reasons to ship atla

FIRST OF ALL: I tolerate almost every ship, so this isn’t going to be a hate post

Actually, this post is about Kataang. Many people think that it is weird to ship Katara x Aang because they always seemed to have little brother/big sister relationship, which I really DON’T think is wrong, but in my opinion their relationship isn’t based on any sibling relation thingys.

In my opinion, their relationship is moslty built on trust and faith. Katara and Sokka (don’t forget him)  left their home to travel with the Avatar. But this journey wasn’t based on Aang being the Avatar but Katara trusting Aang from the very beginning and the want to help him. She always had faith in him and she knew that he was strong enough to endure all the situations they had to face even though someone might get hurt. And even though she trusted him from the beginning, they developed a stronger relationship only step by step and not in a rush.

And this development of trust and faith is in my opinion not a brotherly/sisterly one but the development of a great relationship between lovers or “best friends” who develop romantic feelings for each other also just step by step.

anonymous asked:

Didnt you say you dont like kataang? Why is that?

Personally I never felt the two had much chemistry. Upon rewatching the show right after Book 1 of LoK I found that I didn’t feel anything for their romantic scenes. Personally I felt Aang had far more chemistry with one off character On Ji in The Headband. I found it really hard to get behind Kataang because I didn’t get excited about them getting together. 

Now that’s not to say that they weren’t well written, which is the main reason I don’t think the ship is crap. ATLA had very good writing and made a ship that I didn’t like at all feel reasonable and realistic.