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Shipper Bias in crit of Katara’s treatment in LOK

It’s taken me a while to really work my thoughts out on it but after dipping my toes back into Avatar fandom and kind of getting a handle on the current shipping atmosphere, the arguments, etc. one thing has kinda continually gotten my goat and it has to do with Katara’s treatment in Legend of Korra and how it’s sometimes talked about in fandom.

I think a lot of people can agree that her not really having any legacy (statues, mentions of how great she was in helping rebuild the water tribe, etc) that had attention paid to it like the others was kinda bogus and disappointing to see. I know I wanted to see a statue in Republic City or in front of some kinda important Southern Water Tribe cultural building, or a small mention about her revitalizing her tribe by teaching the waterbenders what was by then a lost art, or more mentions of her training some of the best healers in the world.

It’s true that the narrative gave her some respect (like in acknowledging her skills as a healer in that it was considered somewhat unbelievable that some things were beyond her abilities to heal) but also largely kinda just treated her as Aang’s wife and Korra’s teacher when we saw glimpses of larger legacies the others had left behind that were all their own. And it wasn’t just that she was one of the only ones left alive - Toph and Zuko had statues and whatnot and they weren’t dead yet.

But it’s really bewildering to see that so often tied into shipping. 

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