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One day i’m going to be able to purge myself from the itch to fanart for shows that I love/hate. today, unfortunately, is not that day.

Side effects being friends with me include gaining extensive knowledge of tv shows you don’t watch or care about.


arya stark meme | six scenes ► arya and gendry, 2x02 the night lands

↳    “She’s no use,” Gendry repeated stubbornly. “Her and Hot Pie and Lommy, they’re slowing us down, and they’re going to get us killed. You’re the only one of the bunch who’s good for anything. Even if you are a girl.”
  Arya froze in her steps. “I’m not a girl! ”
  “Yes you are. Do you think I’m as stupid as they are?”
  “No, you’re stupider. The Night’s Watch doesn’t take girls, everyone knows that.”
  “That’s true. I don’t know why Yoren brought you, but he must have had some reason. You’re still a girl.”

game of thrones and misogyny

Okay so everyone and their mothers knows by know that Game of Thrones has a problem with misogyny, there’s been countless essays written about it, but watching the most recent episode 7.06 is making me start to try and pin down the certain type of misogyny, which to summarize think, is that they believe while misogyny in Westeros is real it is a choice to endure it and any woman who doesn’t is unworthy.

This is a problem for….so many reasons, in ASOIAF at least it is quite clear misogyny is a deeply ingrained social aspect of Westeros that causes women a lot of pain, we see how it affects women such as Cersei, Catelyn and Brienne and how it shaped a good portion of their lives and brought with them some very unique pain, for instance most of Cersei’s pain and trauma are deeply rooted in the patriarchal order of both Westeros and her family, and the degree on which she has been indoctrinated into that way of think has completely warped all relationships she has with other women.

“I’m not going to sit by the fire and knit while men die for me” Lyanna Mormont 7.01

“You probably don’t remember you were always inside knitting” Arya Stark 7.06

These two quotes are both very odd to me and reek of misogyny but also the idea that women have some choice in Westeros and are not born to fulfill very specific social roles they are taught to obey from the moment they understand how to, Sansa did not exactly ‘choose’ to say inside and knit while her brother did Cool Boy Stuff which Sansa didn’t want to do because she’s so lame and girly, Sansa would never be educated to fight, she is educated to run a household, which includes mending clothes, it is a skill that all medieval women had and was extremely important, this is the bloody north, do they really think those stylish furs just appear out of thin air?  Blaming Sansa and other women for fulfilling the social role they have all been taught to fill is misogyny plain and simple, it is not a critique that society needs to change it is a critique that any woman who ‘lets’ herself be oppressed by doing Stupid Girl Stuff is bad and not as worthy as the girls who do.

To summarize Arya knowing how to fight Like The Boys is not a story of feminism, it is the idea Arya is a worthy woman because she doesn’t let thing like institutionalized misogyny get in the way of her doing what she wants and therefor all women should do it, it perpetuates the idea that all women ‘choose’ to be victims and don’t have to if they don’t want to, that women abused by men put themselves in that situation and therefor deserve to be belittled and put down by the narratives chosen Good Women. 

Bill Skarsgård x Reader Headcannons

Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Requester: Anonymous

Prompt: Bill headcannons

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Note: I finished before 9 I’m happy. Enjoy! :D!

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-The first time you met with Bill was when you were an extra in Hemlock Grove

-You had a scene together where he’d bump into your purposely and spill the books everywhere only your stupid feet betrayed you and you tripped and hit your head on a locker

-You felt really embarrassed about it but Bill was with you the entire time in the infermey

-You had to get stitches so he had to hold your hand as they did it

-It wasn’t painful you were just nervous

-You contiued to see and talk to eachother randomkly after that until you finally became friends

-You once got drunk during a party and Bill drove you to his place

-For some reason you kept pawing at the windows like a cat

- When he arrived to his house you were  surprised that it a nice looking house in the suburbs

- When he was checking the house out he found you munching zombie-like on snacks

-He had to fight you to get into bed. Like legit you’d run from him and he’d have to grab you and pull you back

- You were shouting the entire time you needed to find Batman to save the army of frogs with purple nails

-Do frogs even have nails?

-Eventually he had came to an agreement with you and laid on the bed with you

-You wouldn’t stop snuggling to him

-In the middle of the night you said you loved him in your sleep and he just smiled and said he loved you back

-He meant to get out of bed and go to his own room but he ended up sleeping there for the rest of the night

-When you woke up with a slamming hangover had left a couple advils and a glass of water

-Bill was making breakfast which was sooo good

- He makes good waffles =P!

-When you had to leave he finally talked about what you had said and asked you if it was true

-You said yes and he kissed you

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Middle-age sex is HOT and it’s about time to show it on TV

Okay so you know how David Duchovny always says “I don’t think anyone wants to see people over 50 having sex” when it comes to the question of MSR and while it might be his way to avoid answering directly, it represents something I hear too often and I really want to discuss this because:

Yes, we do want to see people over 50 have sex on TV because views need to change. And not just in The X-Files.

This has been on my mind for a while and I truly believe TV and movies need to play a determinant role in removing the stigma of age and sexuality. I am so, so *tired* of middle-age sex discussions only revolving around the menopause or impotence and the need for viagra. This is not sexuality. It’s biology (and lads, viagra is definitely not the norm). When the age expectancy was still in the 30 age group, people had sex until they died. And this is still true today, couples in their 70s still have sex regularly, people in care homes have sex… Why are we being told sex is something that is still possible at any age but literally NO ONE wants to show it? Game of Thrones and other TV shows do not shy away from rape scenes and violence against women but for some reason, consensual sex between people in their 50s is a taboo for general viewers while you have a porn industry thriving on “teens” categories with women who barely reached 18… Why is it that people think they will be grossed out by the same thing they think is so hot to watch showing people 25 years younger? 

Ageism is rampant in society and it affects how we view the world, how we enjoy things and how we let them play into our lives. Sex should be hot at any age and it’s about time TV and movies show us the way to acceptance.

throne of glass modern au where aelin and rowan watch game of thrones in their pajamas and scream at the tv whenever they spot a tactic gone wrong

I know everybody loves the domestic avengers and trust me so do I but pals… just picture the domestic defenders
Jessica and Matt bickering over absolutely everything that goes on in the flat because she is Grump Supreme™ and he just loves to egg her on and play devil’s advocate (and yes he makes jokes about that in his own mind)
Luke just kind of watching them like an older brother with one eyebrow raised and this little smirk on his face and Actual Human Puppy Dog Daniel Rand sitting by Luke and watching the bickering happen with this big grin because honestly he’s just happy to be there
They all do work together sometimes and they’ll sit in a circle around a coffee table, working one of Jessica’s cases and Matt handles a lot of the paperwork because he’s a lawyer and he’s the only one who really actually knows how to do paperwork well
Jess doesn’t have to worry about stuff in her office getting broken by angry clients anymore because Danny always covers damage costs even though she constantly tells him not to
For some reason Danny is really enthusiastic about trying to teach all of them kung fu? They never let him because he’s basically the baby brother of the group and it would be painfully weird for him to be teaching them things
Matt, Jessica and Luke all conclude that Danny needs to be introduced into all things pop culture seeing as he’s been away for fifteen years and they love watching (and yelling at in Jessica’s case) Game of Thrones while all sitting on this Insanely Comfortable Couch that Danny got them, and all 3 of them are insistent that Loras Tyrell is the spitting image of Danny but he refuses to believe it
Luke is a surprisingly good cook??? So as much as they like ordering in when they have a lot of work do so they can get down to business and absentmindedly eat at the same time, they also sometimes enjoy sitting at the table and eating a real meal together as a team (Mr. Catholic Guy Matthew Michael Murdock always prays before he eats, Danny quietly says a rite the monks taught back in K'un-Lun, Jessica literally just kinda says “GRACE”)
As much of a porcupine as Jessica is, she actually really likes Danny and, though she won’t admit it, begrudgingly likes Matt as well
They sit in silence a lot just working or thinking and they do it practically anywhere; sometimes they just go for walks around Manhattan and say nothing, part of the reason for this is that they’re on patrol and part of the reason is that Danny wants to see as much of the city as he can and the others can’t refuse him (especially when he looks down all sad with those big precious puppy dog eyes of his) since he consistently does so much for them
They don’t often get into legitimate fights but if they do, they always all go separately to Claire and she just sighs and sits them all down together and yells at them to work it out
And rarely, very rarely, in the quiet hours of the morning, they’re able to get off their chests the hardest things they’ve been through and they kind of pour out their pain to one another and it’s in those moments that they’re at their most like a real team of heroes, and big brash tough Jessica’s voice gets so so small and peaceful Luke gets furious and Matt weeps from eyes that can’t see and Danny, sweet pure ball of sunshine, cries the quietest, angriest tears there are
and then they go out and beat the crap out of criminals because there’s nothing more cathartic than justice


Never thought I’d say this, but: Bless the NHL!

And bless Jamie Benn for his reasoning behind binge-watching Game of Thrones…

myhodgepodgebrain  asked:

Any tips on how to balance out making a villain likable enough where readers enjoy reading about them but not so likable that the readers root for them instead? Essentially, do you have any advice on how to write villains that readers love to hate?

Hey there! 

I absolutely love villains and the very best villains are hard to come by. 
We have answered several questions about writing antagonists that you should check out (here), bu I will give some of the basic tips that I’ve learned over the years.

Types of Villains

There are different types of antagonists, and different reasons why we love them. 

  • There are the chaotic good antagonists, doing the right thing for the wrong reason (Magneto from X-Men). 
  • There’s the lovable villains who are just bad at being bad (Dr. Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb or Dr. Drakken from Kim Possible). 

  • There are the ones that you just absolutely hate and you just want to watch them burn (Joffrey from Game of Thrones is pretty accurate).

I would advise that you start by determining what kind you want. Of course, your antagonist doesn’t have to fit any mold, but this is a good place to start if you have no idea. 


Once you figure this out, you can move onto the next thing that will define your villain. After all, why would they oppose your protagonist if they didn’t have a reason? Granted, even the reason of ‘because they want to’ is a great reason. I found a list of 39 villain motivations that you can take a look at, but I’ll throw a few out:

  • Revenge: (Hera from Greek Mythology, Gaston from Beauty and the Beast) They were scorned by somebody or something and will get them back.
  • Fear: (Voldemort from Harry Potter,  Ichirō Yashida in The Wolverine) A chronic fear of something (death is a popular one) leads them to do whatever it takes to avoid it.

  • Desire to better oneself: (Stephen from Maleficent, Aaron Burr from Hamilton) Starting out on the bottom and wanting to be at the top.

  • Desire: (Ashfur from Warriors, Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame) If I can’t have him/her/them/it, nobody can.

  • Rule: (Loki from Thor, Scar from The Lion King) I was born to rule and nothing will stop me.
Crossing the line

Once you know what drives them, then you can figure out how they’ll validate their goal. What makes it more important than the risks and the cost of the goal? Why would Voldemort split his soul into multiple parts even though it would destroy who he was just to keep from dying? Is it a noble mission that they would sacrifice anything for? Is it something that a loved one died for and now they must complete it? Were they tormented as a child and want to make sure nobody goes through it again? Your hero has goals too, but they’re not likely to break every rule to achieve it. Crossing that line makes the villain different.

Only Human

The biggest thing, I’ve always seen, is to remember that your villain is a person (or robot, alien, magical underground monster flower, etc.) and they have good points and bad points. They can be charming, funny, compassionate (I know of several DC villains who fight Batman constantly but refuse to attack orphanages because they themselves were orphans), loving spouses and parents, good friends, etc. Going against society or the law doesn’t make them 100% evil. And few readers enjoy villains that are 100% evil. There’s no personality. 

Putting it all together

So to show an example of a good villain, I’ll give you mine.

One of my favorite villains of all time is Luke Castellan from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan, and I’ll tell you why. He truly believed that what he was doing was right. He was like all the other demigods, ignored by his godly parent and not taken seriously. He got tired of seeing his fellow demigods killed for no reason, and decided to get rid of the old system. 

Then somebody with more power got a hold of him and gave him a way to do it. He knew that it was wrong and that he’d be breaking the rules, but he also knew that nothing else had worked. What’s a few lives lost if it saves countless others? Even when he fought against his friends he believed that he was saving them and that they would come around to his way of seeing things. 

And even when he lost he believed what he was doing was right. He believed it so strongly that the readers believed it. You spent the books wishing that he would realize his mistake and come back to his friends, because you loved the character, but not his choices. 

Please feel free to let us know if you have any other questions. Hope this helps!