reasons why i love craig ferguson

Okay no one on my dash is talking about this…

How to Train Your Dragon 2 director Dean DeBlois has confirmed that a vague line in the film is meant to reveal that the character of Gobber the Belch is gay. This means so many things to me right now.

The film isn’t even out yet. There are tons of comments, particularly on E!, posted by parents saying they do not support this sequel, they will not take their family to see it, they will not buy tickets and that they think it’s social issue crap being forced into children movies. This is the reason why the animation genre is so underdeveloped in romantic plots while here’s Dean DeBlois saying “I don’t give a fuck. I’m putting it all out there now, I don’t care the sacrifice.” He’s really proud of the character and the decision, which was something that came up off handedly from voice actor Craig Ferguson. DeBlois decided it was a good choice to make.

While the line is basically a subtle throw away in HTTYD2 Dean DeBlois has said that he has real interest in exploring Gobber’s love life in future films. The fact that he admits this is a possibility and not just some one time joke is something to take very seriously in terms of a positive and progressive direction with DreamWorks Animation. This is such a big deal.