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So if you would like to be my bae, sugar plum, lil cupcake for the day inbox me reasons your alone on valentine’s day and why you think I’d be great to make you not alone or some shit like that. Idk I’m bad at achieving love so here’s some pictures that might help. 

Ok cursed child just finished lemme lay down what I did and didn't dig

Lemme just start off

Not faves
-the overall plot idea seems really unoriginal to me 1) how is Harry’s scar hurting ect when that part of Voldemort was killed? 2) I expected something more or less NOT along the lines of Voldemort!
-Delphi, intriguing but also why jkr why
-Harry would never NOT love his kids or make them feel unloved Jesus christ
- Amos seems not in character Idk
-more reasons to ship drarry

-wth why must Harry watch James and lily die all over again cmon that already happened once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -WHERE WAS TEDDY REMUS LUPIN -dumbledore lowkey always fucking shit up wth

-scorpius, he is a beautiful little beam of sunshine and he is now without a doubt one of my favorite characters.
-Ginny, my homegirl actually had a bigger part, love it ALSO hinny did well
-Harry’s kitchen. Harry is the one that cooks. Love it.
-pigeons, was not expecting this
- the trolley lady has plot to her character bless
- Albus is TOTALLT the Emo child I love it….to me it’s an embodiment of Harry in OTP
- Romione was so perfect. Could not have imagined it better.
- Albus as polyjuice Ron, I cried.
- Albus in slytherin
- scorpius in love w rose this whole damn time
-Albus + Harry the last scene overall
-trio + renew relations w malfoy
-more reasons for all my fave ships to keep sailing

- I was hesitant on Snape but it’s was all good in the end

Spoilers and impressions from the book and when the play previews came out I hope ppl keep an open mind. I really did enjoy I hope everyone else can too.
Cursed child overall to me was a good read, the plot was much comparable to an unoriginal idea for a fan fiction, but I think my favorite thing was the characters, how they developed and effected the plot. Not sure what my life is but I guess I’ll just keep being a HP hoe thanks for more feels jkr


Harry meeting fans in Las Vegas (01.08)