reasons why i love josh hutcherson


“Jlaw’s Big Heart”

One of the Million Reasons why I love Jennifer Lawrence is her Dedication and never failing Love for kids in different Hospitals she visits Every Year just to put smiles on their faces 😊

God Bless Her 🙏🏼

it melts my heart all the time ❤️ How can you not love her?

Reasons to be thankful for Hijacked Peeta


Now before you tell me I am delusional and weird, let me assure you I love Peeta Mellark. He is my favorite character in the whole trilogy, because encompasses the moral. He is not typically macho/mysterious sort-of character. He is sensible, artistic, selfless, compassionate, brave, hopeful and self-righteous. What I love about Suzanne Collins is that she gives Peeta interests that are stereo typically female: cooking and painting. This to some may be seen as weak and dull. I think it just adds to my list of reasons of what makes him a good character. 

Just look at him, handsome lad like him, ought to be loved. And Josh Hutcherson plays him, so yeah. 

Adoration time over, I will proceed to enlist my reasons why: 

1. Character development (explosive)

Peeta Mellark is the sort of character that is too perfect to be true. It’s so difficult to find a flaw in this selfless and noble boy. His only weakness seems to be his undying love for Katniss. Also with the hijacking Peeta can explore his ultimate fear:

Peeta faces his biggest fear, he is completely changed. The reason why hijacked Peeta is so heartbreaking is because he is no longer here. It’s so much painful than if Suzanne would have chosen to kill him. To read about this boy, who was ever-so-perfect and good, be a completely different character. It is safe to say our hearts were broken.

One the moments when you realize this is when he says to Finnick in Mockingjay: 

“'You be nice to her, Finnick. Or I might try and take her away from you.‘ It could be a joke, if the tone wasn’t so cold. Everything it conveys is wrong. The open distrust of Finnick, the implication that Peeta has his eye on Annie, that Annie could desert Finnick, that I do not even exist.“(Mockingjay, pg. 242)

This is no gallant Peeta. This is a jerk trying to make a joke about snatching a girl. 

So the character development on the department of this character was high and low hitting/crashing on the ground violently. 

2. Peeta can regret being all 'googly eyes, puppy love’ for Katniss 

Like I said earlier one the flaws Peeta has is his unconditional love for Katniss. Don’t get me wrong I love Katniss, but Peeta please have some self-respect. In Catching Fire it appeared that Peeta gives Katniss more space. But at times he lets her take advantage of him. Sleeping in the train with him is the biggest example. Because after that Katniss goes home and decides she wants to be with Gale. And Peeta still continues to be the sweetheart that he is.

In Mockingjay Peeta is resentful with Katniss. But mostly, I would say, he is angry at himself. And in a way is good that he is, sometimes is good to know you are wanted.

Also that is why he says (and excuse me while my heart leaves my body):

"I must have loved you a lot.” (Mockingjay, pg. 231)

And this: 

“Again the implications. That more happened on the train than did. That what did happen- those nights I only kept my sanity because his arms were around me- no longer matters. Everything a lie, everything a way of misusing him.” (Mockingjay, pg. 243) 

To be so unconditional with a person you have to love them a lot. You have to love them, the way Peeta loved Katniss. Is the past tense in the previous sentence which hurt a lot. Which leaves me to my third reason.

3. It gives Katniss’s & Peeta’s relationship: balance, beauty and strength

When Peeta is hijacked, Katniss can’t find a way to mourn him. I have always considered that the kiss she had Gale (in District Two) was more out of spite, than of passion or romance. In fact I never believed their relationship to be romantic. Katniss and Gale loved each other yes, but Katniss loved Gale more as a friend than anything. 

Something about Peeta is that Katniss was not deserving of him, and she knew it. Haymitch tells her:

“You could live a hundred lifetimes and not deserve him, you know.” (Catching Fire, pg. 178)

She knows it and we know it as well. When he is gone, that somehow makes Katniss deserve him, because she appreciates him more. She knows that what she had with Peeta could never be (unless he recovers). So at the end of Mockingjay their relationship is more balanced.

Peeta’s and Katniss’s relationship is now on an equal point. Are they angry at each other? Yes. But do they need each other? Also, yes.

It is no longer a relationship in which Peeta held it together for both of them. Katniss actually helps Peeta remember the person he was, the boy she is in love with, the boy she needs. They help each other and that is the beauty of it too. 

They give each other strength by helping each other recover and for them to find a way they can mend themselves. So they can be happy, together. 

Talk about relationship goals. 

4. Katniss realized how badly matched she was with Gale

With Katniss realizing how much she missed the old Peeta, she also realized how it could never would have worked with Gale. Most people say this “Gale was good for who she was, Peeta is good for who she is.” And I agree, wholeheartedly. Though, I have my doubts. 

If Katniss would have never entered the Games, hence she never would have talked to Peeta, I still think she wouldn’t have ended up with Gale. I feel that eventually, at some point Gale would have grown tired of waiting for her to accept the idea of having kids and he would have been with somebody else. 

In Mockingjay she knew that differences she had with Gale were insurmountable. Gale is too vindictive. What she needed was someone to settle her fire, not to add fuel to it.  You can see how much Peeta soothes her down. Particularly in this part: 

“'What do you think Peeta?’ I finally ask him.

'I think… you still have no idea. The effect you can have.’ He slides his cuffs up the support and pushes himself to a sitting position. 'None of the people we lost were idiots. They knew what they were doing. They followed you because they believed you really could kill Snow.’

I don’t know why his voice reaches me when no one else’s can.”(Mockingjay, pg. 325) 

See? Soothing. Peeta always finds a way to do just that, even when hijacked. 

The thing about Peeta’s recovery it’s that it is not Disney’s magical-kiss-and-all-will-be-better. It’s slow, it takes time. Just like their love. You can see glimpses: when he bakes Annie’s cake, remembering about the bread, telling the crew they should leave him behind so he doesn’t kill anyone else, telling Katniss how he doesn’t want to go away, how much he’s fighting to stay with her, telling Katniss she has no idea the effect she has, being gallant with Tigris, hugging Katniss before they go to Snow’s mansion, when he doesn’t let her go when she killed Coin, bringing flowers for Prim and finally staying with Katniss. Slow, but meaningful. 

All of this contributes to the fact that Katniss knew that Peeta was what she needed. 

5. Snow would have killed him

Okay, this is just a theory. You can disagree with me or not. 

I have been thinking for a while, how it would have been if Peeta would have never been hijacked. I don’t mean that he wasn’t capture by the Capitol, just hijacked. So I came up with a theory. 

I feel that Snow would have killed him, publicly so Katniss would have seen. Peeta was disposable for Snow (but really not just Peeta, everybody). Snow’s purpose of having Peeta around was to unhinge Katniss and when he sees that Peeta can no longer do what he wants him to do, Snow probably would have killed him.

Peeta is his way of luring Katniss into the Capitol. So picture this: Katniss goes to the Capitol with her crew, sneaks into Snow’s mansion and finds Peeta there. Snow tells her that the only way he will live is if the rebels surrender. OF COURSE that never would have happened. Both sides don’t value human life enough. So Peeta is dead and Katniss is heartbroken, in a way she can’t kill Coin or Snow. 

Or what if Peeta would have been with all those kids outside the mansion, and died alongside Prim. 

It doesn’t matter which way you turn it, the only reason why Peeta’s rescue was so easy it’s because he’s been hijacked. Snow would have never let Peeta go, if he wasn’t sure it could unhinge Katniss. 

This are my reasons why we should be thankful for hijacked Peeta. Though heartbreaking, the hijacking serves its purposes. Don’t get me wrong I don’t love hijacked Peeta, but I feel the reasons behind it are plausible enough that makes me understand the why of it. 


The real reason why I have no life

To busy looking at all these hot guys they keep on putting in these films and crying over the fact that I fell in love with them more then one and I can’t them because I can barely look at a picture of them without freaking out. And would scare them even more if I got the chance to meet them

Now It’s Theo to add on to my hot guy in popular movie that I have no chance with at all……  

This is like the only reason why I am still single because I am in love  with the actors as much as there characters..

Honestly  my hot guy level is way way up there right now….. I might as well start buying cats right now.

Oh the single girl problems  that want what they can’t have

Literally crying 


So guys i've just seen Mockingjay part 1..

I have no words to describe what i feel right now. It’s almost midnight, i’m in my car and the movie’s in my head, the images are coming back and i can’t tell to myself that was real. Francis Lawrence did once again a flawless job. So close to the book, so close to what i’ve imagined. I need to talk about it with someone but there’s no one i can talk with so you better watch it as quick as it comes out (MAN). I won’t say anything (spoilers), and if someone has questions about the film, just ask them and i will answer privately. But i can say this movie is pure gold. And i can also say that.. the last scenes broke me into pieces. Joshua Ryan Hutcherson broke me into pieces. I couldn’t stop moving for the last 10 minutes of the movie; you won’t either. I am telling you. And i cried because it was magically tragic, but also because Josh, oh Josh everybody, blew me away tonight. He is the most incredible actor i’ve ever seen; he always knew how to perfectly play Peeta Mellark, the boy madly in love with Katniss Everdeen, but this is a whole new chapter for that character, and i can tell you, i was suffocating. And i know why he is my favorite actor, i know why i admire him so much, these are simply the reasons. He deserves a million Oscars for what he did in Mockingjay. Be prepared, be ready; you will see Josh Hutcherson like you’ve never seen him before.
And of course, a huge thank you to the rest of the cast, they were all so perfect, Jennifer you are perfect. Sam Claflin, let me kiss you. EVERYONE. Everyone was perfect. I want to talk about it for hours but i just can’t..

I didn’t know a movie could make me feel that way. I will certainly need time to feel “fine” again. As soon as you watch it, please, go in my inbox and we’ll talk about it.
And thank you if you read that. I hope you will enjoy it as much as i did. (Lol yes you will)

anonymous asked:

Its too much coincidence really, that C leaves right when jen comes back to LA!

No anon it’s not. Nothing about the fakest “relationship” known to man and (redacted) is coincidental. It’s pretty clear to me and many that she along with Josh’s people are very much in cahoots with wanting to get her career going.

I mean come on! Look at this! I just typed his name and clicked news. Why on earth is his travels with (redacted) being pushed so hard. I saw two measly news about his beach volley ball game and another of the in dubious battle trailer all the way at the bottom. I feel so pressured to like this farce that it’s actually driving me nuts.

 Although I can’t imagine why. She’s not a great actress, she’s incredibly self absorbed, she likes to parade herself and those she’s supposed to love as puppets, she’s not particularly charitable or incredible anyway. Her only real claim to fame is dating Josh Hutcherson star of the Hunger Games franchise and staring in a film where she was all but lost among real talent. 

The movies didn’t even do particularly well either. It’s was hailed as a meh kind of film by many critics. Yet for some stupid reason Hollywood is still trying to cram that atrocious movie and (redacted) down our throats. Personally I don’t have much patience with stupid frivolity such is PL but when (redacted) who is virtually a nobody uses Josh (someone I happen to love as an actor and person) as a stepping stone to her fame with little care to his reputation it infuriates me. 

So no anon it doesn’t surprise me that she left when our beautiful cupcake is back. We all know Jen and Josh need their special time to get to know each other carnally.

 I mean who in their right mind would think that Josh would be sad to see her go when he looks miserable around her.

(yup they look glowing here! I can almost feel the intense love and happiness.)

Jen makes him smile and vice versa. There’s a certain love between them that is anything but Platonic or fraternal in any way shape or form. Only Josh can make Jen smile like this.

 We all have that reserved smile for our bea’s. Even Pippy is alert which is rare for her. Of all the times Jen’s been in NYC this is the only time we only got 6 pictures. Like wow. Six pictures for the biggest movie star in Hollywood. You would think there’d be more. That’s all I have to say on the matter. I have always and will always believe in Joshifer.

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some magazine: ' 30 reasons why you should love josh hutcherson' bitch give me one why i should not

truer words have never been said

Meeting Josh! (my story)

So we were waiting outside the gate for Heather (one of the people from SBNN/Josh’s friend) to take us over to the meet & greet spot. We just stood around & talked, then my sister told me to turn around because Josh was walking in! He smiled, waved, & said hi to everyone, then followed some people to go to the meet & greet spot. We waited a few more minutes & Heather took us over to the volleyball court’s bleachers & we walked to the top where there was like this little platform thingy that Josh was standing at with Andre (Josh’s friend & assistant), Amanda (Josh’s aunt), and some other people. Heather asked each of us for our names to mark off that we were there & to give us our tickets. Then we stood in line & waited. They were trying to set up a table for him to sign posters, but they couldn’t move it. So he picked it up & moved it by himself (those arms though). My sister & I started talking to this really nice girl we met named Athena & her mom while we were waiting. We watched Josh meet the people ahead of us in line & he smiled really big (it was freaking adorable) & said hi every time someone met him. I saw Andre while we were in line & said hi to him. He looked kinda surprised that I knew who he was, but he said hi back. We talked to him for a little while & he was really nice. My sister went to meet Josh before me & she gave Josh this little plastic award and mini cinnamon rolls that we bought for him. We told him that we heard he likes cinnamon rolls (from an interview with Jen) and he was so excited! (Another reason why is because he IS a cinnamon roll… too good for this world. Too pure.) He said that he hadn’t ate yet & he was really hungry, so he’d eat them for breakfast. Then I told him the award we got him wasn’t an Oscar, but we thought he deserved one. He said thank you & that he’d put it with his baseball awards on his table at home! :D My sister took her picture with him, then I gave him a hug. I took my picture with him & then asked if he liked my shirt. (It says idk man I just love Josh Hutcherson) He read it out loud & said, “I don’t know, man… I just love - oh, that’s awesome!” Then I asked if I could get a picture doing a hand heart like on my shirt. He said of course & we took a picture like that. After we took the picture, he said, “Why weren’t hand hearts a thing for pictures before? They should have been. It’s a good idea.” Then my sister & I asked him if we could get a picture of all 3 of us, which he said was no problem. We thanked him & said that we hope he enjoys the cinnamon rolls. We ate some breakfast with some of the other girls we met. We went over to Heather after we ate & got a picture with her and talked to her about where we live & some other stuff. 

After we were done talking to Heather, we were talking to Athena (one of the girls we met in line) & she said that she still had another ticket from her mom & that she could go up for extra time to meet Josh. She said that we could go with her & do a giant group picture. Our group went up & asked if he could pose a certain way. He asked if he could put his own spin on it & we said yeah. After that he wanted to see how the picture turned out, so he told the camera person to show him. We all gathered around the camera & looked at the picture together. One of the girls in the group (her name was Natalie) told him to stop crying in movies because it makes her cry & he said something along the lines of… “Sorry! It’s part of my job. Maybe the writers should stop making me cry.” Then we asked if he could do his cricket noise & he did! (there’s a video of it & you can hear us all going crazy) After the group picture, my sister & I got signed Peeta posters because we didn’t get one our first round & we told him we were the ones who gave him the cinnamon rolls. He said, “Yeah, they were trying to give me fruit! I don’t want to eat fruit!” We wished him good luck in the volleyball game & stood off to the side, talking to each other & watching other people meet him. (I heard him do the cricket noise again :D ) When he was leaving, we were standing right by him & said thanks again. He waved & said bye, then everyone left the meet & greet area. 

There were tons of booths with free samples & some games, so we played this game they had. Then Amanda got in line, so I said hi. She waved back at me. Then we saw Josh walking through a back way (I think to go to his hotel) with Andre & a few other people, so my sister & I went over to him again to thank him. He said hi to us again & then he went off. 

Later we met up with one of the girls we talked to at the meet & greet (her name was Natalie) with her dad. We were trying to get seats for the volleyball game, but there was a women’s game going on & there wasn’t really any seats. They finally did a little awards ceremony & we decided to try to get seats on the actual court at the sand. Nobody got up though, but we found an little space to stand & asked the people sitting near there if we could stand by them. They said no problem, so we were literally right on the sand at the little barrier thingy. Josh came out & everyone screamed like crazy. I took tons of pictures! Later he came over to the barrier & ran by it to high five everyone. He touched my hand! :D Then he continued playing & the game lasted only like 20 minutes or so. At the end, the players took a group picture & they all started dancing. I got to see my baby dance in person!!!!!! Then they all started leaving, but Josh was kinda getting crowded, so security took him off into a little area to get away from the crowds. We left after that, so that’s my story! 

I want to thank all of the people who helped run the event, Josh, & all of the girls I met. Everyone was so nice & it was totally worth it. Josh was such a sweetheart! I’ll be sure to upload some of the pictures I took when I transfer them from my camera to the computer.