own. Could you bear such loneliness if you put yourself in her position? Could you even imagine what is she experiencing right now?

What is even more heartbreaking, she’s lost her trust. She was betrayed by her closest friends (un)intentionally) & by the guy she was falling in love with. And that’s one of the reasons why she cut Isak off along with her unwillingness to cause some new troubles for Even & Isak.

I don’t know about Elias though, because while he was very supportive when he learnt about Sana’s feelings for Yousef, he is also the one who’s punched Isak, didn’t want Sana to be in the bus etc.

So i think in these circumstances Sana’ll isolate herself from her old social circle & maybe even start to hang out with the hijab police

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Imagine being a teenaged Avenger and sneaking Peter’s suit back to him when Tony takes it.

**Warning- Spider-Man: Homecoming Spoilers**

Seeing him this dejected made your heart break just a little bit as you pulled Peter towards his room.

“[f/n], wh-what’s going on?” he asked.

“Tony’s going to kill me for this,” you mumbled as you pulled the suit out of your backpack. “Take it.”

Peter’s eyes widened, “H-how did you get it back?”

You shook your head and held it out to him, “Don’t ask.”

He continued to stare, his mouth hanging ever so slightly open, “But why?”

You sighed and rubbed a hand over your face, “Okay, so I know Tony wants to teach you a lesson about being more than just the suit. I totally get that and I respect his reasons. But I also know you’re going to go after this guy anyways. I just don’t want to see you get killed because you didn’t have the suit.” You ran your hand through your hair, “I mean, I guess that’s kind of negating the whole ‘you’re more than the suit’ thing, but I don’t want to see you get hurt, okay? This guy… he’s the real deal. So just take the damn suit and go get him, got it?”

A slow grin spread across Peter’s lips. Without thinking, he put both hands on either side of your face and kissed you. He pulled away just as quickly, eyes wide and cheeks dusted pink. “I, uh, I- thanks,” he stammered out at last, holding the suit to his chest.

You felt your own ears heat up. “Go get him, Spidey.”

Gif Credit: Peter

Now That You Mention It

Prompt:  Write-a-Thon day one- AU day

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Female!Reader

AU: Highschool AU

Word count: 2,763

Warning: None

Summary: Reader tries out for the school’s next theater production, In The Heights, and unexpectedly gets the role of Vanessa. You’ll never guess who plays Usnavi.

A/N: Yep, here it is, Day one, done. Almost three hours later than I was hoping. But at least I got it out. I hope you guys enjoy!

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Best Friend confesses Series: DK/ Seokmin

This is part nine of a series of Seventeen imagines. Feel free to message me and say who you want to see confessing next! Requests get done fast ;)

Seokmin has been pretty busy lately, but he never fails to text and snapchat and otherwise communicate with you no matter his schedule. Nothing cheers you up more than the little notifications accompanied by his name, which in your phone is set as “Sunshine”. But still, you miss him. You miss him even more because you can tell he’s getting very stressed lately and you feel helpless to make it better. 

He doesn’t say anything to worry you, of course, but it’s noticeable in the little things: the small sad comments he makes, the slight edge to his smile on video calls, and how he barely uses capital letters in texts anymore despite usually using a lot.

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Smell Your Intentions (Isaac/Stiles)

Anonymous said: Stiles/Isaac

Teenyfic #7. Sigh. These aren’t turning out to be very teeny.

We don’t deal with outsiders very well
They say newcomers have a certain smell
You have trust issues, not to mention
They say they can smell your intentions

Heathens by Twenty One Pilots

Smell Your Intentions. Isaac/Stiles. Teen.

Isaac gives Stiles a warning about Parrish that ends up revealing more than planned

“You really should stay away from Parrish.”

“Fuck.” Stiles stops in his doorway and stares into the darkness of his room, his hand on his chest as he tries to calm his racing heart. “What the hell are you doing in my room, in the dark, Isaac?”

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{ @golly-god: i have a mighty need for some tooth rotting weecest cuteness extravaganza. Just two young boys being stupidly in love | tagging: @corrupteddean @angelicmeg @acesammy @policeofficerdean; @catharticsam @purgatoan @vintagesam @oh-jesus-sammy @pretttypadalecki }

Sam can’t help but smile as he notices Dean waiting for him in front of the school, looking so nice and great in his leather jacked and mullet rock echoing softly from the Impala. He’s been in a great mood since Dad praised him for a good hunt last week and Sam can just enjoy and push his luck– so when he gets close enough, he wraps his arms around Dean and hugs him tightly, waiting patiently until Dean gets the hint and kiss him just as Sam wants.

“Missed me, baby boy?” Dean asks, amused and cocky as always and Sam rolls his eyes. “You so sweet, Sammy. Wanna a romantic date at a fancy restaurant and roses, too?”

“Sure, why not.” Sam just shrugs and can’t not laugh loudly when Dean chokes and stares at him as if he’s grown another head. His brother is such an idiot sometimes Sam can’t even remember why he’s fallen in love with that guy–but there’s a lot of reasons and he just doesn’t want to think about it right now. “Jerk.”

“Bitch.” Dean shakes his head and presses a soft kiss to Sam’s lips before pulling away. “But for real now, what about hanging out with your awesome big brother?”

“I dunno, I have lots of homework to do.” Sam replies, but he’s smiling and wondering what Dean’s planning now. His big brother just shrugs.

“Your loss. I found this real nice place near the lake and it’ll be empty for another few weeks.” Dean says, looking around for a moment as if he’s trying to find someone. “You think that Amanda girl will want to come? She–”

Oh that’s a low blow and they both know it– but Sam ends up rising for the bait and jumping into the car before Dean can say something else. His big brother just laughs, gets in the car and kisses him again, and they stay there for a long time, kissing and holding hands and talking about random things until Dean revs the engine and starts driving towards the lake and this ‘nice place’ of his.

It’s just a cabin like any other they’ve found during their travels around the country, but there’s a nice fireplace and good, comfortable furniture inside, they have this nice view of the lake and more important–the place is empty indeed. Not that Sam doesn’t trust Dean- but sometimes his big brother is prone to do stupid things just to please Sam.

“So, your highness.” Dean says, dropping the leather jacket on the couch– but he’s almost bristling, like he’s expecting Sam to say something about the place. Okay, there’s something going on here and– oh. Oh boy, he’s planned this. “Is it good enough?”

Sam smiles and nods, pulling Dean to another kiss. “You didn’t kill the owner, did you?”

“Didn’t need to. I saved his ass from a black dog a few months ago and he gave me the keys for some time. We can use it until Dad comes back.” Dean wraps his arms around Sam, smiling almost gently, and brushes their noses together. “Love you, baby boy.”

Sam’s got this feeling telling him this is going to be a wonderful week.

Follow || Tyler Down x Reader

*inhales* ASK ME FOR A THOUSAND TYLER IMAGINES AND I WILL NEVER REFUSE. It feels so wrong to write about a stalker, but so right for that stalker to be Tyler. Damn you, attractive actors.

Word Count: 1,070

Warnings: Stalking


    Lonely nights were all you seemed to have any more.

    Your eyes scanned the small, rusted playground that sat in the center of Eisenhower Park. When you were a kid, you used to visit it all the time, but, like most of the things you used to like, you grew out of it.

    When you sat down on the same swing that you used to come to every Saturday afternoon, it felt unfamiliar. You kicked off the ground, trying to channel your emotions into anger. Because maybe if you could get a rise out of yourself, you could finally blow off some steam and start feeling better.

    Amongst the loudly creaking chains of the swingset, you heard something a little different. An almost robotic sound, like a shutter. The gentle flapping of a bird’s wings. If a bird’s wings were made of aluminum.

    You shrugged it off, kicking against the ground again. You felt the wind catch at your clothes and hair, gravity attempting to drag you down as you flew up to the trees. You leaned back, staring up at the starlit sky, and imagined billions of tiny lightbulbs floating around in space.

    Then the sound was there again. This time you were sure you had heard it. You pulled yourself up quickly, slamming the soles of your shoes into the dirt. You came to a stop so abrupt you were nearly tossed off of the swing.

    Your eyes scanned the dark, open space. A chill worked its way up your spine, the skin there erupting in goosebumps. You stood up and started walking towards the road, trying to act like you weren’t completely freaking out.

    Either you were being paranoid, or there was a second set of footsteps behind you. You stopped, pretending to check out something on the ground. Whoever was following you copied just a little too late. The sound of crunching dead grass was as clear as day.

    Whereas most people might have run, or screamed, or turned to fight off an attacker; you froze. Your body stiffened, arms locked by your sides.

    That moment of unbearable dread seemed to drag on forever. You standing there, facing the direction of safety, the light of a streetlamp visible in the distance. And them, as silent as a ghost.

    You flinched away as you heard them take another step. Something jutting up from the grass caught your shoelace, and the next thing you knew you were on your back. You stared up, eyes wide with terror.

    “Tyler, what are you doing!? You scared the hell out of me!”

    The tall, slender junior was paused in the middle of a step backwards, camera clutched tightly in his hands. His jaw dropped, expression as stunned as you figured yours must’ve been. “I-I was just-!” He scrambled for an answer.

    “Following me? Taking pictures of me?” you accused, incredulous.

    “I’m sorry. I don’t- I wanted to-” he stopped, taking another step backwards. “A-are you going to tell anyone about this?”

    “Am I going to tell anyone that you’re stalking me?” you asked. You placed a hand over your heart, taking a deep breath to calm yourself down. “No, but this could seriously get you into trouble. Why didn’t you just ask me for permission?”

    He took another step backwards. The look on his face said it all. He wasn’t just taking innocent pictures of you swinging at the park.

    “Tyler Down,” you said. “If you run, I’ll call the police.”

    He looked down at his camera, almost as if he was thinking about destroying it right then and there. “Okay,” he said at last.

    “Okay, good.” You stood up, dusting  yourself off. “How long have you been taking pictures of me?”

    He shrugged. “A while.”

    You took a step towards him, your hand outstretched. His head shot up, eyes darting between you and his camera. After a short moment of hesitation, he handed it over. You turned it on and starting sorting through the gallery. There were pictures of you in school, of you in your bedroom, and even of you at the grocery store.

    “Woah,” you said, your voice such a confusing mix of emotions that not even you were sure what you had meant. “Like… holy-”

    Tyler grabbed the camera out of your hands, shutting it off and stuffing it into the messenger bag he was carrying.

    You stared at him in disbelief. How long had you known him? You’d been friends since middle school. Albeit, neither of you were ever that close, but you’d often talked to each other. You sat by him at lunch nearly every day.

    “Don’t look at me like that,” he said pitifully.

    “How do you want me to look at you?” you asked. “I mean, you’re stalking me.”

    “I’m not stalking you,” he snapped.

    You smiled, probably one of the last things you should have done. “Uh, you need to look up the definition of stalker.”

    “No, it’s-” he looked like he was about to say something else, but stopped mid-sentence.

    “It’s what?” you questioned.

    He frowned. “You’ll be weirded out.”

    “I’m a little past the point of being weirded out,” you replied.

    “Fine,” he murmured. “It’s love. That’s what I was going to say. I’m in love with you.”

    You watched him carefully, waiting for him to turn into some kind of psycho killer like on the movies. You expected him to lunge forwards and attack you at any minute, but it didn’t happen. He was just the same Tyler that you knew from school. Except he followed you around and took pictures when you weren’t looking.

    Everything you had been told in your life was that people like Tyler should be avoided at all costs. Right about now, you should be running away, or calling the cops. But instead, you’re moving closer to him, feeling sickly flattered that someone would care enough about you to go to so much trouble.

    “Okay,” you said. “Then stop following me, and when I see you tomorrow at school we can talk.”

    “You still want to hang out with me?” His voice rose an octave, sounding both astonished and excited all at once.

    “Yeah.” You nodded. “I just don’t think you’re a bad guy, Tyler.”

    You turned, heading towards the road to your house. You could just barely catch Tyler’s soft voice as he said, more to himself than anyone, “I love you, Y/N.”

I Bet You It’s Love

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I Bet You It’s Love [Jungkook X Reader]

THEME: Angst, fluff, romance

(WARNING): Some mature language

WORDS: 8 450

AUTHOR: TheLillzMonster


It was a regular Tuesday morning and you were just walking through the gray high school hallway, filled with teenagers talking about whatever. Everyone had there own group that they belonged to. It was like an unwritten system. You always belonged to a group. Except for a few people, who were very lonely. Those few people were usually the quiet, shy and introverted type. And of course, you were one of them. You took quiet but fast steps, passing by all of the cheerful, happy, young souls who seemed to have endless things to talk about. Nobody noticed you. Nobody looked at you. Nobody greeted you. Not that you cared that much though. It was normal to you and you were used to it. It didn’t really bother you to be able to be alone and do whatever you wanted to without someone else stopping you. Loneliness wasn’t necessarily a negative thing to you anymore. You’d always been a socially shy person and if you had a friend, it was pretty much only one good friend, not a group. Groups just weren’t your thing.

You finally reached your locker and unlocked it. Girls from your class quickly appeared around you, as they were also getting stuff out of their lockers. You bent your head down by instinct, always trying to keep as much attention away from you as possible. It wasn’t like it was hard, no one really noticed you, ever.

“Ey, Jungkook!” A deep voice called out behind you and you glanced over to see Taehyung and Jungkook greeting each other per usual. They were part of one of the school’s most popular groups: BTS. The three youngest members, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook, were unfortunately in your class. Unfortunately, because their presence always sucked people in and you found yourself having to sometimes squeeze through crowds of people just to get out of your classroom. It was ridiculous how popular they were just for being handsome. Yes, you admitted that they were handsome, but you never just judged someone on looks. It wasn’t like they were always going around school, flirting with girls, but rumors about them dating new girls spread around school all of the time and you couldn’t help but partially believe in them. You weren’t necessarily uninterested in them, but you didn’t really want to get involved either. You felt like there would be too much trouble.

You quickly reached for your maths book and were in the process of closing the locker when you accidentally overheard the girls beside you whispering.

“Hey, you know that senior that Jungkook was rumored to be dating last week?”


“Well, I just heard someone say that they broke up. I don’t know why though, but that means he’s back on the market. I can’t believe he left an older girl that was so pretty.”

You rolled your eyes, partially at the girls for gossiping and partially at Jungkook. A lot of rumours like that spread about him, way too often. You didn’t want to believe in all of them though, since he was so young and you’d never personally spoken to him, so you didn’t want to judge him too quickly.

You entered the classroom and sat at a desk in the very back, making you even more invisible than what you already were. Not too long after, the three members of BTS came in and sat near the front, where they usually took their seats. You discreetly glanced up at them and you caught Jungkook glancing back at you before you hastily averted your eyes, feeling a little embarassed at the eye contact. Why was he looking at you? You felt heat rise to your cheeks and mentally scolded yourself for it.

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First Love -8- Suga AU

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First Love, Suga AU

Parts; Masterlist, | 01, | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 |

Pairing; Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre; Romance, angst

Word count; 3.348

Synopsis; Meeting the genius of the music class was something you looked forward to, that is until he opened his mouth but even though he treated you like crap, you couldn’t help but feel attracted to him when he was playing the piano, how could you fight against feelings like this and was it something you wanted to fight against in the first place.

Yoongi literally jumped off of you and frantically started to pick up his clothes after he had put on his boxers and his sweats, it was quite funny to see but then again you felt a bit flustered by this sudden change, of course this wasn’t his fault but you were ready to give him one of your most precious things and then he just stopped, it’s not like your mother would’ve come in because she knew that this would eventually happen, as she had seen your feelings for Yoongi.

Yoongi did not once look at you and when he was finally dressed he even left the room, without saying anything and to be honest that really stung. You got off the bed and got dressed again but this time you put on some sweats and a shirt and you decided to sleep on the couch today because now that you had become of the shock were pretty frustrated by his behavior and as you walked out of the room, you actually slammed the door. “Is something wrong, sweetheart?” your mother was definitely startled by you and the fact that you slammed the door so hard and the expression on your face told her exactly how angry you were. “Nothing’s wrong,” you said through clenched teeth as you walked into the living room, Yoongi was also staring at you but his expression told you he knew he was wrong but that really didn’t matter now. “Mom, I will be back in an hour or so,” you told her as you put on your shoes, you didn’t wait for an answer as you pulled the door shut.

You texted both Jimin and Taehyung because you really wanted to let out some steam and the best way to do that was by doing some crazy karaoke, you told them where to meet and to bring JungKook if he wanted to come and as you arrived they were standing there waiting for you. It was nice to have friends like them. “Let’s go in.” they followed you and as you guys entered the room, you didn’t waste any time and put on BigBang’s “bang,bang,bang” and not long after we all were singing and dancing around like crazy people but this did make me feel better “Yah Y/N, why did you want to hang out?”

“Do I need a reason to hang out with you guys?”

“No, not really but we did have a bit of a fight.”

“Jiminie even if we fight, you’re still my best friend, so why wouldn’t I hang out with you, that just doesn’t make any sense.” you ruffled his hair and hugged him “Jungkook-ah, you can really sing!”

“No, not really.”

“Why is this kid so shy? Yah JK, stop being so shy, you can really sing!”

“You can sing better Noona.”

“Of course I can.” you joked because even though you could sing, he was way better but there was no way you were admitting to that. “You know, I’ve been watching you and you’re really cute, you know that right?”

“Noona, are you okay?”

“Am I, I don’t know, I think I’m embarrassed.” you nodded as if you were proud of yourself for admitting that. “About what?”

“About what are you embarrassed?” Jimin sat down next to you and Taehyung also sat down on the other side and all three of them were curiously staring at you. “Aw is it already this late, I should go home.” you jumped up but Jimin stopped you by grabbing your arm at that precise moment, the door opened and behind it was none other than Yoongi, who was looking furious and the only thing you could do was sigh really loud. “Really? You followed me?”

“Of course I did, I’m not stupid, I know you’re angry with me.” he wasn’t looking at you but rather at Jimin’s hand that was still holding your arm so you pulled your arm out of his hold and quickly stood in front of him. “He was just worried.”

“I bet he was.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“That you need to keep your hands to yourself because she’s mine.”

“I didn’t know she was a property.”

“YAH!” everyone turned around startled and even though this is what you wanted them staring at you made you feel shy for some reason. “Yoongi, I already told you that you have no reason to be jealous and Jimin stop putting me in these situations, please!”

“You texted me, remember?”

“I needed my friends and you are my friend!”

“Let’s go home.” Yoongi grabbed your wrist and pulled you with him and you let him. You waved at the guys who were staring at you with their mouth wide open and you thought you could hear Jungkook mumble to never get a girlfriend, which made you chuckle. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing.” you pulled your hand free and started to walk faster to get away from him but it didn’t work. “Y/N, just talk to me, please?!”

“Fine! You know how embarrassed I was after you just left me alone?! We almost did, you know and you just ran away the minute you heard my mom!” you were yelling first but lowered your voice when you remembered what you were talking about.
“You could’ve asked me if I was okay, you could’ve said that you’re sorry, you could’ve to give me my clothes but no you just ran! Am I just some fling for you because if so then just leave!” you were breathing hard and you could see the shame and guilt on his face but it was the truth you really felt embarrassed about this whole thing, you shouldn’t have let it come that far anyway but you did and the moment it was going to happen he just stopped because your mother told you she was home.

“Wait, what, are you angry because I left you or are you angry because I stopped?” You felt flustered immediately because at this point you were angry about both but what did that say about you? You weren’t some pervert but it was really special and you really wanted him and then he just stopped as if it wasn’t hard for him.

“You are angry that I stopped aren’t you?” he took a step closer and you decided to stay where you were, he couldn’t intimidate you any longer, he smiled when he saw your determination. “I’m sorry for stopping.” his hand went into your hair and pulled you closer, it was turning you on big time and he knew this when he locked his eyes with you, it was probably written all over your face. He brushed his finger over your lips and his mouth followed and all those lingering feelings came back in one explosion, the angry feelings were gone in an instant, all that was left was the scent that lingered around him and if you weren’t standing on the street under a street light you wouldn’t know what you would do.

“We will finish what we started, I promise, okay.” he brushed his lips over yours and the only thing you could do now was a nod. “You’re not angry anymore?”

“No.” you mumbled, which made him smile. “Silly girl, let’s just go home.” his hand interlocked with yours and together you walked back home “Wait this is not the way home.” he turned his head just to smile at you and kiss your knuckles, which brought goosebumps all over your body, he definitely did it on purpose. “Where are we going? We’re not going to a motel right?” you really didn’t want to go into a motel because that would just be cheap and he should know that you would run away, only the thought of all the people who had used a motel room, well it was a turn-off. “Of course we’re not going to a motel.” you kept walking with him as you were curious enough to see where he was taking you. The neighborhood he was taking you didn’t look that good but then again, everything looked a bit shady in the dark, so who were you to judge, he led you up some stairs and stopped when you were halfway. “We need to go up.”


“Just follow me.” you did as he asked and together you climbed up some more stairs but this time is was from a house and when you arrived at the top, you saw this cutest rooftop house, you looked around and was stunned to see the view, it was breathtaking, as you could see most of the city. “Why are we here Yoongi?”

“I can’t stay with you guys forever right?”

“We really don’t mind.”

“I do, I hate that I’m taking your bed and don’t pretend you don’t mind because I know, you can’t really sleep.”

“I have always been a bad sleeper, the doctor even told me that I have insomnia.” you shrugged but Yoongi just sighed deeply and the way he was looking at you made you feel uncomfortable because it was a pity, which wasn’t something you got often.

“Anyway, I bought this house.” he opened the door and turned on the lights, he waited for you, to enter and when you did, he suddenly picked you up bridal style and carried you over the threshold, which made you giggle, because it was the cutest thing ever. “Yah, put me down silly, we’re not even married.” he walked to the only bedroom and dropped me on his bed, which was surprisingly comfortable. You grabbed a pillow and put it under your head and just closed your eyes for a second.

You startled awake and looked around you only to find a sleeping yoongi next to you, you couldn’t remember falling asleep, the only thing you did was close your eyes but for some reason it was light outside, you quickly got up and was surprised to see you were in different clothes and when you finally came across your phone you were shocked to see it was already past 9 am, luckily it was weekend so you didn’t really have to go somewhere but still, Yoongi should’ve woken you up. The weird thing was that your mother didn’t text or called you to ask where you were or maybe Yoongi had called her to let her know you were sleeping at his place, which was a bit, you know. You did relax a bit after this mind set and as you looked around you saw a keyboard in the corner and you just couldn’t resist and sat down behind it and after cracking your fingers you started to play a nice piece, which suited a lazy Saturday morning, you were so emerged in playing the keyboard that you hadn’t noticed yoongi, looking at you that is until he kissed your exposed neck, it also made you stop playing.

“Did I wake you up?” he shook his head. “I just didn’t feel you next to me so I was half afraid that you had run away.” you could feel his smile against your neck as he pressed another kiss against it. “Why would I run away?”

“Well you did wake up in my bed and you are wearing my shirt.” you looked down and smiled as you played with the hem of your shirt. “You already saw me naked so there’s not really a point in hiding my body from you.” he sat down and pulled you closer as he nuzzled your nose with his, you couldn’t help but close your eyes. “You know I love to watch you play,” he whispered, giving you goosebumps along the way. “Likewise,” you mumbled back and as you slowly opened your eyes he slowly leaned forward and pressed his lips slowly against yours, this was not the kiss you were used to, this was just a sweet one from someone who was very content with his life at the moment. He wasn’t in any rush and somehow you liked this even better than the heavy make-out session which almost led to you losing your virginity. He got up and lifted you up and carried you back into the bedroom and put you down gently and you couldn’t help but wonder if today was the day but he just crawled behind you and pulled you into a hug. “Let’s just sleep some more.” he buried his face in your neck and within a few second you could hear his breathing getting slower and you had to smile at this because it was just too cute.

You couldn’t sleep though but you felt content to just lie here but it didn’t take long for someone to disturb this little bubble as there was some loud banging on the door, which actually startled you. “Who’s there?” you asked hesitantly and before you knew what was happening, the door got slammed open, this made you jump right out of bed and Yoongi was also awake now but the way he was looking at the bedroom door, was terrifying because he looked downright scared for the person behind the door. “Yoongi?” you hesitated to open the door. “Don’t open it.”

“Why not? Who is that?” he didn’t say anything but just crawled into a corner, this is the moment where you remembered his abusive parents, how in the world could you forget about them? But there was no way they knew where to find him right? You reached for the doorknob but before you could even open it, someone threw it open with a bang and as you looked at Yoongi, he had his posture changed, he had made himself into a ball and it was heartbreaking to see. You turned your attention to the man who was no standing in front of you. “Are you his whore?” he nudged towards Yoongi but you didn’t look away from the guy who was standing in front of you because he clearly intended to be hurtful but this tactic was not going to work on you and you knew you had to protect your man from this guy. “His whore? You must be his father then.” you smiled at him, showing him, his words didn’t reach its goal. “Move!” you shook your head and to be honest you didn’t know where you got this attitude from because you were really scared right now.

“Aren’t you going to move?” you shook your head again. “I don’t know who you are but you should leave this house, you’re not welcome.”

“I’m not welcome? He is my son, I don’t need an invitation.”

“Yes you do and if you don’t leave right now, I’m going to call the police.” he narrowed his eyes when he stepped right into your face, you held your breath as he looked you right in the eyes. “You better move right now.”

“I’m not moving.” that’s when he took a step back and before you had any time to defend yourself he had already hit you on your cheekbone, which hurt like crazy and you could’ve sworn you saw some stars but you didn’t budge, you felt Yoongi watching you stand up to his biggest nightmare but he was not helping, he must’ve been in his own world, to shut himself off from this reality and you couldn’t blame him right now as you were facing a guy twice your size. “You’re a tough one aren’t you? He was like you once but we beat that out of him.”

“Pathetic, that’s what you are.” he grabbed your collar and lifted you, which freaked your out and you were on the verge of panicking when you saw how he had actually helped you out because now you were at the right height and you didn’t hesitate one second and kicked him right in the nuts, which made him let go of you as he was cursing at you whilst holding his stuff. “You BITCH!” he yelled at you but you really didn’t care the only thing you did care about was the fact that you were in excruciating pain and the headache that accompanied it was no joke either. “Yoongi, son, you should come with me now.” if he could get any smaller he would’ve but that was impossible. “Stop talking to him.”

“Move” and with this, he shoved you hard and this time you were too late the hold your ground and he actually threw you against the corner of the bed, which hurt like hell and you had to take a few deep breaths to contain yourself. “I warned you didn’t I?” he said with a smirk. “You’re evil,” you said through the breathing and you could already tell, he had broken some ribs but you still got up and stood in front of Yoongi. “I’m not evil, he just needs to know who is in control.”

“Haven’t you showed him that enough times by now?”

“Apparently now because he ran away, didn’t he? And now move, if you make me ask one more time, I will hurt you, the way I usually hurt him.” you took a deep breath and stayed and that’s when he grabbed your neck but to your surprise this was exactly what you learned at taekwondo and this time you could actually hurt him and as you moved you took him with you which made him fall down but your victory was short lived because when you tried to stand up he got hold of one of the legs and that’s when time froze because suddenly Yoongi got out of his traumatic state and moved but it was already too late because next thing you know, you heard a loud crack. “NOOOO!” and that’s when the pain finally came through and as you looked back you saw the problem, he broke your right leg and that’s when you heard yourself scream even though it didn’t sink in that you were the one that was screaming because Yoongi was screaming as well but it was like you’d gone blind because you couldn’t see anything clearly anymore. You just lay there staring at your leg as if you didn’t get what just had happened, it just didn’t make any sense but you didn’t get the time to think about everything because his father lifted you by the collar of your shirt and as he held you in front of him you felt something sharp against your lower back.

“Wait! I will come with you, please don’t harm her anymore.” Yoongi was pleading for you but his father just chuckled and you knew that the pleading didn’t work because he put a bit more pressure behind it. “Let’s see how you feel when you lose the thing you love the most son.” and that’s when you felt the knife going straight into your back and at that precise moment he let you go and you crashed to the floor. “Have fun together.” you heard him say and the only reason why you knew he had left was you recognized Yoongi’s touch.

“Y/N, stay with me okay.” he sounded frantic and you tried to nod but your head felt really heavy and you could tell Yoongi was calling an ambulance but you really felt exhausted and you really tried to stay awake but it got harder and harder, Yoongi was pacing the room, whilst talking to the hospital and even though you tried to follow him with your eyes, it just became too much “Yoongi.” you heard how weak you sounded and it alarmed him as well because he immediately turned around and threw his phone away. He let himself fall beside you and grabbed your hand. “Don’t you dare to close your eyes, do you hear me!” he demanded but it really was too hard.

“Tired,” you whispered and his eyes became big with worry and despair but you just had to close your eyes, it was just too hard. “I’m sorry.”


  • the kind of guy to forget your anniversary but remember what day is national sandwich day
  • but when he forgets you can tell its because he’s really busy with being in charge of seventeen so you don’t get mad
  • he knows you are not upset but he feels like he’s a bad boyfriend for not remembering the day that was important to the both of you so he goes out of his way to buy you presents and to set aside a whole day for you and him
  • he’d take you on special dates when he’s been gone for a long time ( tours, concerts, etc. you get the point)
  • he’d take you to the beach at night to just sit there with you
  • he might even bring a blanket for you two to share while you sit in between his legs to cuddle
  • “I like this we should do it more often” he’d say and you two would make the beach your routine hang out spot for when you to just wanted to be together
  • If for whatever reason you two weren’t together he’d still go there to distress. thinking about the memories you two had there would make him remember why he was trying so hard to be at the top.
  • it’s because you’re his motivation. he wants to provide for you even though he’s fully aware you are the most independent person he’d even known
  • You guys moved in together after a year or so of dating which seemed to be too long according to s.coups
  • your house will be the coolest place ever
    a drum set in the basement next to the piano, you guys agreed to make the basement a music room or another hang out spot because there’s also a lounge area with comfy ass couches and a big TV
  • your entire home is basically music themed because other then pictures of you, him, and your families there’s vinyl records hanging around, posters of your favorite singers, and music is almost always playing when you two are home
  • don’t be surprised if you catch woozi stalking you two sometimes because he’s most likely using your to write songs but you can’t be mad because how can you??

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Prompt: Elias finds out about Sana's heartbreak


Sana was still in bed, which was a rarity compared to how she would usually wake up; 9 am sharp followed by a glass of water she always put on the shelf by her door the night before. It had been two days since the disaster that was the karaoke party. In the span of 5 minutes, Sana’s world had been torn apart. Everything she had been scared of happening in her life, had happened. She had thought inviting Elias and the rest of the boys to the karaoke party would make them and Even become friends again. She was wrong. She had thought that if she were bus boss and assimilated well enough into the norwegian society, she would be accepted. She was wrong. She had thought Yousef liked her, she was wrong. Very wrong.

After having seen the kiss between her best friend and the boy she had had a crush on since she was 11, she had no idea one could feel such pain. She had felt like someone had punched a hole in her chest and ripped her heart out all together. She should have known. She should have known those looks, those smiles were just that, looks and smiles. She had read too much into it, he didn’t like her that way. And she didn’t blame him. She couldn’t give him what he wanted, she couldn’t give him what Noora could. Noora had light hair, she was norwegian, she was right for him. Yousef was a good guy, way better than William and he wasn’t muslim. Yousef and Noora made sense.

Yousef and Sana didn’t make sense, Sana kept trying to convince herself. Even though she noticed she had reserved a special kind of laugh just for his jokes, even though her heart convulsed every single time they shared eye contact, even though she could understand him and he could understand her in a way no one had ever could, they didn’t make sense.

Sana felt tears threatening to spill from her eyes, but she willed them to go away. She needed to get over him. She couldn’t be in love with the guy her best friend was with, that would be selfish of her.

Sana turned on her phone for the first time since friday. Right after she had seen the kiss shared between Noora and Yousef, she decided to go home and she immediately turned off her phone and went to bed, feeling too overwhelmed by what had happened.

Eva, Vilde, Chris


EVA: Did you guys see that Noora and Yousef kissed? Fy faen

VILDE: Yeah!! We’re such good friends!!

CHRIS: Oh yeah baby!

EVA: BAM! No one better than us

Elias Bakkoush


ELIAS: Hey I’m sorry I left without saying goodbye

ELIAS: If mom asks, I’m at Adam’s

ELIAS: Btw, how did it go with everything?




NOORA: Hey why did you leave so early yesterday?

NOORA: Eskild performed his version of ‘Hit me baby one more time’, it was excruciating




NOORA: Sana ? Are you OK?


SANA: Yeah, I just felt a bit sick

Sana turned off her phone and put her head on her pillow, staring at the ceiling. She had no idea what she was going to do. She couldn’t avoid the people she didn’t feel like seeing. She couldn’t avoid going to school and seeing the girls and the pepsi max girls, she couldn’t avoid being at home and seeing Yousef. Thank god Elias hadn’t been at home since friday, that way she wouldn’t have to worry about possibly seeing Yousef again. Just the thought of seeing him again had made the tears in her eyes resurface. She scolded herself for hurting so much. They hadn’t even been dating, she told herself. There was nothing between the two of them. It was stupid.

In the midst of her thoughts, Sana heard a light knock on her door. “Sana? Can I come in?” The voice belonging to Elias.

Sana felt her breath quicken, she didn’t want him or anyone else to notice her unhappiness. She stuttered before saying, “U-uhm, yeah,”

Sana fidgeted with her bracelet when Elias carefully opened the door. He came in with a tray full of breakfast, “Mom told me you haven’t had breakfast,” he responded to Sanas questioning gaze. She had barely had anything to eat the day before. Still, she didn’t feel hungry at all. Sana sported a weak smile of gratitude towards Elias.

Elias narrowed his eyes, studied her closely, looking for any hints as to what Sana was feeling. He sat down beside her on the bed.

Sana’s lips set into a grim line as she stared the strawberries down on the plate next to the yoghurt. She couldn’t get herself to eat anything.

“I’m sorry I left without saying goodbye. What’s going on with you?”

The muscles in Sana’s face tightened at the question. “I’m just….tired.”

Elias creased his brows and said, “Come on, mom told me you’ve barely left your bed since friday and I’m supposed to believe you’re just tired?”

Sana looked down at her plate in sorrow and played with her food. “It’s just something with Vilde,” which to her defense, wasn’t actually a lie.

“So is Yousef also going through something with Vilde?” Elias deadpanned. “Because something definitely happened between you two since you’re both conveniently sad at the same time,”

That made Sana shoot up at him in confusion. Why would he be sad? “I- He doesn’t like me,”

Elias tilted his head and laughed incredulously. “Yousef doesn’t like you. Yousef. The same guy who since the age of 11 has used every opportunity he could possibly have to go talk to you. The same guy who for some reason always wants to hang out at our place instead of anywhere else. The same guy who freaking just had to get something to drink but ended up in the kitchen with you to ‘fix food’ for god knows how long? Am I seriously supposed to believe that?”

Normally, that would make Sana’s heart convulse and make her smile as big as the moon. But not today. He didn’t like her. It was a fact. He probably acted that way with everyone, not just her.

She frowned with a sour expression. “Well then how do you explain him kissing Noora?”

“What?” Elias stared at her with wide eyes. He raised his head and narrowed his eyes in speculation. His knuckles turned white in anger as his eyes flashed.

The tears in her eyes had resurfaced yet again. This time, she had no strength to will them away so instead they ran down her cheeks in silent abandon.

Elias noticed her tears straight away, and he immediately sported a softer look in his eyes than seconds before. Elias took a deep breath in frustration as he grimaced. If there was one thing he couldn’t handle, was seeing his sister in pain.

Sana wiped her tear away. Promising herself not to be so weak. She held her head high even though the only thing she wanted to do right now was to curl back inside the bed and not get out.

“I- I shouldn’t have invited you guys when I knew Even would be there. Yousef told me about what happened with Mikael and Even, it was stupid of me.”

Elias furrowed his brows in confusion. “Mikael and Even? What are you talking about?”

Sana’s brows knitted in a frown in response. “Well he told me about Even trying to kiss Mikael and Mikael being religious completely distanced himself from him.”

Elias widened his eyes and came to a realisation. “So that was why he was so-”
He rubbed the nape of his neck nervously as he groaned and continued, “Listen…It’s not my place to say anything, so I really think you just need to talk to Yousef. That’s not exactly what happened, You’ve both completely misunderstood each other. Just…talk to him. OK?”

Being plus size, and dating Peter would include…


  • Endlessly looking at photos of those impossibly stick-skinny models, and wondering how on earth they look like that
  • Feeling insecure around all of your skinny friends
  • Hating how everybody seems to think that ‘fat’ means ‘ugly’
  • That feeling when you take off a dress after a long day, and your thighs burn from the chub rub
  • Hating how you always get a muffin top every time you wear jeans
  • Doing every day activities with your friends like clothes shopping and dancing gives you anxiety sometimes
  • “I don’t think I can go with you guys, but thanks for the invitation anyways.”
  • When you do go shopping, you hate it how your fat seems to squeeze out of your clothes
  • Constantly pulling up your pants to hide your muffin top
  • At school, fitness testing is the absolute worst
  • Online shopping is a nightmare. It seems like the only sizes they have available are for super thin people
  • Getting judged for eating too much
  • “You should’t eat so much. You might, um, get a stomach ache.”
  • Getting judged for eating too little
  • “Why aren’t you eating?”
  • Being sick and tired of people always silently judging you, just because you don’t have a perfectly toned body
  • “Wow, she must be unhealthy.”
  • Cross country gave you so much anxiety, you tried every possible method to skip out
  • “I’m not feeling well, I think I might have to sit out.”
  • When you go shopping with your small friends, you usually only shop for jewelry and shoes
  • And even then, you usually can’t fit those tiny, narrow high heels
  • Hating how the fashion industry think that a plus-size model is just a woman with a little bit of arm flab
  • Constantly feeling like you’re not good enough for Peter
  • Feeling uncomfortable when trying on clothes
  • Because you can see your soft tummy, your flabby thighs, and all of your stretch marks
  • Hating your prominent stomach rolls
  • But when the Avengers find out about your insecurities, they do everything they can to assure you that you’re beautiful just the way you are
  • Peter urging you not to try and lose weight, or take on any stupid diets, mainly because:
  • “You’re very nice to cuddle with.”
  • “If you went on a diet, we wouldn’t be able to go to Chipotle or KFC anymore, and that’s just tragic.”
  • “It doesn’t matter whether you’re skinny or not, because you’re always going to make the bad guys shit their pants in fear when they see you coming their way.”
  • “You always beat me during training, I don’t see any reason why you would want to exercise yourself to death.”
  • Feeling like you really do have a family in the Avengers, because they support you in every way (and they’re super fun to hang out with)
  • “Okay, today we’re going to take one of Tony’s jets, and see how long it takes for him to realise that we’re all missing.”
  • “Clint, are you sure that a good ide-”
  • “Y/n, he stashes a bunch of his credit cards in his jets.”
  • “Let’s go.”
  • Realising that you don’t need to change in any way, because you’re a mind-blowing badass

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Hey ! Can I request some headcannons of iwa oikawa and watakoshi when they realise they have Feelings for they half -sister who is younger than them of one year ? Good luck for you blog !

Thank you for wishing me luck on my blog! However, I don’t do incest! But I still wanted to write you something so I changed it to where the s/o is a best friend! Sorry about that!

Originally posted by kourai


  • Is really confused, bc you guys grew up together. Like why is he starting to have feelings for you now?
  • The first time he realized it was when you guys were hanging out, like always, and the wind blew your hair a certain way. For some reason he thought it looked really cute, but he just brushed it off.
  • He went home that night trying to convince himself that he didn’t think you were cute, but for some reason, he couldn’t stop thinking about your hair.
  • Iwaizumi always thought of you as a younger sister bc you were a year younger than him, so having a crush on you felt really weird at first.


  • He figured one day this would happen, the two of you had been friends since you were very young. Oikawa knew that some day he would start seeing you as a woman.
  • It all started the day that you guys were going to the athletic banquet. Oikawa picked you up like her normally would but when you opened the door, he was stunned. You were wearing a beautiful, yet simple dress. It accentuated your figure, and he thought you looked really cute.
  • After that night, he couldn’t stop thinking about you. The way your dress twirled when you you spun around, or how cute your hair looked curled. He had realized that night that he was head over heels, and that the other girls that were crushing on him didn’t matter anymore. 
  • He often found himself staring at you in the hallways or finding silly excuses to talk to you after that.


  • Ushijima? Like someone? Nobody had ever heard of such a thing, until he met you of course.
  • When he first met you, you were nothing more than the volleyball manager. He thanked you everyday for your hard work, which you would respond with a sweet smile. He got to where he would look forward to the end of volleyball practice just for that one moment.
  • Finally, he figured out the reason for wanting to see your smile. It caused him to be mind blown, because all he ever cared about was volleyball. But now, he cared about something even more important, you.
  • Wakatoshi finally racked up the courage to talk to you more and more everyday. He would even look up jokes to tell you, which was very out of character for him. He would do anything to put a smile on your face.

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Adrianne (sneak peek)

(This is a quick really little sneak peek of the fanfic I’m writing from this prompt sent by anon, it’s little because I’m only starting it now, - this is the second chapter, - and because I didn’t want to give away too much! Tell me what you guys think!)

“When are you going to return the book?” he asked when she finished talking about the characters of the book.

“Tuesday, probably,” she answered thoughtfully. “I will probably finish this one tomorrow.”

“Do you want me to go with you?” Harry raised his fork to his mouth, tried not to act too interested.

She raised an eyebrow.

“You never want to go with me,” she said suspiciously. “Why do you want to go now?”

“No reason,” he said too quickly. “I just have the day off again, thought it would be good to hang out.”

“Are you sure it’s not because of Draco?”

“Of course not,” he denied.

“What do you mean ‘because of Draco’?” Ron asked.

Harry went silent, not really knowing what to answer to that.

“Draco was working when me and Harry went to the library,” Hermione sighed.

“I thought you said he didn’t work on Mondays.”

“He doesn’t,” she shook her head. “Probably the woman that works there on Mondays couldn’t go.”

“Wait,” Harry interrupted. “You knew he worked there, too?”

“Yes, Harry, I knew,” Ron sighed, already knowing what his friend was like when Malfoy was the subject.

“Why didn’t one of you tell me?”

“I already answered that question, Harry,” Hermione narrowed her eyes. “We knew you wouldn’t give up until you found out exactly why Draco is working in a Muggle library, you would think about it constantly and you would go there to pester him until he told you,” she stated.

“I wouldn’t do such thing,” Harry scoffed, looking insulted.

“The three of us know you would, man,” Ron shrugged.

“Draco need peace, Harry, I already told you he went through a lot, so stop obsessing with him, act like an adult and leave him alone,” Hermione  finished the conversation sternly and got up to take the dishes to the kitchen.

Harry looked down, ashamed, did his friends seriously think that he was like that when Draco Malfoy was the subject?

“Don’t think too much of all this, Harry, seriously is for the best… Hermione got quite protective of him after they started talking,” Ron whispered while eating his ice cream, so that his girlfriend wouldn’t hear him.

“Don’t worry,” Harry sighed. “I’ll drop it.”

They both knew he was lying.