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arya stark meme | six scenes ► arya and gendry, 2x02 the night lands

↳    “She’s no use,” Gendry repeated stubbornly. “Her and Hot Pie and Lommy, they’re slowing us down, and they’re going to get us killed. You’re the only one of the bunch who’s good for anything. Even if you are a girl.”
  Arya froze in her steps. “I’m not a girl! ”
  “Yes you are. Do you think I’m as stupid as they are?”
  “No, you’re stupider. The Night’s Watch doesn’t take girls, everyone knows that.”
  “That’s true. I don’t know why Yoren brought you, but he must have had some reason. You’re still a girl.”

I know everybody loves the domestic avengers and trust me so do I but pals… just picture the domestic defenders
Jessica and Matt bickering over absolutely everything that goes on in the flat because she is Grump Supreme™ and he just loves to egg her on and play devil’s advocate (and yes he makes jokes about that in his own mind)
Luke just kind of watching them like an older brother with one eyebrow raised and this little smirk on his face and Actual Human Puppy Dog Daniel Rand sitting by Luke and watching the bickering happen with this big grin because honestly he’s just happy to be there
They all do work together sometimes and they’ll sit in a circle around a coffee table, working one of Jessica’s cases and Matt handles a lot of the paperwork because he’s a lawyer and he’s the only one who really actually knows how to do paperwork well
Jess doesn’t have to worry about stuff in her office getting broken by angry clients anymore because Danny always covers damage costs even though she constantly tells him not to
For some reason Danny is really enthusiastic about trying to teach all of them kung fu? They never let him because he’s basically the baby brother of the group and it would be painfully weird for him to be teaching them things
Matt, Jessica and Luke all conclude that Danny needs to be introduced into all things pop culture seeing as he’s been away for fifteen years and they love watching (and yelling at in Jessica’s case) Game of Thrones while all sitting on this Insanely Comfortable Couch that Danny got them, and all 3 of them are insistent that Loras Tyrell is the spitting image of Danny but he refuses to believe it
Luke is a surprisingly good cook??? So as much as they like ordering in when they have a lot of work do so they can get down to business and absentmindedly eat at the same time, they also sometimes enjoy sitting at the table and eating a real meal together as a team (Mr. Catholic Guy Matthew Michael Murdock always prays before he eats, Danny quietly says a rite the monks taught back in K'un-Lun, Jessica literally just kinda says “GRACE”)
As much of a porcupine as Jessica is, she actually really likes Danny and, though she won’t admit it, begrudgingly likes Matt as well
They sit in silence a lot just working or thinking and they do it practically anywhere; sometimes they just go for walks around Manhattan and say nothing, part of the reason for this is that they’re on patrol and part of the reason is that Danny wants to see as much of the city as he can and the others can’t refuse him (especially when he looks down all sad with those big precious puppy dog eyes of his) since he consistently does so much for them
They don’t often get into legitimate fights but if they do, they always all go separately to Claire and she just sighs and sits them all down together and yells at them to work it out
And rarely, very rarely, in the quiet hours of the morning, they’re able to get off their chests the hardest things they’ve been through and they kind of pour out their pain to one another and it’s in those moments that they’re at their most like a real team of heroes, and big brash tough Jessica’s voice gets so so small and peaceful Luke gets furious and Matt weeps from eyes that can’t see and Danny, sweet pure ball of sunshine, cries the quietest, angriest tears there are
and then they go out and beat the crap out of criminals because there’s nothing more cathartic than justice

imagine-hodgepodge  asked:

Any tips on how to balance out making a villain likable enough where readers enjoy reading about them but not so likable that the readers root for them instead? Essentially, do you have any advice on how to write villains that readers love to hate?

Hey there! 

I absolutely love villains and the very best villains are hard to come by. 
We have answered several questions about writing antagonists that you should check out (here), bu I will give some of the basic tips that I’ve learned over the years.

Types of Villains

There are different types of antagonists, and different reasons why we love them. 

  • There are the chaotic good antagonists, doing the right thing for the wrong reason (Magneto from X-Men). 
  • There’s the lovable villains who are just bad at being bad (Dr. Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb or Dr. Drakken from Kim Possible). 

  • There are the ones that you just absolutely hate and you just want to watch them burn (Joffrey from Game of Thrones is pretty accurate).

I would advise that you start by determining what kind you want. Of course, your antagonist doesn’t have to fit any mold, but this is a good place to start if you have no idea. 


Once you figure this out, you can move onto the next thing that will define your villain. After all, why would they oppose your protagonist if they didn’t have a reason? Granted, even the reason of ‘because they want to’ is a great reason. I found a list of 39 villain motivations that you can take a look at, but I’ll throw a few out:

  • Revenge: (Hera from Greek Mythology, Gaston from Beauty and the Beast) They were scorned by somebody or something and will get them back.
  • Fear: (Voldemort from Harry Potter,  Ichirō Yashida in The Wolverine) A chronic fear of something (death is a popular one) leads them to do whatever it takes to avoid it.

  • Desire to better oneself: (Stephen from Maleficent, Aaron Burr from Hamilton) Starting out on the bottom and wanting to be at the top.

  • Desire: (Ashfur from Warriors, Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame) If I can’t have him/her/them/it, nobody can.

  • Rule: (Loki from Thor, Scar from The Lion King) I was born to rule and nothing will stop me.
Crossing the line

Once you know what drives them, then you can figure out how they’ll validate their goal. What makes it more important than the risks and the cost of the goal? Why would Voldemort split his soul into multiple parts even though it would destroy who he was just to keep from dying? Is it a noble mission that they would sacrifice anything for? Is it something that a loved one died for and now they must complete it? Were they tormented as a child and want to make sure nobody goes through it again? Your hero has goals too, but they’re not likely to break every rule to achieve it. Crossing that line makes the villain different.

Only Human

The biggest thing, I’ve always seen, is to remember that your villain is a person (or robot, alien, magical underground monster flower, etc.) and they have good points and bad points. They can be charming, funny, compassionate (I know of several DC villains who fight Batman constantly but refuse to attack orphanages because they themselves were orphans), loving spouses and parents, good friends, etc. Going against society or the law doesn’t make them 100% evil. And few readers enjoy villains that are 100% evil. There’s no personality. 

Putting it all together

So to show an example of a good villain, I’ll give you mine.

One of my favorite villains of all time is Luke Castellan from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan, and I’ll tell you why. He truly believed that what he was doing was right. He was like all the other demigods, ignored by his godly parent and not taken seriously. He got tired of seeing his fellow demigods killed for no reason, and decided to get rid of the old system. 

Then somebody with more power got a hold of him and gave him a way to do it. He knew that it was wrong and that he’d be breaking the rules, but he also knew that nothing else had worked. What’s a few lives lost if it saves countless others? Even when he fought against his friends he believed that he was saving them and that they would come around to his way of seeing things. 

And even when he lost he believed what he was doing was right. He believed it so strongly that the readers believed it. You spent the books wishing that he would realize his mistake and come back to his friends, because you loved the character, but not his choices. 

Please feel free to let us know if you have any other questions. Hope this helps!


I’ll never understand people who talk shit about everything… if you don’t like a tv show don’t watch it, if you don’t like a band DONT LISTEN TO THEM it’s really that simple

Logical, understandable reasons Mon-El would have lied

1) he’s new to earth. He’s ROYALTY. He didn’t know if he could trust kara and the DEO (they held him prisoner and Kara expressed hate for Daxam)

…do you know what happens to royalty in the hands of an enemy? Just watch Game of Thrones. He had to keep it secret so they wouldn’t keep him prisoner and try to use him for some hostage purposes.

2) by the time he knew he could trust them, he’d already lied to them. The damage was done.. AND HE HAD BEGUN TO FEEL ASHAMED of the man he used to be. And no one had responded to his beacon. He thought he was all alone. And if he admitted he was lying, he could possibly lose the only friends he had on this alien planet.

…the poor dude hated who he was before, he wanted to be Mon-El, hero of Earth. Partner to Kara. And in his head he was the “former” prince of Daxam. So the secret affected no one and held huge potential to cause him to lose everything…

TO SUM UP, he was *right* and *justified* to lie at the beginning. To keep lying after that wasn’t great but if you don’t understand his position you are doing your very best to be unempathetic and I hope you never make any mistakes in life because you wouldn’t like people being as hard on you as you are being of him.

It’s not like he, I dunno, killed Kara’s aunt… or assumed the identity of a DEO officer for years… or lied to everyone in his life for 15+ years about having super powers. Kara didn’t even tell Adam, the guy she was dating…

Reason #10019 why Jaime/Brienne shippers aren’t fazed by the #fakenews that came out this week 

April 2017:

Interviewer: So, it’s the reason the love for Cersei, is the reason why cannot be with

Nikolaj: Brienne, yeah. Well, for now perhaps. ooooohshitoopsisaidtoomuchabc12345678910

Do yourself a favor and watch the video 😂 It’s a must see!

Cersei, Tormund, bye!

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Movies you should watch :--)

Medyo ramble man ‘yung pagkakaclassification ko sa mga movies pero magaganda po talaga ito lahat , hindi na rin ako nagclassify ng action movies dahil medyo hindi ko genre yun pero some of these may mga part na rin ng action :) 

Ps. Itong mga list na ito ‘yung tumatak talaga sa akin so sana mapanuod niyo rin. 


  • The Conjuring 1 & 2
  • Sinister
  • Amityville
  • Bye Bye Man
  • Dont’t Breathe
  • Drag me to hell
  • Friend Request
  • Lights Out
  • The Host
  • Human Centipede
  • Perfume Murderer
  • Saw 1-8
  • Wrong Turn 1-6
  • The Abduction of Jennifer Grayson
  • Autopsy of Jane Doe
  • The Babadook
  • The Love Ones
  • The Swimmers
  • Jessabelle
  • Final Destination 1-5
  • San Andreas
  • 2012
  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
  • The Other side of the door
  • Orphan
  • House of Wax
  • Chucky Series
  • Slither
  • Annabelle
  • Insidious Series
  • Carrie
  • Careful What you wish for
  • Shallow
  • Ouija


  • Alice in Wonderland 1&2
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Harry Potter Series
  • Finding Nemo
  • Finding Dory
  • Hannah Montana the Movie
  • High School Musical Trilogy
  • Despicable Me 1&2
  • Minions
  • Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children
  • The Jungle Book
  • The Smurfs
  • Tinker Bell Collection
  • Barbie Collection
  • Wolf Children
  • Zootopia
  • Frozen
  • Moana
  • The Boss Baby
  • Trolls
  • Nanny McPhee and The Big Bang
  • 3 Idiots
  • Taare Zameen Par
  • Tangled
  • Home
  • Sing
  • Toy Story 
  • Secret Life of Pet
  • Inside Out
  • Hotel Transylvania 1&2
  • The Peanuts Movie
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks

Teen/ Romance

  • Mean Girls 1&2
  • Picture This
  • Princess Diaries 1&2
  • Aquamarine
  • Wild Child
  • Valentine’s Day
  • 10 things I hate about you
  • Love Rosie
  • My Sisters Keeper
  • 27 dresses
  • Comet
  • A walk to remember
  • Warm Bodies
  • Passenger
  • Raise your Voice
  • Me before You
  • The Space Between Us
  • Labor Pains
  • Stuck in love
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Easy A
  • Love & Other Drugs
  • The Last Song
  • Beastly
  • Friends with Benefits
  • Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure
  • About Time
  • The Age of Adeline
  • The Bratz
  • The Clique
  • The Lizzie McGuire 
  • A Cinderella Story
  • Material Girls
  • Cadet Kelly
  • She’s the Man
  • Another Cinderella Story
  • What a girl wants
  • Titanic
  • Silver Linings Playbook
  • How to be Single
  • 16 wishes
  • Confession of a Shopaholic
  • The Vow


  • The Journey to the Center of the Earth
  • Journey to the Mysterious Island
  • Doctor Strange
  • The Amazing Spiderman
  • The Jurassic World
  • Iron Man
  • Captain America: Civil War

Asian Horror Movies

  • Tales of Terror: Haunted Apartment Movie 
  • Tales of Two Sister
  • One Missed Call 1 & 2
  • The Grudge
  • The Shutter
  • Sadako Vs Kayako
  • The Ring
  • The Wig
  • The Doll Master
  • Death Bell 1 & 2
  • Phone
  • Train to Busan
  • Cello
  • TAG
  • Coming Soon

Horror Comedy

  • Make me Shudder 1, 2 &3
  • Pee Mak

Asian Romance Movie(Thai, Korean)

  • Little thing called love (Thai)
  • No Breathing (Korean)
  • Pure Love (Korean)
  • 200 pounds beauty (Korean)
  • Windstruck (Korean)
  • Millionaire’s First Love (Korean)
  • Sky of Love (Korean)
  • Cyrano AGency (Korean)
  • Architecture 101(Korean)
  • ATM : Er Rak Error 1 & 2 (Thai)
  • I’m Fine.Thank You. Love you (Thai)

Live Action

  • Kimi ni Todoke 
  • Anohana 
  • Beauty and The Beast
  • Cinderella
  • I give my first love to you


  • Murphys Law of Love (Taiwanese)
  • SUpergirl (American)
  • The Flash (American)
  • 13 Reasons Why (American)
  • Stranger Things (American)
  • Game of Thrones (American)
  • Riverdale (American)


  • Descendants of the Sun
  • Legend of the Blue Sea
  • Moonlight Drawn by Clouds
  • Shopping King Louie
  • School : Who are you
  • Boys over flowers
  • Cinderella’s Stepsister
  • Heartstrings
  • The Heirs
  • I miss you
  • My Girlfriend is a gumiho
  • Princess Hours
  • Rooftop Prince
  • To The Beautiful You
  • You’re Beautiful
  • Thousand Years of Love
  • I love you So
  • Scarlet Heart: Ryeo
  • Fated to love you
  • Doctors


  • King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo
  • Patisserie Coin De Rue
The One With The Free Porn

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: When you stumble upon a weird TV channel, you and your boyfriend make a bet.

Words: 825

Warnings: Fluff, mentions of smut (not really tagged as smut, but whatevs), cursing?

Check out my Masterlist!

A/N: This is my submission for @eyes-of-a-disney-princess and @sis-tafics ‘s  Have a Hubba Bubba Birthday Writing Challenge! Friends is one of my favorite TV shows ever and I had a lot of fun writing this, hope you like it :)

Feedback is always appreciated, enjoy! xx

Originally posted by soluscheese

Dean walked into your shared room with the bowl of popcorn he promised to bring, finding you laying on the bed with the remote on your hand as you changed the channels.

“Anything on?” He pouted, laying beside you as you both took some popcorn and ate it.

“Not really,” you replied, mouthful. “I guess no one watches interesting movies at 4 in the afternoon.”

Dean chuckled, watching the tv and eating some more popcorn before you came across a very weird channel.

“Is… is that-?” He stuttered, your mouth opened wide in surprise to find a naked couple making out on TV, romantic music playing in the background. “Is that porn?”

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throne of glass modern au where aelin and rowan watch game of thrones in their pajamas and scream at the tv whenever they spot a tactic gone wrong

Poldark returns: Aidan Turner on nudity, being single and why he's a technophobe

As the famously ripped and glowering Cornish copper miner, Aidan Turner has put the sex back  into Sunday nights. Over a large vodka, he talks about getting  naked, those pecs and playing Poldark
Just before I am due to interview Aidan Turner, his PR sends me an email to let me know that he has grown a beard – presumably in case I fail to recognise the actor fully clothed or not wearing a tricorn hat.
Poor old Turner is so defined by that scything scene that he likes to grow his beard when not committed to playing Ross Poldark – which doesn’t happen very often, given the BBC has just commissioned a fourth series and Turner says they are all tied in for five.
‘I’m not a big fan of shaving,’ he explains to me when I finally find him – fully clothed in a bomber jacket, T-shirt and jeans, minus tricorn, hiding in the corner of a dimly lit hotel bar in Mayfair. ‘It sucks. What’s the point? What is the point?’ I mention something about it being uncomfortable to be on the receiving end of a man with a beard.

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“Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I shall live and die at my post. I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the shield that guards the realms of men. I pledge my life and honor to the Night’s Watch, for this night and all the nights to come.”

I’m really surprised that I’ve never seen any Game of Thrones AU’s for Overwatch, specifically of Night’sWatch!Mchanzo (2 lost souls seeking redemption? they meet at the wall and become brothers in arms? THEY END UP HAVING TO DESERT FOR WHATEVER REASON AND GO ON THE RUN TOGETHER? idk)

Anyways this Night’swatch!Au is for Mchanzo week day 2: Cannon divergence / AU

Dating Aaron Would Include:

• Him trying to get you to watch Game of Thrones with him but him having to explain everything to you

• Constantly checking in on you when you’re sick

• Him making you a bomb ass breakfast in bed

• Him just wanting to cook for you all the time tbh

• Blaring music in his car and singing loudly

• Him calling you at the end of the day when he’s out of town and you guys talking about how your days went together

• Binge watching movies together

• “Stop doing laundry and come cuddle”

• Him wanting to rehearse lines with you

• Dancing together for no reason at all

• Not leaving for work until he gets a kiss from you

• P r o t e c t i v e

• Calling him Aar Bear !!!!

• Wearing his baseball jerseys because you know he loves the way they look on you

• Loving the way he gets when he talks about something he’s passionate about

• Watching him freak out over sports

By Arrangement (TMNT 2012, Apritello)

Summary: The war between humans and mutants ends the minute the Kraang come calling. There’s just the matter of making the tenuous peace stick – and Donnie drew the short straw. 

Here’s hoping his blushing bride doesn’t murder him in his sleep. 

Rating: PG. 

Word Count: 8,700.

Notes: My best @hotmilkytea asked for a bunch of kiss prompts for April and Donnie, and somehow what happened was several thousand words of arranged marriage shenanigans. I have no idea how. But enjoy the tropeyness! :D

@donniedrinkscoffee, @cesarin, here you go! 

Read on: Ao3 |


Donnie reminds himself to blink, and to breathe, and to smile – the gentle smile he practiced in his mirror for a solid month – when April appears in the doorway of the chapel.

She takes one look at him, and pulls a gun out of her wedding dress.

Well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, he thinks, even though his heart plummets straight to his feet. At his side, Raph growls, and then Casey unsheathes a police baton along with his hockey stick.

Donnie keeps smiling because he doesn’t know what else to do with his face, but April isn’t aiming at him. She’s aiming right over his shoulder.

That’s when the gunshots start, and Donnie realizes that April – his brave, furious, beautiful, absolutely badass bride – isn’t shooting at him, but at the platoon of Kraang who just crashed through the back wall of the chapel.


Let’s back up a bit, shall we?


Once upon a time, there were humans, and there were mutants, and they had been at war for a very, very long time. No one remembers how the war got started – some say it started with two brothers, one human and one mutant, who fought over a woman, but frankly that story has been told too many times and wasn’t very interesting to begin with – but everyone knows about the fields that never stop burning, and the heads on spikes along the road.

It took almost a thousand years – years during which the air over Nebraska boiled, and Beijing nearly fell to an army of rats led by a masked king, and an actual alien invasion – but finally, the powers that be on both sides of the war said Enough.

Which was long overdue, to be honest, but at this rate, the world would be uninhabitable by the end of the century, and since staying alive was the one thing that both sides could agree on, the leaders agreed to a ceasefire.

Getting curb-stomped by pink screeching aliens has a wonderful way of putting things in perspective.

The world took a deep, shuddering breath, and wondered what would come next. Other than the Kraang invasion, that is.

An alliance, said the leaders. That’s what we need.

And how, said the world, which was tired and desperate and had almost forgotten how to hope, do you plan to do that?

uh, said the leaders. We’ll get back to you?


“You’re kidding me,” said Donnie. “A wedding? They do know this is actual, real life, and not fanfiction, right? We need – I don’t know, treaties, and to stop shooting each other, and –”

Leo shrugged. “I mean, it’s not like we have any other options, do we?”

Donnie tried not to choke on his own tongue. “We do,” he said, enunciating each word precisely. “Like treaties. And shooting the actual aliens, instead of each other.

“Yeah, because the other ceasefires worked so well,” said Raph, with a meaningful glance at the deep scar winding up Donnie’s thigh. “We’ll just go yell give peace a chance and put flowers in their assault rifles and boom! We got peace locked in! Up until the Kraang turn us into grape jelly.”

Donnie balled his hands into fists, both to keep from rubbing at the scar and in case he decided to pummel Raph in the face. “It’s an idiotic idea,” he said. “Marriage doesn’t solve anything when it’s just normal life. It’s not going to solve a war.”

Mikey leaned against his shoulder with a tired sigh. “Can we just like, enjoy the silence for five minutes?” he said. “I’m tired, dudes. When was the last time people weren’t tryin’ to kill us?”

“Never,” Donnie said in unison with Raph and Leo. He threw an arm around Mikey’s shoulder and closed his eyes. Mikey did have a point – they should take the chance to rest while they could, in case everything burned down around them tomorrow.

Splinter breathed quietly nearby, asleep or meditating, and slowly, Donnie’s brothers fell asleep too.

He stayed awake for a long time, wondering. Who were they going to rope into this disaster?

Probably not anyone I know, he thought, as sleep closed over his head.


Raph hadn’t stopped laughing in five minutes. Mikey was facedown on the floor, making strangled noises, and Leo was looking anywhere but at Donnie.

“No,” Donnie said again. He’d lost track of how many times he’d said it so far, but nothing else came to mind. “No.”

Splinter laid a warm, dry hand on his shoulder. “You have been honored, my son,” he said, his whiskers ever-so-slightly twitching. “Make us proud.”

Donnie thought about saying No again, and decided to hyperventilate instead.

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Happy Pride, one of the reasons I found out I was bisexual was watching Game Of Thrones and seeing Margaery Tyrell and wondering if I wanted to *be* her or *fuck* her and it turns out the answer was “yes”.

  • Me: so mom. is there any chance I could get a Netflix login for the summer?
  • Mom: There's such a nice weather outside, why don't you meet your friends or go do something like running or stuff?
  • Me: Did you know that teenagers are usually get to drugs throug their so called friend? And running on asphalt could ruin your knees? Also, there are some special types of bugs outside that could kill you by biting you and the air is toxicated...
  • Mom: So here's my bank account number...
You in Game of Thrones

Pairing: None really.  More friendship fluff between reader, Robb, and Jon.

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Warnings: None.  Theon is kind of a jerk.

Summary: You’re a regular girl from the 21st century that gets accidently transported into Game of Thrones

Part 2 is here

You had been running late to your first class.  The school wasn’t far from your house, but unfortunately your car was having problems and you couldn’t drive that day.  You hated walking, especially at this time of year.  It was hot and humid, and your whole body felt sticky.  

You weren’t expecting to fall, though.  You had taken this route many times before, back in the day before you had a car and walked to school.  There was never any constructions in the road, yet you somehow managed to trip, and when you threw your hands out, hoping to catch yourself before your face smacked into the pavement, you were surprised when the concrete never came.

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PSA: watch Still Star Crossed. It’s a continuation of Romeo and Juliet’s story after their deaths, the rival families are still at war and The Prince of the city just ordered a marriage between Romeo and Juliet’s cousins who HATE each other. Sidebar, The Prince is in love with Juliet’s cousin Rosaline and vice versa.

Reasons to watch: If you’re into period dramas and political wars *hint game of thrones* between nobles then you’ll like this. The acting is GREAT; Romeo died in the first episode, but Lucien performed so well it was award worthy. All of the other cast members are all convincing in their performances as well. Representation. Despite the cast majority being white, major roles are played by PoC; the heroine, royal family, and even Romeo himself.

It comes on ABC at 10pm (U.S.) on Mondays. It just started.