reasons to watch game of thrones

Logical, understandable reasons Mon-El would have lied

1) he’s new to earth. He’s ROYALTY. He didn’t know if he could trust kara and the DEO (they held him prisoner and Kara expressed hate for Daxam)

…do you know what happens to royalty in the hands of an enemy? Just watch Game of Thrones. He had to keep it secret so they wouldn’t keep him prisoner and try to use him for some hostage purposes.

2) by the time he knew he could trust them, he’d already lied to them. The damage was done.. AND HE HAD BEGUN TO FEEL ASHAMED of the man he used to be. And no one had responded to his beacon. He thought he was all alone. And if he admitted he was lying, he could possibly lose the only friends he had on this alien planet.

…the poor dude hated who he was before, he wanted to be Mon-El, hero of Earth. Partner to Kara. And in his head he was the “former” prince of Daxam. So the secret affected no one and held huge potential to cause him to lose everything…

TO SUM UP, he was *right* and *justified* to lie at the beginning. To keep lying after that wasn’t great but if you don’t understand his position you are doing your very best to be unempathetic and I hope you never make any mistakes in life because you wouldn’t like people being as hard on you as you are being of him.

It’s not like he, I dunno, killed Kara’s aunt… or assumed the identity of a DEO officer for years… or lied to everyone in his life for 15+ years about having super powers. Kara didn’t even tell Adam, the guy she was dating…


“For the first time they were alone. After longer fights, and disagrees. They were together for a common reason. The silence was awkward. She couldn’t stop thinking on the times that people told her how pretty he was, how smart he was, the good person he was. The young bastard who became the lord commander of the Night’s Watch, the one who united the clans that have hated each other for centuries, the one who killed a major white walker with his valyrian steel. He couldn’t stop thinking on the names she got on her journey, the free people, “breaker of chains”, the children who were killed by monsters and she gave them justice, “mysha”, the endless army who follows her blindly, “khaleesi”, the dragons, “mother of dragons”…“mother of dragons” was the only name who could save them, that name was the key, SHE was the key to defeat the white walkers. They weren’t too different, the intentions were the same. Protect, save, win. With honor, justice and kindness. “she may be a good queen after all” he thought.“

Shout out to the TV Line reporter who spent three questions trying to convince Rob Thomas to give Blaine a redemption arc and make him Liv's Love interest...
  • Q: There are some fans who want to see Liv and Blaine together romantically. Is that out of the question?
  • A: I can say that I have a tough time imagining this murderer of teenagers and Liv getting together. Although you watch Jamie Lannister [on Game of Thrones] and then three seasons later, you find yourself rooting for him. So it has been done. People have been redeemed, effectively, on television. But at this point, I sure have a tough time getting my head around that. We love, love scenes with Blaine and Liv in them, and a lot of Season 2 is about finding reasons for them to be in the same scene together. They will share an enemy in Season 2. Season 1 was largely about zombies going after humans. Season 2 will have a lot of humans going after zombies, and that will make very strange bedfellows of Liv and Blaine – though not literally.
  • Q: I would have said the same about Spike and Buffy and then that happened.
  • A: That’s right. [Laughs]
  • Q: Or even Veronica and Logan [from Veronica Mars].
  • A: Yeah, that’s true. Though I would say if Blaine had only done bum fights, we could put them together. It’s the murdering of people that makes it a bit trickier.

throne of glass modern au where aelin and rowan watch game of thrones in their pajamas and scream at the tv whenever they spot a tactic gone wrong

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Relationship Status: Single

Favourite colours: Red

Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick

Last Song I listened to: Africa - Toto

Last Movie I watched: Split (I didn’t like it) I started three Men & Chicken, Jane Austen Book Club and Flame and Citron that I have to finish.

Top 3 TV shows: Hannibal, Lost, Breaking Bad (but three are too few) Game of Thrones, X-Files, Doctor Who…

Top 3 Characters: A vague request. I like characters for every kind of reason. I’m going to choose the one I’d love to meet. The Doctor (number Ten, because he is my Doctor).

Top 3 Ships: Hannigram. And then I can say Spirk, Cherik and Johnlock but I never wrote about them and recently I don’t read anything else but Hannigram.

Books I’m Reading: Hannibal (it’s a long job I’ve time to read only in the morning)

You know why all the show’s “shocking” moments fell flat? Because there was no build up. Jon and Dany’s storyline’s in particular are about powderkegs that build and build until they explode; by removing characters and substituting plotlines, it just fizzles out anti-climactically.

With Jon, you see all his own decisions blow up in his face. The Night’s Watch has good reason to kill him; that’s what makes it so hard to watch. We know Jon’s trying to do the right thing, but also understand why his men feel the need to end it. He broke vows and betrayed their trust. Everything he works for falls apart with the Pink Letter, the courtyard erupts into chaos when Wun Wun attacks a knight, and seemingly out of nowhere, secondary/tertiary characters who seemed innocuous are stabbing our protagonist. That’s shocking, not some kid who’s been glaring at stuff for more than half a season straight.

With Dany, so much of the pressure she’s under has vanished, so her flying off in the first place makes no sense. In the books she’s cracking under the pressure of war, plague, politics, self-doubt and says “Fuck it!”. She struggles with her desire for war against her desire for peace, and in the grass she makes a very important choice. A choice that will define her path for the next books. She looks back. She looks back at all she’s accomplished and destroyed. She chooses fire and blood over planting trees. No one whiff of that symbolism makes into the show, making her landing in the Dothraki Sea devoid of meaning.

Really, there’s no build up to anything. Theon doesn’t reclaim his identity when he hears Bran say his name (that’s a lot btw for cutting one of the most mysterious and intriguing plotlines), so him coming to Sansa’s rescue is out-of-the-blue. Why now? Why not sooner? Why at all? What spurred this change?

Do I even need to touch Dorne? Ellaria and the Sand Snakes are cardboard cutouts. They’re related to Oberyn and want vengeance. That’s it. We learn almost nothing about Dorne and very little of the Martells. I’m sure some views can’t even tell the Sand Snakes apart; not to the blame the viewers, but the writers for making them one person in three bodies. Notice how the water gardens are empty? Because D&D couldn’t be bothered to actually show us what Doran wanted to protect, innocent children in peacetime. But they had plenty of time for Tyene’s boobs.

I could go on and on, but ultimately, it all boils down to the same thing: D&D are working with moments that are most shocking in the right context. Jon’s stabbing is shocking because the watchmen learned that he betrayed them, and they’re right to want him dead. Dany’s flight is shocking because she’s throwing away the peace she sacrificed so much for; show!Dany makes no sacrifices, cheapening the impact of her choice. Theon’s heroics are built on nothing. The Dornish are barely people. Cersei’s role in her own demise in kept at a minimum. There’s no reason to care who wins Winterfell. Brienne’s execution of Stannis does nothing for her character (since show!Brienne has no issues with killing and doesn’t spend any time questioning the system of knighthood).

Stuff happens, but it’s as shallow as a puddle. “Everything sucks.” If that’s all you have to say, why should I listen to you?

Why I prefer ASOIAF over the show any day

GRRM writing the books: Let me subtly illustrate my point with a great deal of subtext and reason because my readers are intelligent so that if they are reading carefully they will unlock the secrets to the universe


Fic: Freaks and Geeks

Summary: Jon invited her to the bleachers after school and there’s only one reason couples come to hang out here.

Ship: Jon x Sansa


Note: Written for the Countdown to Wintertown @gameofshipschallenges event. Inspired by the show of the same name.

The pack of boys sitting on the bleachers facing the brown football field turns to watch Sansa’s approach. It makes her internally squirm to have all their eyes on her and she’s aware of each footfall of her moccasins. There’s not a girl among them, their lone female friend, Val, having ditched school earlier in the day. They’re all gangly, pimply faced boys, wearing dirty jean jackets and band t-shirts they probably pulled off their bedroom floors this morning. Except for Jon. He’s pretty much the most perfect thing in her messed up universe and there’s nothing she likes better than looking at him and having him look at her. Except maybe touching.

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Game of Thrones? (If you watch it )

* Favorite character: Arya Stark

* Funniest character: Tyrion Lannister

* Best-looking character: Theo Greyjoy

* 3 favourite ships: I don’t really ship anyone on the show :x

* Least favourite character: Ramsay Bolton

* Least favourite ship: Jon x Daenerys

* Reason why I watch it: it’s one of the best TV shows ♥

* Why I started watching it: a friend told me about it and now I’m hooked


avengers headcanons of mine because reasons:

  • peggy calls bucky “james”
  • natasha picked it up from her
  • peggy was really involved in tony’s life when he was growing up
  • he still visits her
  • and calls her “aunt peggy”
  • literally everyone visited peggy before steve
  • sometimes bucky uses his arm as a dry-erase or magnet board
  • tony is always making arm jokes about bucky
  • like watch out, he’s armed
  • tony has been trying to buy out the game of thrones franchise (or at least get on an episode) because he is a stark, after all
  • sometimes clint disappears and they don’t know what happens to him until they find him asleep in weird places, like on top of the fridge or in the big A on the outside of the building
  • besides steve, bruce was the first person bucky would spend time alone with; when they asked him later, he said it was because “he knows what it’s like to lose control of your own body”
  • thor frequents protests for social justice because on asgard, all of these rights are already established, and he intends for midgard to have the same
  • one time, sam did a nick fury impression that was so convincing that tony broke the arc reactor he was fixing
  • another time, sam was telling everyone to get back to work, motherfuckers in his fury voice when fury himself walked in behind them
  • sam won’t talk about what happened afterwards
  • sometimes, steve forgets that he’s not pre-serum anymore and is confused when he picks fights and the other guy backs off
  • natasha has a collection of old guy nicknames for steve, like “geezer” and “old fart”
  • when steve discovered harry potter, he read all the books in a week and then insisted on having long discussions about hogwarts with everyone
  • thor got really into it too, and he and steve are friends on pottermore
  • natasha runs a jawline commentary, like when steve is arguing and then she’s like “jawline. jawline alert. here it comes…and -” and then he clenches his jaw
  • usually clint is the only one to hear her, which is ironic, because he can’t hear
  • when clint doesn’t want to listen to anyone telling him something he doesn’t like, he takes out his hearing aids and hides them
  • when people (bruce) ask him what happened to them, he signs that he lost them
  • tony flips shit when clint does this because it’s always right after he makes him a new set that are specifically designed to help you hear better goddammit clint i worked hard on those
  • bruce likes long sleeved sweaters that are slightly too big on him because they make him feel less like the other guy when he tucks his hands into them
  • thor is a sucker for baby animals and hurt strays and keeps trying to take them back to the tower and keep them
  • tony says that they can’t keep every animal you find on the street, thor, we aren’t a pound
  • so bruce starts a little vet office in the lab and every time thor brings home another stray they patch it up together (sometimes tony contributes with a little prosthetic for it) and then they advertise it on their @officialavengers twitter until someone comes and adopts it
  • bucky is hyper suspicious of anyone trying to adopt these animals and personally interviews them to make sure they’ll actually take care of it
  • every time anyone on the team does something stupid, and rhodey hears about it, he looks into an invisible (or sometimes actual) camera like he’s on the office
  • when steve and bucky walk next to each other in public and someone asks if they’re dating, natasha calls them “elderly ice boyfriends” for the rest of the week
  • one friday night, they had a drunken argument about who would win in a fight, iron man or batman, and tony insisted that he would win because he’s real
  • mostly everyone in the tower has nightmares, but they don’t go to each other for comfort, ordinarily. the one person who is always ready to comfort them is thor, because he used to do it for loki when they were kids
  • pepper, maria, and natasha are good friends, and on pepper’s free nights they drink tea and talk about books and occasionally teach pepper some more fight strategies
  • sam has tried to convince the entire group to attend therapy
  • sam has failed to convince the entire group to attend therapy
  • like the batman/iron man discussion, a few weeks later, there was an argument about who would win, green arrow or hawkeye. it was decided that the winner was clearly legolas
  • the only one out of any of the team who really wants to have kids is bruce, but he’s too worried about it, so he can’t
  • thor loves kids, but he’ll live for like 5000 years, so he’s still got plenty of time
  • steve is nearly violently against anti-vaxxers, and spoke on the tv in what was supposed to be a benign interview but it just turned into a rant about as someone who’s experienced polio and whose mother died of tuberculosis and who basically had huge problems as a child i’d like to give you some advice: vaccinate your fucking kids do you want them to die
  • steve’s shield is affectionately referred to as “grandpa’s frisbee”
  • natasha and thor are really good with technology (nat because of her high iq and spy training, thor because asgard is hella advanced)
  • clint has been taught teaching jarvis swear words
  • every saturday is movie/tv marathon night
  • they consistently fight over what to watch, but the one thing they can all agree on is lotr
  • inspired by thatsthat24​, thor and clint start a vine account where they prank the other avengers by handing them mjolnir and watching them fall over
  • one time thor did put mjolnir on the toilet an then recorded the entire day of people trying to pee and not being able to move it
  • his plan backfired when steve just lifted it out of the way

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hi, where do you watch riverdale? i want to try it out, but i'm not sure where to find the episodes. the cw website doesn't have all of them :/

yeah i just finished the episodes available (seven total) on netflix. i honestly find it refreshing for the one reason that it’s lit well and you can actually see the scene (such a revelation after game of thrones). i mean it’s not really my thing it was a bit too teen wolf/pll personally. but it’s not bad. just not my thing plus the low-key homophobia and high-key stereotyping/queerbaiting. but you know. what do you expect from a teen tv show (better, i expect better)

Various Ways To Be Productive During A Study Session

Hey guys, the only way to explain my long absence is the fact that first I had my finals and after that I wanted to Binge Watch a few Tv series.
During the time of my finals I was not at all motivated to study. I had to push myself. Hard. But then I found a few ways to motivate myself. Some of these you may know , some you may not.

This is almost a studyblr - non - procrastination mantra. I rewarded myself with an episode of Game of Thrones per 10 topics I studied. There is a reason it is followed by people, people.

Write down exactly what you need to study and how much time it will take to study each topic. Know what are you aiming to know by the end of the day. Don’t just go studying at random. It will just end up looking like more workload to you.

I really like to break down each chapter by topic and sub topic. In the end per chapter takes up a page or two of checklist.
Now this may go either way. You can either be de-motivated to study seeing the vast amount of load. Or you can be highly motivated because every 10 to 15 minutes you are crossing out one task from you checklist.

I have always liked listening to music while I’m studying. This really helps me focus. Plus I have made a new rule that I’m only allowed to listen to new albums when I am studying.

The Reason I’m So Happy 😂😂
Gonna Get Hella Baked And Watch Game Of Thrones 😂😋

P.S. (Do U Stoners Wanna See Who I Am Let Me Know By Liking This Gif 😂🙃)


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relationship  status:  single
favorite  color:  all shades of teal, ranging from blue to green
lipstick  or  chapstick:  always always chapstick
last  song  i  listened  to:  stay –– rhianna
last  movie  i  watched:  logan
top  three  tv  shows:  oh god I don’t know if I can keep it to three. battlestar galactica, game of thrones and scrubs but so many others too
top  three characters:  I’ll just go with top three non marvel characters to avoid stating the obvious. kara thrace / starbuck (battlestar galactica), agron (spartacus), stiles stilinski (teen wolf, aka the sole reason I watched at all after season 3)
top  three ships:  again, non marvel. kara thrace / lee adama (battlestar galactica, will never be over this), agron / nasir (spartacus), spike / buffy (buffy the vampire slayer)
books  i’m  currently  reading:  das weltbild des mittelalterlichen menschen –– aaron jakowlewitsch gurewitsch / c. h. beck (rough translation of the title: the worldview of medieval men, because clearly I’m a nerd)

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Ed Sheeran is joining “Game of Thrones” Season 7, and yes, you read that right

Jon Snow better watch his back, because soon, there’s going to be another lad in Westeros with wild hair making all the girls swoon. As if we need another reason to get excited for Game of Thrones Season 7, Ed Sheeran has just landed a role in the HBO series. This is not a drill.

Talking at a SXSW Game of Thrones panel — which just so happened to be moderated by on-screen sisters and IRL BFFs, Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams — the showrunners, David Benioff and Dan Weiss, revealed that the red-haired crooner will be stopping by the show. While they didn’t reveal any details, let alone how long Ed will be a part of the show or WHEN, they did disclose WHY he’s showing up.

The reason isn’t because he’s already got the red wildling hair or has his own stash of wildfire. Nope. He’s appearing in the upcoming season because of Maisie.

Specifically, as a surprise for Maisie.

David M. Benett/Getty Images

Like many of us on the planet, Maisie is a huge Ed Sheeran fan. And because you do nice things for people you really like, the Game of Thrones showrunners decided they wanted to get Ed in a episode for Maisie. 

“For years we were trying to get Ed Sheeran on the show to surprise Maisie and this year we finally did it,” Benioff explained to the audience.

While Maisie was probably over the moon to discover Ed on set (for his ~top secret~ Game of Thrones debut), Ed was probably just as excited. He is a huge Game of Thrones fan himself.

can i borrow anyones HBO go login to watch this new thrones episode please?

— Ed Sheeran (@edsheeran)

June 8, 2015

Polly and Grant got me Jon Snows sword and it’s the best thing that ever happened ever

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I can’t think of a good caption but this is awesome

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I got alotta love for this shirt

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Chillin with Rob Stark

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Don’t you just love it when our favorite things collide? Let’s just hope that Ed makes it out of his Game of Thrones episode alive. (But okay, honestly, if he does have to die in Westeros, please let it be by Arya’s hand.)