reasons why i love alison krauss

Accepting her first award, Krauss offered this measured, thought-out response: “Wow! You people! I’ll never be able to keep my dinner down.” After winning the fourth, she blurted, “What in the world’s going on here folks? You guys! I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m going to have to get a flask or something.”

Reason #2308947234 I love Alison Krauss: her eloquence and articulation.

I love this band.

Interviewer: How would you guys describe Alison’s sense of humor?
Jerry: Twisted. She’s got a twisted sense of humor.
Dan: Unique only to her.
[Alison scoffs and they all laugh]
Dan: I don’t know anyone else with the same sense of humor is what I’m trying to say. You have your own sense of humor and it’s so good, we love it so much.
Alison: I was trying to avoid this.
Barry: We love it!
Jerry: We never tire of it.

Jerry: I wrote that instrumental so she’d play fiddle so everybody’d go, “Oooooh she plays fiddle so good! She sings like an angel!”

So um apparently Alison still smokes a little? I just came across this, this was when she went over to RL’s house and he wrote Paper Airplane:

Krauss refused the co-writing part, but she did come over to talk, to share cheese sandwiches and grape-flavored cigars and to catch Castleman up on her life in hopes that he could fuse their talk into something that might jumpstart the remainder of her long-awaited album. Krauss is quietly but firmly (and, in this tabloid age, nobly) protective of her private life, but after she left his house that day, Castleman was able to pen an end-of-love song that managed striking emotional specificity without dribbling secrets or betraying confidence.

Ngl this totally made my day. She is still such a badass and I love her and zlkdsjfhsadf.

Also I find the image of Alison smoking a cigar really fucking hot.