reasons why i love ys

It’s been a while so I guess it’s safe to say something about me since you guys follow me and all.

My bias is Kim Jongwoon, otherwise known as Super Junior’s main vocal - Yesung. His fans are called - Cloud.  I am one. ^^ Hello.  Now if you don’t know it by now, he’s currently doing public service work for the army as he has a bad back and can’t serve as a regular soldier.

Cloud ELFs misses him sooo much but some fans are lucky enough to see him quite frequently in his family owned coffee shop, Mouse Rabbit ^^ Cute name huh :D Well, what do you expect when the owner looks like he never ages and instead, ages backwards.

Now, if there is anyone there who can ask JW why he looks like this now.. 

I would greatly appreciate it.  Oh, apparently he gets startled quite easy. Well, we all know he gets shocked by fireworks.. o.o  but a stray cat?  After meowing the day before?

Even so.. I am still a proud Cloud ♥♥♥