reasons we love worship

Some deities are just not meant to be softened, declawed, defanged, and repackaged as a gentler, kinder version of themselves.

Who am I kidding? No deity was meant to be robbed of their vicious nature, if they have it. Why would you? If you’re frightened or intimidated or put out by the darker, scary, or unkind deities, don’t paint them over in pastels and sparkles and expect them or their devotees to thank you.

Want a loving, caring and sweet deity? There are those out there that fit that. They still have their protective, harder aspects, but they’re more the bill you want.

“But why do you only talk about their harshness?” Well, perhaps that is what some of us look for, the reason we worship them, perhaps we like this love. The vicious love. The cold burn. It thrills us. The whip crack, the high heel stomp, the domination and subjugation, the unyielding wall, the broken cries, the bruised knees of devotion.

Leave us to our cruel gods, if they are too much for you. 


Good day people, I will be blogging the reasons why we love worship!

As far as I can tell, I’m the only blog on Tumblr doing this, so I need all the suggestion and help I can get! 

Submit your ideas and reasons why YOU love worshipping Jesus! The reasons might be a song, a band, a person, a CD etc! Can’t wait to hear all you have got to say!

Much much love x


Reuben Morgan. One of the original Hillsong worship team members and now spearheads the whole Worship and Creative Arts dept. at Hillsong Church as their Worship Pastor. His worship anthems are timeless and include “I Give You My Heart” “You Are Holy” “My Redeemer Lives” “Mighty To Save” “Your Unfailing Love” “Touching Heaven, Changing Earth” and many MANY more!

The runaway best selling praise and worship album of 1996 came from the worship team at Hills. 90s worship all the way! Featuring upbeat praise and adoration-filled worship with the original recordings of “I Give You My Heart” and “I Will Run To You” penned by Reuben Morgan and Darlene Zschech respectively.

All Things Are Possible. Released in July 1997 at the Hillsong Conference in Australia, this album was destined to win from the start. A fantastic album full of powerful praise and intimate worship. This album captures the first and original recordings of some of the most famous church worship songs from Hillsong. Including, All Things Are Possible, Love You So Much, Glory to the King and Can’t Stop Talking.