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So I was just listening to Woman & I don't GAF what anyone says, that shit is about Taylor. The romantic comedy line in the beginning, the "he's right where I should be" is a double meaning because he should have been next to Taylor at the BBMA because that album is about him. Then the promises are broken like the stitches. Anybody with me here??

Yeah no I agree. “apologies are never gonna fix this” like c’mon!!!! haha It’s 100% tayvin era haylor. Like this is the BBMAs 2015. 


robert sugden, the playlist

listen here (x)

i. ever since new york - harry styles // ii. why does it always rain on me - travis // iii. the reason - hoobastank // iv. craving - james bay // v. doubt - twenty one pilots // vi. look what you made me do - taylor swift // vii. starboy - the weeknd // viii. the man - the killers // ix. savages - marina and the diamonds // x. (don’t fear) the reaper - blue oyster cult // xi. i don’t care anymore - phil collins // xii. bitter sweet symphony - the verve // xiii. crash world - hilary duff // xiv. no son of mine - genesis // xv. heaven - troye sivan // xvi. smalltown boy - bronksi beat // xvii. losing my religion - r.e.m // xviii. i can change - brandon flowers // xix. want you back - haim // xx. let me fly - mike & the mechanics // xxi. bloodstream - ed sheeran

We’re coming for you whether the Muggles like it or not, you can’t miss the World Cup, only Mum and Dad reckon it’s better if we pretend to ask their permission first. If they say yes, send Pig back with your answer pronto, and we’ll come and get you at five o’clock on Sunday. If they say no, send Pig back pronto and we’ll come and get you at five o’clock on Sunday anyway.
—  one of many reasons why Ron Weasley is the best friend anyone could possibly imagine (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, chapter 3)

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1 & 7 😘 love you my dude

1)   a song you can listen to on repeat

already answered but i’ll answer again just for u buddy ily and ima say Now or Never by Halsey it’s a lil different from her old music style but i like it

7)   a song that reminds you of your friend(s)

buddy u’ve just given me an excuse to post like another Long Friend Appreciation Post 

@celestialknox ima start with u n ur song is Mine by Taylor Swift cause i lov u buddy
@queenigoldstien the harry potter theme song
@twnyards Don’t by Ed Sheeran cause it’s sassy af and ur just sass to me idk why dont question it
@pipedreamjosten ur Lost Boy by Troye Sivan okie ily matt
@thebetterminyard Sugar We’re Goin Down by Fall Out Boy ;-)
@quibblersandquidditch the Mysterious Ticking Noise from potterpuppetpals lmao
@jeremynox Ribs by Lorde cause it’s relaxing and ur just such a calming person to talk to ??
@lunalcvegoocl Georgia by Vance Joy cause it’s a nice song and this is definitely not in a gay way lmao jk all teh fuckknig homo
@parrishi Dear Maria Count Me In by All Time Low lmao my emo is showing again
@exy-king ima say the Game of Throne Medley by 2Cellos lmao
@jesperfaehey Riptide by Vance Joy cause it’s soft and good like u
@polyhymina Jasey Rae (Acoustic) by All Time Low cause it’s possibly my fave song and lyrically beautiful
@jeanmoreos Young God by Halsey cause i learned this song on guitar and almost made my fingers bleed so it shows my dedication to u lmao ily buddy
@axdreil Sign of the Times by Harry Styles cause u posted a GR8 selfie with lyrics from it and ye
@the-ocean-burned the murder squash song aslkfld ily
@pipvdream idfc by Blackbear i dont rly know why?? lmao
@isakvalternsen Colors by Halsey !! 
@allisongaynolds There’s a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven’t Thought of It Yet by Panic! at the Disco just fucking cause
@queenii-llama The Love Club by Lorde ?? idk man u just seem like a lorde type of person
@beanmoreau Bloom by the Paper Kites cause it’s soft and reminds me of flowers and wildlife and ur soft and nice
@wesawbears Secrets by OneRepublic cause it’s so fucking jerejean u feel me bro
@darth-magic Cool by Troye Sivan cause ur cool af buddy
@andrewjminyrds Do I Wanna Know? by Arctic Monkeys i lov u buddy 
@jeansmoraeu the apparate suite from potterpuppetpals
@noahsweetwne Treacherous by Taylor Swift !!
@reneewvlkers How to be a Heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds cause ur writing is so good it’s heartbreaking 
@palmetostate Shampain by Marina and the Diamonds ?? who knows buddy i just kno i lov u
@minyardandrevv History by One Direction cause it’s like the only one of their newer songs i like and i like u and im p sure u like them idk buddy
@mathiashevlr Love Story by Taylor Swift we havent talked that much but i still love u my guy
@jeremoreau Fearless by Taylor Swift we need to talk some more buddy omg
@wesninskie Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran cause u deserve kisses my guy
@andrewmyniard Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls bc i’ve loved this song for a long tim and it’s a gorgeous song that everyone should kno
@hemminicky No. 1 Party Anthem by Arctic Monkeys cause it’s relaxing and chill and i lov it !!
@protectholland Stay Stay Stay by Taylor Swift cause it’s such a good song and it’s so upbeat and u deserve nice upbeat things my guy

music box asks

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yeah i was just bored so i thought why not just send a random question haha - who do you like the most in the hp universe and why?

my fave is and will always be Harry James Potter because he’s my brave and humble son who fiercely loves and defends his friends and just wants a simple life but can’t help but do the noble thing, because he’s brain and nerve and beating heart, because when he was about to die he asked “will it hurt?” because even though he’s the protagonist, the hero, he was still a mere child, willing to die if it meant that it could all just be over for everyone else, because he had every reason to turn bitter and mean, but instead, he wanted to be good and kind, and thanks anon, i’m crying now. 


Honestly, this list is proof that, as of 2016, I shouldn’t be trusted to be reasonable or sensible when it comes to Harry’s weird outfits. Why these looks? Who knows! I’ll attempt to explain below (and probably fail).

January 30 - Early Joint Birthday Party - Details (shirt)

Looking back on this year, I wanted to call attention to this forgotten look. (very forgotten. so forgotten we forgot to put it in our poll. *prayer hands* we’re sorry) For his birthday celebrations with friends and family, Harry chose a Saint Laurent striped t-shirt. It’s not often we get him in horizontal stripes (also I have a long running, well documented weird relationship with stripes, don’t ask) so this remains one of my faves this year.

August 3 - Biking in Hampstead - Details (shoes)

Why is this one of my favorites? Great question. I don’t know if I could tell you. Maybe it’s the purple, the beanie, the bandage, the bike, the caseless iPhone seconds away from ejecting itself out of his back pocket… My only conclusion is whatever dark magic that brought this mess together to zoom down a hill in Hampstead is also to blame for this choice.

August 5 - Shopping for Furniture - there are no details.

Oh this damn elusive Mickey shirt! I ended up doing a internet deep dive into vintage Disney Hawaiian shirts trying to track this down (similar previous deep dives include: defunct SoCal Harley dealerships, pink bowling shirts, silver jeweler stamps from the 1970s). But alas, it wasn’t to meant to be found. Anyway… thank you, Harry, for this very vibrant shirt and weird scarf. I hope you bought some nice furniture that day. (We forgot this one in the survey too, whoops. I hope this makes up for it.)

Happy New Year 

- Alex

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okay, I know autistic Hermione headcanons are a popular thing (and with good reason, and I love them so much) — but I’m rereading “Seen and Unforeseen” from OOTP rn and omg, autistic Harry, tho???

seriously, the whole scene of Hermione listening to Harry’s story of his date with Cho, then trying to explain what happened to him and trying to tell him what he could’ve or should’ve done differently, and why Cho reacted how she did?

like, yes, JKR totally meant for it to be like, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Omicron Persei 8, lol @ girls with their silly girl feelings and lol @ Harry for not getting it lol” — and this is obvious in the text because of Hermione’s lines like, “Harry, you’re worse than Ron” and, “Girls don’t often ask questions like that”

……but only if you read them through the lens of the usual western social baggage attached to phrases like that and the other lens of popular gendered cultural narratives about relationships (and with a little bit of context of how JKR tends to write m/f couples in general). paying attention to those lenses is important, though…

because the scene also reads kind of a lot like Hermione trying to teach Harry about social scripts that she’s learned about in one way or another (books, summers back in her Muggle hometown, endless possibilities are endless), and sharing this knowledge of How Weird Fiddly Relationship Things Are Supposed To Work And How Gendered Behaviors And Interactions Are Supposed To Work And Stuff

and it reads like Hermione doing these things because Harry’s upset and the Dursleys denied him the chance to really learn these things with how they kept him socially isolated as a kid and taught him to be seen and not heard, and that he wasn’t wanted anywhere, and partly, it’s just born out of Hermione loving her friend and not wanting him to suffer or to fall back into thinking that no one wants him around (which he’s had a lot of trouble with already in OOTP, especially in light of how Dumbledore socially isolated him on Privet Drive for most of the summer)

but it’s also born out of Hermione having been forced to learn all of these scripts and all of the tacit underlying misogyny, gender essentialism, and heteronormativity written into them, and she isn’t sure if those things are actually for real there or if she just made them up in her head as an “excuse” for why she had so much trouble with them and just

autistic Harry and autistic Hermione, my actual children, I’m so upset ;~;

(ps: Ron…… I don’t think that he’s out here on the autistic spectrum, personally, but he’s not any kind of neurotypical either. at the very least, Ron definitely strikes me as ADHD…

—Fred and George do as well, but they exhibit a more obvious ADHD presentation style, whereas I think Ron does have his share of hyperactivity symptoms but is more of a primarily inattentive/unfocused type, plus they have a unique kind of charisma that makes it easier for them to mask their ADHD—

so, without that charisma or that obviousness, Ron’s learned and internalized all of the icky ableist societal crap that tells him this is just one more thing that’s “wrong” with him, one more reason why he’s “deficient” and “not good enough” / “not as good as his siblings, as Harry and Hermione, and so on”

…and lbr, Molly has totally encouraged him in thinking so because a lot of the reasons she snaps at him come back to things Ron does that ADHD can explain, and just… autistic Harry and autistic Hermione and ADHD Ron, my bb sweethearts. ;~; ♥)

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Name: Grace

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Number of blankets I sleep with: One

Dream Trip: Brighton UK cause I feel like that would be amazing and I always dream of going there for some reason like idk what it looks like I feel like I belong there tho(don’t question 😂)

Dream job: Veternarian(but I’m also thinking about photography or graphic designer now idkkkk)

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Why I made this account: I wanted to see what my faves were up to here

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Ok cursed child just finished lemme lay down what I did and didn't dig

Lemme just start off

Not faves
-the overall plot idea seems really unoriginal to me 1) how is Harry’s scar hurting ect when that part of Voldemort was killed? 2) I expected something more or less NOT along the lines of Voldemort!
-Delphi, intriguing but also why jkr why
-Harry would never NOT love his kids or make them feel unloved Jesus christ
- Amos seems not in character Idk
-more reasons to ship drarry

-wth why must Harry watch James and lily die all over again cmon that already happened once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -WHERE WAS TEDDY REMUS LUPIN -dumbledore lowkey always fucking shit up wth

-scorpius, he is a beautiful little beam of sunshine and he is now without a doubt one of my favorite characters.
-Ginny, my homegirl actually had a bigger part, love it ALSO hinny did well
-Harry’s kitchen. Harry is the one that cooks. Love it.
-pigeons, was not expecting this
- the trolley lady has plot to her character bless
- Albus is TOTALLT the Emo child I love it….to me it’s an embodiment of Harry in OTP
- Romione was so perfect. Could not have imagined it better.
- Albus as polyjuice Ron, I cried.
- Albus in slytherin
- scorpius in love w rose this whole damn time
-Albus + Harry the last scene overall
-trio + renew relations w malfoy
-more reasons for all my fave ships to keep sailing

- I was hesitant on Snape but it’s was all good in the end

Spoilers and impressions from the book and when the play previews came out I hope ppl keep an open mind. I really did enjoy I hope everyone else can too.
Cursed child overall to me was a good read, the plot was much comparable to an unoriginal idea for a fan fiction, but I think my favorite thing was the characters, how they developed and effected the plot. Not sure what my life is but I guess I’ll just keep being a HP hoe thanks for more feels jkr

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We literally JUST talked about (in your lovely post) how the AM shoot wasn't about making H out to be this hypermasculine "LOOK AT MY MUSCLES" person, and how important it is that instead it was gentle and vulnerable, because thats sooo Harry and thats the person he wanted to open up to us about.... and yet, here we are today and people are going off about those "masculine muscles!!", saying those of us not focusing on them don’t love Harry for “who he really is!!”. Its gross and I'm tired.

ya i….hate the beef discourse. i think my main issue with it is that it paints harry as being one dimensional and only capable of having one side to him: soft dainty angel child or the beef that can bench press ur entire family.. and like…why cant he be both? i think i’ve talked about this before but one of my fave things about harry is how full of contradictions he is, like he manages to be this super soft androgynous person 1 second, and the next he’s pulling 500lb with his upper body strength or whatever. like he’s so many things all at once and i think because of that, there’s always gonna be disagreements when people try to put him in one box. i think…idk i think people have their own personal tastes and ideals and that’s what they chose to see in harry and almost anyone can find something personally attractive to them in harry because he’s so multidimensional ya feel? and thats okay i think, i think its only natural to zone in on one particular part of someones appearance or personality that appeals to you the most but i think it’s only okay if you realise that that’s not all of them? like i’m sure its kinda obvious from my posts that i love the more feminine and soft side of harry and that’s something i’m v drawn to about him. i’m not gonna sit here and reblog a million posts about him being beefy and bench pressing me or whatever cos like….that doesnt really interest me?? but i guess some people like to think about harry being that way because that’s just what they’re attracted to like, aesthetically or sexually or whatever. at the end of the day harry is a Real Life Person with a Real Life Body and i dont want to reduce him to a blank slate that we can all just paint whatever we want on…like i said he’s in no way one dimensional and thats one of my fave things about him but also the reason why i think its so hard for people to know what The Real Harry is. long story short if you wanna call him the beef and have him bench press you then thats cool but its shitty to act like because he’s strong and has muscles he cant also be delicate and soft and gentle… because he can….and he is

I was unfollowing people today and i realized 2 things : i follow a lot of people with harry icons and it’s time for my favorite blogs of 2013!!! yay!!!

So here are (in no particular order bc lazy) my fave people:

lilcraiic ohstylesno hscurls indiemalik tomlins cuminmydirection ashtenirwn mmalik zaynz fostertheppl stylesfarts clapbacking gostyles wankstyles payzer paynut purrmalik yayhaz zaynsmalik edsheerant zaynrocksmyworld omglouis harrycmon thirstyniall flawlessirish tomlinsarse finnysmiths niallslaugh harryxzayn everniam manlyliam swoggy harrystylesd  moaningforhoran outtatheskies whiteskimos styles-malik niallkawaii wmyb maistyles mr-styles niallsaintlaurent stairsboys stylessluts epicdirection zarauhl stylesness playedtilmyfingersbled horaneyes jamesniall feelingstyles

And here are really special people and you’re all special because of reasons so i’m just gonna say why okay

harcels -damn gurl i can’t even tell you how much i love you, i never thought it was possible to get so used and attached to someone you met on the internet and we know each other for a year now and jfc you’re amazing and i love you SO much and sdhjhs it would get too long if i wrote all that i want to write <3

genmastyles - yooo beth you’re like my best friend on here and you have no idea how grateful i am for all the things you sent to me and even tho like i feel you don’t really want to talk to me recently i love you very much and i hope we will stay friends for a looooong time

zourrys - you’re super nice and i love your edits and i wish we talked more because i really enjoyed that but i’m still too scared to talk to you sigh

dirtysmouth - i just LOVE to talk to you about after (you need to catch up!!) and generally great person and ily

omgzayn - your edits are perfect and you’re so so so so pretty and you always reblog my edits and i just love you for that bc you get me followers lmao

motelstyles - you’re one of those people i admire from afar and i wish they followed me and your posts are great and yeah ily

feelszarry - idk we never talk but i consider you one of the closer people and i feel like we have this special silent friendship and also edits 

dirtsbag - autumn your daydreams, damn the daydreams!!! you have writing talent and you always have cute themes also your eyebrows game is always hella strong and you’re generally so pretty uh

hstuyles - you’re also my after buddy and i just love how we talk about bringing after harry to life also your edits omg you’re always on my dash

styzles - i love your edits and your blog and i am grateful for those like 3 days of you following me and i need to talk to you more bc you’re so nice and yeah ily

edsharran - you’re like my best friend bc you sent me the book and i love it so much and you’re so cool and i wish we talked as much as we used to during summer bc i miss you very much

blamestyles - kammy you’re always so nice and we’re friends for such long time but i love you very much and you always help me when i need this and yeah you’re the best

niallar - i have no idea how i convinced you to follow me back but your blog is amazing and i live for your narry posts and you’re amazing in general 

captainmalik - yo my polish homie and i love you very much and idk you’re great remember when i used to hate you good times man

mczayn - you’re special because you always buy me alcohol when i need you (i need it for nye wink wink) but in general i hate you bc your selfies make me depressed so you can fuck off