reasons why i moved to england

And btw, I do not come from a wealthy family. None of my grandparents went to college, before that my great grandparents weren’t educated at all. I come from coal miners, farmers, loggers, people who spent their lives working very hard for very little. My family comes from Appalachia and western PA and Virginia and upstate NY and all over the East Coast, and everyone hustled very hard to get what they had, which was very little. Luckily, my parents were able to go to college (the first in my family) in the 70′s, and were able to send my brother and me to college (we took out loans along the way) as well, and I’m very grateful for that. Which is why I believe strongly in tuition caps and affordable education for ALL. Education is the reason I was able to get my Master’s degree in England. I wish my grandmothers had lived to see me move to England, they never would have believed someone in their families would ever live in Europe. That’s why I take nothing for granted, I know how quickly it can all be taken away again. We NEED to support each other, and make life better for EVERYONE. 

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I'm in love with a girl who lives in new york while I live in england, I could see myself moving there and I would leave everything I have here behind for her. I'm very serious about her and I've made a mistake and lied to her, twice in fact about big things. I regret it and I hate myself for it, I'm so dumb like that. I want her to know that I love her but for obvious reasons, she can't believe me. I'm crazy about her. I know she looks at your blog so, hope she reads this and knows it's me.

why would u lie to her tho?):


…in the gym

October 5, 2016

2009, New Orleans. 

Drunk girl: where are you guys from? 

Me: Ohio DG: Oh, I’m sorry.


2016, England.

Gym receptionist: oh, where are you from?

Me: Ohio… in America.

GR: OMG that’s so ace! What brings you to England?

Me: my husband is from here.

GR: yeah, I guess love is a good reason to move.

Oh, man but Ohio sounds amazing.

Me: 😂😊👍🏻💗 


Reason #infinity why I love living in England. It’s going to be so hard giving up being a novelty when we move back to America. My ego is going to deflate so hard. Leg day in the bag with 400+ calories torched. I made up this round of circuits (run through twice) and, to be honest, it may have been a bit too ambitious. I’ll let you know tomorrow when I try to get out of bed. 

Weigh-in // -5.2 pounds. I’m back. ✌🏻️


Because I’m narcissistic and couldn’t decide which picture I wanted to go with. 
Hey fellow Snowflakes!! This is for the #snowflakefaces so..yeah, this is me!!

My name is Madeleine (although most people call me Maddy/Mads) and I’m from Western Australia (I moved here from England when I was 10). 
My favourite character from Carry On would have to be Baz, considering he’s the name on my URL thats not that big of a shocker. If I were to list all the reasons as to why Baz is my fav then this would be a very long post. So moving on. 
There are a thousand reasons as to why I love Carry On, but my main reason would have to be that it’s so real, it’s so relatable (minus the whole dragons and magic and vampires >.> ). It breaks down stereotypes and doesn’t just focus on the whole LGBT+ aspect which is what I bloody love most about it. Plus the sass. 
My favourite quote (which is really hard because I love quotes and this book is full of great ones) would have to be: 
“You’re so alive, Simon Snow. You got my share of it.” 
“You were the sun, and I was crashing into you. I’d wake up every morning and think, ‘this will end in flames.’ “ 
and of course:
“Nobody’s seducing a vampire.” 
Sorry that I don’t know the page number for these ;_; if anyone could help me out that’d be great!! <3 

105 analysis: Grelle’s wardrobe

Grelle isn’t wearing Madame Red’s coat anymore!

If I’m not mistaken, the last time we saw Grelle was in the Campania arc, where she was definitely still wearing Madame Red’s coat.

So why the change? 

It’s hard to make any guesses because it really depends on why Grelle was wearing Madame Red’s coat in the first place. I don’t think Grelle ever gave any exposition about her reasons, so we have to speculate. Maybe Grelle wore the coat for a while to mourn Madame Red, but now her grief has passed and she’s moved on.

Or maybe this is her “travelling look.” William T. Spears also has a different jacket than usual. Maybe it takes some journey time even for shinigami to travel from England to Germany.

Personally, I think it’s just that she couldn’t stand to wear the same outfit for more than a few months at a time. Grelle obviously loves dressing up. (Who could blame her? ;)