reasons we love donald so much


“How can I say about Mark? Just look at him, he’s so beautiful, really is. Is a sweet guy. Now I know why all the girls love him”.

“The reason I’ve got so much luggage is because I bring clothes for Gary, because Gary thinks you can go on tour with three tracksuits and an anorak.”

“Mark is like my little brother.” -Gary.

“I didn’t know Mark was the first member? You know he’s going to say that forever. Everytime we say ‘I’m not sure about that idea Mark’ he’ll go ‘I was the original member!’”.

This precious human being

Welcome to this new blog about how much we love our gorgeous and awesome Donald. Here you’ll find most of the reasons why we love him so much. Please send me any sugestion about reasons or graphics via ask or fan mail, or you can also contact me to my personal blog (below). This place is totally open to all the Donald Devotees, so feel free to share.

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