reasons why i love sora


Gee, Sora, you’re kinda acting like it’s you that passed.

You know what makes me cry?

In the recent Otomedia scans about the Chosen Children’s Christmas gifts (the poster with Taichi, Yamato, Mimi, Hikari, Koshirou and Takeru), 

Taichi’s segment was “Upon hearing what Sora’s future dreams are, he thinks of getting her a book on fashion design or colour theory”.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, Taichi x Sora is my OTP for the Digimon series. My heart still breaks when I watch 02, but I can nod and respect the cannon for all it is. I’ve grown mature enough to accept it. 

But I admire how deep their friendship runs. They have been friends since childhood and remained strong friends ever since. I mean, how many of us have a bond as strong as that with our childhood friends? I think this is the reason why I love Taichi x Sora…because I believe that their love in the form of long-lasting friendship is the strongest kind. And I love how so far, in the interviews, how they’ve handled the pairing thing delicately…and I do hope that they will continue to handle this delicately in the series.

I’m not sure if anyone has translated. I couldn’t read the other ones properly, so take all of these with a handful of salt. I think Sora got Taichi a neckwarmer and got Yamato something for his bass? Yamato got Sora earmuffs? Hikari got Taichi a replica uniform of the soccor team he likes. Mimi gives Jou a Native American good luck charm for his exams. Jou give Mimi a recipe book(?)…but we wonder when the day will come when she’ll actually read it. Koushirou gets tickets to a soccor game to watch with Taichi. Takeru gets Yamato something for his music too (I can read analog chord from a second hand record store)

Wish we had clearer images. I’m loving the practice I’m getting with them though.